50 Telephone Puns That Answer Your Query

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When you think of Alexander Graham Bell, you will think of the invention of the telephone, and telephones have been used for several centuries now, and they are only evolving. Do you remember the phones where you dialed the old-fashioned way with the circular tool, and then came the keys? I don’t remember them too well, but I remember the old phones before cell phones became a thing having those keys. I also remember how fun it was to make crank calls, but you cannot do that anymore. It is too easy to trace those calls. That is a bummer.

Making phone calls is something that people don’t like to do too often unless they want to do it. Instead, they text, but phones will never become obsolete even if fewer people make phone calls later. Texting will never disappear, and let’s hope it does not because I would rather text than make calls. However, now that we are on the topic of phone calls, how about we go over some telephone puns? How about let’s go over 50 of them that will make the call.

List of Telephone Puns That Answer Your Query:

Following are some of the best telephone puns that answer your query:

  1. The only way pirates talk to each other is through an aye phone.
  2. Security guards who work at Samsung stores are the guardians of the galaxy.
  3. The only way modern cowboys stay in touch is through Tex messages.
  4. The girl who worked at the phone company sang all the time because she was an opera-ator.
  5. If you know that someone had a perm who you are speaking on the phone, that is due to a frizzy signal.
  6. How do prisoners call each other? They use the cell phones.
  7. It is so hard to call a pirate because he is always leaving his phone off the hook.
  8. When someone who you call has a temper tantrum, you will end up with a tizzy signal.
  9. ET was too high so he was too phoned to stone home.
  10. He called me on Valentine’s Day to propose and I knew that was going to happen as soon as he gave me the ring.
  11. How do you know that you have called the incontinence hotline? They tell you to hold.
  12. How does a lobster answer the phone? It says ‘shello’.
  13. How do you know that the lobster you are talking on the phone is angry? It turns into snappy talk.
  14. I am sorry but Taco Bell is not a telecom company.
  15. The only time the horse talks on the phone is Whinny wants to.
  16. The crow on the telephone pole was making a long distance phone caw.
  17. How do you know you are on the phone with the barber? He cuts you short.
  18. The only dog that can make telephone calls is the Golden Receiver.
  19. There is one thing that a dog and a telephone have in common and that is they have a Coller ID.
  20. What was more important than the invention of the first telephone? The second telephone.
  21. What does the commissioner say when he calls the Bat Phone? It bat-ta ring!
  22. How did the new bank employee make calls? On a teller-phone!
  23. Spammer robo callers are phonies!
  24. The statistician could not afford the new iPhone because of having an average salary.
  25. If you fall asleep on your cell phone you download a nap.
  26. British vampires use a bloody mobile phone to call home.
  27. The skeleton does not need a phone since he has no body to talk with.
  28. What does a ghost use to make calls? A Terror-Phone!
  29. The only way you get an iPhone to sync is by naming it Titanic.
  30. How do, like, really laid-back types answer their phone? Mellow.
  31. What happened when Verizon propositioned Batman with their friends and family plan? Batman cried.
  32. Why don’t birds use cell phones? That is due to the fear of winging the wrong number.
  33. What is a telephone and a nightcrawler? Ringworm!
  34. An elephant in the phone booth is stuck in the 1960s.
  35. What do you call company workers who field calls from highly edgy people? Customer nervous representatives.
  36. The way you know a baboon makes a call is how he just monkeys around on the line.
  37. The telemarketer ended up quitting his job because he knows that talk is cheap.
  38. It is amazing that cellphones keep getting smarter and thinner but the opposite can be said about humans.
  39. There was one reason that the telemarketer was fired and that was all because he had too many hang-ups.
  40. The one thing that someone engaged and a phone have in common is that both have rings.
  41. Crime has gotten so bad in the 21st century because phone booths are disappearing and Superman has nowhere to change.
  42. Old voicemails never really die, as they just don’t answer.
  43. A baritone makes a phone call through long distance.
  44. Retro telephone operators used one brand of soap and that was Dial.
  45. If you make another silly telephone pun, I am going to call you out.
  46. You stole the telephone in the hotel room and I am surprised that no one called you out on it.
  47. A telephone and a frog are similar since you associate the bellhop with them both.
  48. I do not remember the design of the old phone so when you showed me that picture of one, it never rang a bell.
  49. What is a zombie that makes a phone call? A dead ringer.
  50. The volcanologist asks people to do something on his outgoing voicemail recording, and that is to lava message.

I hope you enjoyed these puns, and now I have to make some calls, that I don’t want to make, by the way.

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