50 Skeleton Puns No Body Will Want to Miss

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Bones. What do you think of when you hear the word ‘bones’? Chicken bones after a good delicious poultry meal? Fishbones that can easily get caught into your teeth after eating a fish that has plenty of bones? A wishbone that you pull in order to make a wish? And what do you think of when you hear about skeletons? Halloween? Death? Those secrets you are hiding in the closet? Your anatomy classes? Skull and crossbones for poison warnings?  X-rays? The list really goes on.

Sure, those are the things you would think of when you hear about skeletons. The skeleton is intact in addition to the bones that are part of it. But are skeletons funny? Well, there are plenty of those who like to indulge in dark humor so in that case, yes. But what about when it comes to something that is a notch down from that such as skeleton puns? That is up to you to decide after you read these 50 skeleton puns!

List of Skeleton Puns No Body Will Want to Miss:

Following are some of the best skeleton puns for you to laugh at:

1. Why do skeletons like the disco song Rasputin? Because that song was created by Bone-y M.

2. What skeleton detective was well-known? Sherlock Bones.

3. What musical instrument will a skeleton play in the orchestra? The trom-bone.

4. That skeleton just wanted to lounge around and watch TV all day so he earned the nickname ‘lazy bones’.

5. Skeleton bikers are always blasting that song as they ride, ‘Bone to be Wild’.

6. That skeleton is heading out to the sea so don’t forget to wish him a bone voyage.

7. Skeletons used to send mail via the bony express back in the day.

8. The skeleton did not like the vampire simply because he thought he just sucked.

9. The psychic skeleton knew what was going to happen the next day because she felt it in her bones.

10. Skeleton criminals have an appreciation for the song ‘Bad to the Bone’.

11. Where do skeletons go if they don’t want to be seen at all? In the closet.

12. A skeleton’s favorite restaurant meal is spare ribs.

13. You will always see skeletons rocking it at The Grateful Dead concerts.

14. Skeletons are easily amused because they have a funny bone.

15. You will rarely see skeletons tell someone off because they just don’t have the guts.

16. How do French skeletons greet you? They say ‘bonejour’.

17. The skeleton got a job at the church to play music since they don’t have any organs.

18. Why are old skeletons so grouchy? They are always complaining about their aching bones.

19. What is a skeleton that rings the doorbell? A dead ringer.

20. Why are skeletons on every continent except for Antarctica? They can’t go there since the cold goes right through them.

21. You will never see a skeleton eat a 60oz steak because none of them has the stomach for it.

22. Those who are boney can only get into their homes by using skeleton keys.

23. Who do you think is going to win the skeleton beauty pageant? No body will.

24. Where do skeletons buy their clothes and other important items? The body shop.

25. Why do skeletons bulk up on dairy products? They are good for the bones.

26. Why did the skeleton stay far away from the dog as possible? The dog wanted to eat some bones.

27. Why do skeletons dislike going to the ball so much? No body wants to dance with them.

28. What is a skeleton that never thinks before it acts? A numbskull.

29. The only way a skeleton can be in contact with his friends is by calling them on the tele-bone.

30. What hobby keeps a skeleton really busy for a long time at home? Trimming his bone-zai tree.

31. Do you know why I need to talk to that skeleton and it may not be pretty what is said? It’s because I have a bone to pick with him.

32. How does one skeleton reassure another? By telling him that it is going tibia okay.

33. The skeleton was laughing at these puns because he thought they were humerus.

34. What is a skeleton comrade called? A bone buddy.

35. The skeleton really wanted to have a friend to hang out since he was feeling very bonely.

36. Why was the skeleton upset? Because he was a-bone-doned by his friends.

37. What did the Peggy Bundy skeleton do all day in the comedy Married with Children? She ate bone-bones all day.

38. Why do skeletons seem so serene and relaxed all of the time? Nothing can get under their skin.

39. Why do skeletons get offended so easily? They don’t have a thick skin.

40. Why are cemeteries so loud? So much coffin.

41. What happened when the skeletons all danced together? They were having a rattling great time.

42. That skeleton finally got up a 1 pm and that is just proof right there that he is the definition of lazy bones.

43. What kind of pet snake would a skeleton keep? A rattler.

44. What do you call a bunch of bones on a ship? A skeleton crew.

45. What is another word for a skeleton that is not smart? A bonehead.

46. What ended up happening to the unmotivated skeleton? He was bone idle.

47. What do skeletons say to their partners that they are in love with? ‘I love every bone in your body’.

48. What concert do girl skeletons look forward to going to? Whenever Bones Malone is preforming.

49. The skeleton was in a lot of pain and had to go to the hospital. As it turned out he needed his ghoul stones removed and that was why.

50. Why wasn’t’ the criminal skeleton scared of the police? He was confident enough to know that they wouldn’t be able to pin anything on him.

There! Did those puns tickle your funny bone as they were meant to do? Let’s hope so!

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