50 Dating Puns That Are Flattering

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When you think of dating, what is the first thing that goes through your mind? You may wonder if you are good enough for the guy or gal that you like. You are wondering if you will make a good impression on your first date and if you will find your date attractive. Dating can be nerve-wracking. You also know that you have to make your best impression when it comes to going on any first date or dating for less than a year, which is when the relationship is not as serious.

However, once you begin dating for a longer time and the relationship is looking like it will be a long-lasting one, then you and your partner begin to show the true colors. Your partner will begin to see your bad habits, and you will see theirs. Then you will see if you want to really stick around. You also know that you cannot be picky when it comes to dates. What more can we talk about dates? Well, let’s go into the puns. Let’s go over 50 dating puns that will make you flirt with your partner.

List of Dating Puns That Are Flattering:

Following are some of the best dating puns that are flattering:

  1. The battery salesman said on his profile that he is very energetic and positive, but I also have a negative side.
  2. Dating is so hard for steam-roller operators because they’re overly flattering.
  3. How are blind dates and Bluetooth devices alike? They’re supposed to pair up and connect, but it rarely happens.
  4. Which web designers built a new dating site for web admins? The Wii Connect.
  5. What do romantic fishers sing on a romantic date? Salmon Chanted Evening.
  6. Which new dating site matches up with Hollywood directors and stunt performers? Action Items.
  7. What is the name of the deep kisser’s dating site? The French Connection.
  8. Which funny dating site is for jokesters and standup comedians? Tee Hee Harmony.
  9. What is the name of the new dating site full of hot dudes? The Stud Finder.
  10. Which new carpentry dating site is popular among studs? The Board Meetings
  11. What does every sole fisher want? A gill-friend!
  12. The plumber could not get a date for being a real drip.
  13. Massage therapists founded a new dating site and called it Rubber Match.
  14. What technique does a romantic Jedi master use when he’s trying to seduce a lover? It would be force play.
  15. There is a dating site that offers above-average hookups and it is called B Harmony.
  16. There is one dating site that firefighters must avoid and it is known as Open Flames.
  17. The best thing about dating a French guy is his oui oui.
  18. The only way to romance a landlord is by taking long romantic walks to the bank.
  19. The guy had to stop dating the electrician lady since she was too shocking in bed.
  20. Great electricians are up to date since they are current specialists.
  21. Clockmakers established a dating site and called it Hour Time.
  22. Archeologists can meet their dream date through carbon dating.
  23. Swines use pig up lines when they are dating.
  24. There is a new dating site that offers hookups for migratory Canada Geese and it is called Vee Harmony.
  25. The skeleton went to the singles bar because he wanted to pick up somebody.
  26. The only dating site focused on good-looking dates is Eye Harmony.
  27. Don’t ever go on a date with a pastry chef otherwise he will dessert you.
  28. Big pharma chemists are considered studs since they know how to make fun-gals cream.
  29. There is a dating site that specializes exclusively in menages a trois and it is called Three On A Match.
  30. A guy took the first date to the local beanery for dinner, and she was incredibly inflatuated.
  31. What dating site offers free condoms? Rubber Match.
  32. Where can cowboys find the bucking hot dates online? They can go to Western Union.
  33. The bowling league’s head girlfriend broke up with him because she said he was a real pinhead.
  34. There was a dumb monster with a crush on the jack o lantern because they both have empty heads.
  35. Thee is a dating site that is not ideal for those who are afraid of mice because it is called Eek! Harmony.
  36. The pro bowler’s girlfriend just broke up with him because his kegling jokes just weren’t up her alley.
  37. The only way a mummy attracts a partner is based on pharaoh moans.
  38. Two lovebirds that are on a cyber date are called Tweet hearts.
  39. Two cannibals go on a date for the first time and the first greeting by one was ‘hello there, pleased to meat you’.
  40. Where do tennis players end up having some luck finding dates? At the tennis ball.
  41. The only thing you can say to a sexy astronaut is to back that NASA up!
  42. What is a zombie known as that has a hickey? A necromancer.
  43. What is the best dating site for ordinary people? The C Harmony.
  44. There is a cannibal dating service called “Trying To Meat You.”
  45. Mummies are incredibly awkward on first dates since they are so afraid to relax and unwind!
  46. There is a dating site that offers at least nine holes known as Tee Harmony.
  47. You will want to think twice about dating an accountant since they’re really into double entries.
  48. There is a matchmaking service only for accountants and lawyers, and it is called Fee Harmony.
  49. Which new dating site is for the newly divorced crowd? UnMatched.
  50. The zombie only dates highly intelligent women, since he likes their brains.

What do you think of these dating puns? Do you think you would tell them on your first date? That is only recommended if your potential partner likes puns. If not, then there is no need!

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