60 Bear Puns That Are Actually Beary Funny

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It is far from funny if you encounter a bear in the wild. Imagine going on a hike somewhere in the woods and all of a sudden a brown bear emerges. You will not be laughing. You will be incredibly scared and will immediately fall down and pretend you are dead so that the bear leaves. You would hope that would be the case anyway. And this is one worry that campers have as well.

However, if you are not in that type of situation and you want to have a good laugh, and you like bears – then you will most definitely have an appreciation for these 60 bear puns. Are you ready to laugh? Ready, set, laugh!

List of Bear Puns That Are Actually Beary Funny:

Following are some of the best bear puns we could gather for you:

1. I laughed so hard I could not bear it any longer.

2. Is there is a name for bees without bears? Ears.

3. There are bears that don’t have teeth, and they are called gummy bears.

4. The bear was upset when her date showed up early because she was bearly dressed.

5. A bear that is a dentist is called a molar bear.

6. How is a bear able to catch a ball? They use their bear hands.

7. The only soda a bear will drink is Coca Koala.

8. The pandas favorite movies are classics because they are in black and white.

9. Was there a reason that God made Yogi bear? Yes because he made a Boo-Boo.

10. A bear that is left out in the rain for a long time is a drizzly bear.

11. Why is it very inexpensive to feed a polar bear? That is because they live on ice only.

12. What is the bear’s favorite pie? Blue beary pie, of course.

13. How do you say sorry to a grizzly bear? By bearing your heart and soul.

14. Why can’t bears eat fast food? It is because it’s difficult for them to catch.

15. Why did the panda’s boss fire him? Because all he was doing was the bear minimum.

16. Why did the bear not get the job of his dreams? He, unfortunately, was not koala-fied.

17. Why did the Teddy Bear say no when he was offered a second serving of food? That is because he was already stuffed.

18. Why did the bear couple go their separate ways? They were simply polar opposites.

19. Why did the bear want to stop working at the concert hall? It was due to the fact it was panda-monium.

20. How can a polar bear walk in the snow? They are bear-footed.

21. Why did the bear not want to use the navigation system in the car? He never really lost his bearings.

22. Is there an animal that can stand on its head and hibernate at the same time? Yes. that is Yogi Bear.

23. The bear has a craving for Brrrrrittos because that is his favorite snack.

24. How does a bear stop the recorder from recording? By hitting the paws key.

25. What is the one thing that bears must use when they shower? Nothing other than bear conditioner.

26. What is a nightmare about a bear eating you? It’s a bite-mare.

27. What musician does the bear like a lot? Seal.

28. What workout does a grizzly bear do each morning? Bearobics.

29. How does a bear go from one area to another area? they go on a bear-plane.

30. What is a polar bear in Hawaii? None other than a solar bear.

31. What does the polar bear like to eat? Snow peas and iceberg lettuce.

32. The polar bear’s best breakfast is Ice Krispies.

33. What is the difference between a polar bear and a panda bear? About over 1,000 miles.

34. What type of dance do high schooler polar bears go to? The snow-ball is what they look forward to!

35. Where do polar bears take out their mortgages from? The snow-bank.

36. What do you call a bear that has nothing positive to say? The bearer of bad news.

37. Why did the bear no longer want to work at the second job? He wasn’t getting enough koalaty time with his family.

38. What bear jumps without landing? Peter Panda.

39. Why did the child bear not want to leave his mother bear? He was not able to bear it.

40. Why was the little bear always so entitled? That is because the momma bear always panda’d to its every whim.

41. What is a Teddy Bear mixed with a pig called? A Teddy Boar.

42. What is a skunk and a bear mixed together? Winnie the PU.

43. What is Yogi bear’s favorite car? A Furrari.

44. What affectionate name does a boy bear have for a girl bear who he likes? Hunny.

45. Why did the bear disintegrate in the water? That is because he was polar.

46. How can you stop a bear from charging? Easy to do. Just take away the credit cards.

47. What is a bear that is frozen? Brrrr.

48. What is a bear in Antarctica called? Anti-polar bear.

49 What does a bear say when he likes something? It is beary good.

50. Why does the bear need to see a therapist? Because he has bi-polar disorder.

51. Why is Conan the bear hard to control? Because he is the barbearean.

52. Why must female bears have their cubs young? Because they need to have them when they are at the child-bearing age.

53. What is the reason that the bear is so violent? His behavior is barbearic.

54. Why did the Panda want to embellish his property? Because his landscape was bear.

55. Why did the grizzly struggle with getting into a building? Because the doors were bearicaded.

56. What is the polar bear’s favorite chocolate? Anything from Cadbeary.

57. What does the grizzly like to put into his oatmeal? Plenty of bearies.

58. Why was the bear confident he would have aced the essay? Because it was full of koalatative research.

59. Why were the baby bears sad during the holidays? Because Christmas was bruined!

60. What does the bear say when he is frustrated? ‘Fur the love of God’!

Do you think those are beary funny? I hope so because I really hope you got a big laugh!

These are some of the best bear puns we could come up with, for you.

Do you wish to add your own bear pun to the list?

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