50 Cookie Puns That Are Both Sweet And Funny

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Who does not like cookies? They are delicious regardless of the type that they are. The most common type of cookie is chocolate chip. And did you know that the chocolate chip cookie was made by accident? This is how the story goes. In the 1930s, the owner of the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts whose name was Ruth Wakefield was planning to make some cookies. However, she had run out of extra batter and in a pinch, she grabbed a chocolate bar and broke it into many pieces thinking that it would add to the existing batter.

What ended up happening? The chocolate did not melt into the batter as she had hoped. It stayed as the chunks of pieces. That is how chocolate chip cookies became a thing. It was one of the many foods that were made by accident! And it was an accident that was meant to happen. Because since then, the chocolate chip cookie became a treat that everyone had looked forward to.

Of course, there are plenty of other cookies around such as sugar cookies, oatmeal, and raisin cookies, fudge cookies, and the list goes on. It has been said that cookies are both delicious and sweet. But are they funny? That depends. Perhaps when it comes to cookie puns, they are. So, let’s go over 50 cookie puns that are really quite sweet.

List of Cookie Puns That Are Both Sweet and Funny:

Following are some of the best cookie puns that are both sweet and funny at the same time.

1. What is the greatest thing to go into a Halloween cookie? Your teeth.

2. What is the reason that wookies adore chocolate chip cookies? They’ll chewy.

3. Why did someone who ate too many cookies need to see a doctor? He felt crummy.

4. What cookies do you give to those in a sanitarium? Nut cookies.

5. What type of cookie predicts your future? Fortune cookies.

6. How can you upset a computer system? By deleting its cookies.

7. Why did someone who felt terrible after eating too many cookies feel much better all of a sudden? He tossed them.

8. Why was cookie monster not able to make his own bed? He was unable to find any cookie sheets.

9. How does the gingerbread man unlock the door? With his coo-keys.

10. What is a monster’s favorite type of cookies? Ghoul scout cookies.

11. Basketball players love cookies due to the fact that they can dunk them.

12. What type of cookies do monkeys love? None other than chocolate chimp cookies.

13. What is a child’s favorite type of key to keep around all of the time? A cook-ie.

14. How does the gingerbread man make his bed? He uses a cookie sheet.

15. You know that the reason girl scouts sell cookies is to make sweet first impressions.

16. What type of cookie is good for your bank account? A fortune cookie.

17. How do the cookie and the computer relate to one another? Both have chips.

18. The Oreo needed to see the dentist as soon as possible because of losing the filling.

19. Why do chocolate chips make cookies invincible? They are tough cookies.

20. How do raisins raise the IQs of cookies? They become smart cookies.

21. Why are cookies that come with Chinese dinners invaluable? They are fortune cookies.

22. What does the gingerbread cookie say sarcastically when he is telling someone off? ‘Bite me’.

23. What is a cookie that smoked too much weed called? A fried Oreo.

24. What is artwork from a cookie called? Snickerdoodle.

25. Why do you pass out after eating too much cookie dough? Because of a cookie overdoughse.

26. How do you tell a child to keep their hands out of the cookie jar? ‘Dough not put your hands in the cookie jar’.

27. What is the thing to do when your DNA cookie is not cooked enough? Make it CRISPR.

28. What island do you go to after a shipwreck that serves plenty of cookies, cakes, and pastries? A desserted island.

29. How do you burn 2500 worth of calories of cookies within an hour? By forgetting it is in the oven.

30. I know that licking cookie dough batter could make it sick, but that’s a whisk I’m willing to take.

31. What happens to you after eating a haunted cookie? You look as dough as you had seen a ghost.

32. Who can afford expensive cookies? Those who have a lot of dough.

33. What do you say to someone who is sad about their favorite cookie brand being discontinued? My condoughlences.

34. Why do you want to buy a box of cookies from someone who is raising money for a charity? The doughnation will be put to good use.

35. What kind of cookies come from Indonesia? Indoughnesian cookies.

36. Where in the Disney World area would you find the best cookie vendor? Somewhere in Orlandough.

37. What do you do if someone drops cookie crumbs all over? Clean the flour.

38. You have to eat cookies on the table, not on the flour.

39. What bakers near Greece make excellent cookies? The ones that are Macedoughnian.

40. What do you say about someone who is eating their cookies without wearing underwear? They are going commandough.

41. What is the dark thing next to a cookie? It is its shadough.

42. How do you crush a bunch of cookies together? With a bulldoughzer.

43. What is the easiest way to break a gigantic and heavy cookie in half? By knowing and using taekwondough.

44. How could wind possibly blow a plate of cookies that is on the picnic table in the backyard away? It happens if it is a tornadough.

45. That teen went through a strange cookie phase for a few years during his adoughlescence.

46. What is an unlikely green ingredient that makes really good cookies? The avacadough.

47. Why did that man at the fancy event worry about getting cookie crumbs on himself? He was wearing a tuxedough.

48. How can you easily SEO optimize a business website for a cookie vendor? Get a winning web doughmain.

49. What happens when you are too tired from eating too many cookies? You begin to doughze.

50. How can your neighbors see if you are eating your favorite cookies in your kitchen? By looking through the windough.

Now you have 50 sweet cookie puns to sweeten up your day!

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