50 Superman Puns That Are Super Funny

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Do you like Superman? I used to enjoy the shows when I was younger. Here is a short history of Superman as he was born on the planet of Krypton and was named Kal-El. However, Krypton was about to become destroyed as to why his parents sent him to earth on a small spaceship when he was a baby as the ship landed on Smallville, a fictional Americal city. The baby was found by farmers, Jonathan and Martha Kent and they named him Clark. Clark had incredible super abilities as he grew and his parents told him to use the abilities for the good to help fight crime and to help improve humanity. He needed to protect his privacy so he changed into a costume and called himself ‘Superman’ when he fought crime.

Clark Kent lives in Metropolis which is another fake American city, and he is a journalist for the Daily Planet. However, if an enemy exposes him to kryptonite, which is a substance from the planet Krypton that was destroyed, that can be detrimental to him so he has always had to protect himself from it. Why am I telling you about Superman? Because I was reading a comic book and that inspired me to write some Superman puns that I promise you are not kryptonite.

List of Superman Puns That Are Super Funny:

Following are some of the best superman puns that are super funny:

  1. Why does Superman have to carry a power converter with him when he’s in the USA? Because he’s from the DC Universe.
  2. What is Superman’s favorite Rolling Stones song? You Kent Always Get What You Want.
  3. Why does Superman tell jokes while he’s out running? Because he’s an action comic.
  4. Why is Superman afraid of ICE? Because he’s an alien and fears being deported.
  5. Why did Superman have to leave Krypton? Earth was the only planet where he could get steroids legally.
  6. Where did Superman attend college? Kent State.
  7. What do you get if you cross Superman and a pig? The Man of Squeal.
  8. What did the horny vampire say to Superman? See you in the Kryp-tonite.
  9. Why is Batman jealous of Superman? Because Superman got adopted.
  10. Who is the better businessman, Batman or Superman? Superman, because you’ve never heard of a bat market.
  11. How do you reveal Superman’s covert identity? You Kent.
  12. What was the mummy’s evil plan to do in Superman this evening? He was going to lure him to the crypt tonight.
  13. Why is Lois Lane deaf in one ear? Due to the super snoring.
  14. Where does Superman do his duty? In the Super Can.
  15. Why won’t the Man of Steel eat canned soup? It comes in tin cans.
  16. What is Superman’s favorite candy? Clark Bars.
  17. What did Lois Lane find in Clark Kent’s pants? Superballs.
  18. What was the money on Superman’s homeworld called? Krypton-currency.
  19. What did Jimmy Olsen find in Clark Kent’s kitchen? A super bowl.
  20. Why does Superman move all his Bitcoin investments into a mutual fund after sunset? To protect himself from Crypto night.
  21. Why did Lois Lane summon Superman to her kitchen? Her microwave was on the fritz and she knew he could zap her leftovers with his heat vision.
  22. Which gang did punk teen Superman belong to, the Bloods or the Crips? Both, he was a Blood by day and a Kryp-tonite.
  23. Why does Superman only daytrade Bitcoin? Because he can’t go near Crypto at Night.
  24. Why is Superman afraid to go out after dark? Because of krypto-night.
  25. If Superman can do it, does that mean Clark Kent?
  26. Why is Clark Kent such a lousy chef? His cooking is super bland.
  27. What does Clark Kent eat ice cream out of? A Super Scooper Bowl.
  28. Where does Superman go for a quick ride? On Lois Lane.
  29. Who was Superman’s arch-enemy back in prehistoric times? T-Rex Luthor.
  30. Why doesn’t Superman like to party after dinner? He can’t handle Kryto-Night.
  31. Who is faster, Superman or the Flash? Neither, the cameraman is!
  32. What did Lois Lane find in Clark Kent’s bathroom? A super bowl.
  33. Which holidays do citizens of Metropolis celebrate? Christopher Eves.
  34. Where does Superman like to go on vacation when he’s in Africa? Cape Town.
  35. Why doesn’t Superman need a boss? Because he already has supervision.
  36. What does the Jewish Superman say when he takes off? Up, Up, and Oy Vey.
  37. When does Superman sleep? At Kryto-Night.
  38. Why does Superman hate trading Bitcoin after dinner? Because it’s Crypto-night.
  39. Why did Superman leave Krypton? Because it’s so easy to get steroids on Earth.
  40. Where does Lex Luthor like to go hiking? Mt. Baldy.
  41. Who would Superman never hire to repair the gopher holes in his lawn? General Zod.
  42. What is the name of Superman’s home planet in the other dimension? Kryptoff.
  43. Why is Superman’s shirt so tight? Because the size is ‘S’.
  44. Why was young Superman the only kid enjoying the playground? Because the sign said, “Supervision Required.”
  45. How did Superman increase his personal wealth in the 2010s? He heavily invested in Krypto currency.
  46. Superman can save the world, but Clark Kent.
  47. What do Superman and Batman have in common? Neither one of them has to worry about dad jokes.
  48. What is Superman’s favorite drink? Fruit punch.
  49. What would Superman say if Monday had a face? “I would punch it”.
  50. What does Superman love about any joke? The punch line.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed these and got a punch out of them!

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