50 Pickle Puns That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Pickles. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of this fermented cucumber that is enjoyed among many people? Maybe the term ‘sour’ comes into mind. That is true that pickles are sour because of the fact that they are stored in vinegar or in a salt brine. The purpose is to prevent perishables such as cucumbers from spoiling which is why they are pickled. And cucumbers are not the only perishable that are pickled. 

Think of cabbage and radishes, those are pickled as well and are referred to as kimchi in South Korea. Actually pickled cabbage is sauerkraut started in eastern Eastern Europe and made its way in other parts of the world. There is also herring in Scandinavia is also pickled as to why that particular fish is sour. Some salsas in Mexico are also pickled. And pickling is not a new practice. In fact, it is an ancient one as many times thousands of years ago, people fermented their food in order to stay fed during the long winter months, and also during times of famine. 

And if you also think of pickles. you may think of the perfect addition to deli sandwiches as well as a great condiment for burgers. And are they funny? Are pickles funny? Maybe they are and you will agree if you read the following 50 pickle puns!

List of Pickle Puns That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone:

Following are some of the best pickle puns that will tickle your funny bone.

1. Why was that cucumber in an awkward situation? It just got itself into a pickle. 

2. Why does that man who likes pickles seem to be sullen all of the time? He just has a sour personality. 

3. What dolls are the best representative of the pickle? Sour patch dolls. 

4. What is the best TV channel for a baby gherkin? Pickleodian.

5. What is a pickled deer called? A dill doe. 

6. Why does a lonely spinster eat pickled bread? Because it is a dill dough. 

7. These people in the supermarket are fighting over pickles. I am not sure what the big dill is. 

8. Why didn’t the pickle jars that I ordered came on time? There was a problem with the dill-ivery.

9. I tend to mix up chutney and pickle and it makes me chuckle. 

10. The fact that you forgot to put a pickle in my burger makes it a big dill. 

11. Why did people get excited when they heard that the jars of pickles were on sale? To them, the sale was a big dill. 

12. I wanted to hide the pickle jar under the Christmas tree, but the jar kept sticking out and it became a Vlasic holiday blunder.

13. It is not easy for a cucumber to become a pickle as it really is a jarring experience. 

14. What musician likes to perform on pickle jars? Bob Dillon. 

15. What horror movie character likes pickles? Freddie Kroger. 

16. What is a cucumber that plays with fire? A hot pickle. 

17. What does a pickle company advertise about themselves? They are the real dill.

18. What part of New York City is known to brine its cucumbers? Brooklyn. 

19. Which stand up comedian is a true pickle lover? Justin McClure. 

20. I thought about adding more pickles into my burger but I didn’t really relish the idea of that. 

21. What is it called when you are struggling to open up a jar of pickles? A dill-emma. 

22. What is it called when a cucumber is trapped in a jar? It is in a pickle. 

23. What is the Hawaiin Punch called that has a small cucumber in it? A tro-pickle drink.

24. What game show should be hosted by a pickle lover? Dill or No Dill. 

25. I ate a lot of pickles during my pregnancy and I had a girl, and I was pickled pink.

26. What happens when you are stabbed in the eye with a pickle? You become brined. 

27. It’s my day off and I relish the idea of eating pickles all day. 

28. I love pickles and I love music, especially Vlasic rock!

29. I ended up being in a pickle and not sure how I can solve the dill-emma. 

30. What do you call a high-end and best-quality pickle? Dilluxe.

31. Someone said that the green shirt I was wearing looks like a pickle. I took that as a condiment. 

32. I accidentally dropped a jar of pickles earlier and it really was not a big dill.

33. There is a sandwich place that gives out free pickles with every sandwich order and that is a good dill. 

34. What do you do when you are given a pickle-themed birthday cake? You blow out your can-dills. 

35. I wanted to buy more pickles today at the store but I just realized when I came home I didn’t Gedney.

36. Why can’t Mr. Vinegar have an easy time of it? He is always finding himself in a pickle.

37. Why do so many people love pickles? Because they are dill-icious. 

38. Why are pickles easily broken? They are dill-icate. 

39. Why are pickles so full of life? They are simply zesty. 

40. Why can’t you trust the lawyer who loves pickles to not scam you? Because he isn’t kosher. 

41. What is it called when you put a cucumber in a freezer? An ice-pickle. 

42. What computer maker is relatable to pickles? Dell. 

43. What alcoholic beverage goes well with pickles? White brine. 

44. That cucumber was quite embarrassed because of being caught Gherkin off.

45. You need to clean up your table extremely well after eating your pickle sandwich. It is all about being dill-igent. 

46. I heard about a truck that had a load of pickles falling off the highway. I relish any other comments about this incident. 

47. I slipped on a pickle once, but I don’t care anymore since it really was never a huge dill to begin with. 

48. That giant cannibal was dipping me in vinegar and I lost it and asked him to pickle someone on his own size. 

49. What is it called when you buy a jar of pickles for a low price? A sweet dill.

50. What is a pickle-shaped giant reptile called? A crocodill.

There you go! 50 pickle puns to laugh at because they are a big dill!

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