51 Dinosaur Puns That Are Pteroibly Funny

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Can you imagine what the world was like when it was taken over by dinosaurs? No one can which is why dinosaurs have been a strong interest for many people. Many museums have displayed dinosaur bones and fossils that were collected that give you an idea of life during prehistoric times.

Dinosaurs have been the focus in many cartoons such as The Flinstones, and in kids’ books such as The Cat And The Hat by Dr. Suess. They really are fascinating because they are quite mysterious. It is easy to say that dinosaurs are cool. But if they were around now, we would be in great danger and that is not at all hard to figure out. The idea of dinosaurs roaming around the streets may seem funny to imagine. However, the effects of it would be far from funny. There is no need to imagine too hard what the fate of humans and other animals would be if dinosaurs roamed around today. However, when you think of puns that are related to dinosaurs, that is something funny to think about! Let’s go over 51 of the funniest dinosaur puns right now!

List of Dinosaur Puns That Are Pteroibly Funny:

Following are some of the best dinosaur puns that are pteroibly funny.

1. What does a dinosaur use when they are looking to find synonyms of words? A Thesaurus.

2. Why did the wife dinosaur start sleeping in another room from her husband dinosaur? He dino-snores.

3. What do you call 10 dinosaurs that sing together? A tyranno-chorus.

4. Why is it hard to know if the Pterodactyl can ever really go to the bathroom? Due to the silent pee.

5. What is a car collision called that was caused by a dinosaur? A tyrannosaurus wreck.

6. Why are dinosaurs always fit and are at the optimal weight? They have scales around them.

7. What is the Freddy Kruger version of a dinosaur? A Terror-dactyl.

8. What does a dinosaur call their former partners? Their Tyrannosaurus ex.

9. What are fireworks made by dinosaurs called? Dino-mite.

10. What does the dinosaur do when he sees that there is a bank robbery happening? He calls the triceracops.

11. What do you call a dinosaur that is easily frightened? A scaredactyl.

12. What was the fart from the last dinosaur that ever lived called? An exstinktion.

13. What does a dinosaur that deals with insomnia see as the sun comes up again? Meglodawn.

14. Why was the dinosaur that had PMS in a bad mood once again? It was due to roarmones.

15. How did the dinosaur cause his computer to go fast? He gave it an incredible RAM.

16. What is a dinosaur that is a prostitute called? A dino-whore.

17. What did the brontosaurus say when he wasn’t sure how to respond to a question? ‘I dino”.

18. I found the perfect dinosaur toy to give to my nephew at Christmas. Should I gift raptor not?

19. What is a burger that is made with dinosaur meat with bacon? Jurassic Pork.

20. How do you invite a dinosaur over for a cup of Earl Grey? Do you want some Tea, Rex?

21. What is a dinosaur that rambles on about things that are not interesting? A dino-bore.

22. What quote sticks with a dinosaur for life? ‘Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures!’

23. What is a dinosaur that has an anxiety problem? A nervous-rex.

24. What drink does a dinosaur grab at the bar? A rex on the beach.

25. What is a dinosaur that is an infant called? A wee rex.

26. Who makes the best dinosaur apparel? A dino-sewer.

27. What does a confident dinosaur say? ‘I came, I saur, I conquered.’

28. What is a dinosaur that handles defeat poorly? A saur loser.

29. What is a boat full of dinosaurs that crashed to the shore called? A ship rex.

30. How does a dinosaur make money through the internet? Through online forex trading.

31. What does a dinosaur who knows he will reach his goal in a timely manner say? ‘Can I do it? You bet Jurassican!’

32. Why did the dinosaur not want to watch scary movies anymore? He was pterofied.

33. Why was the dinosaur feeling sorry for himself? Because he was given a rawr deal.

34. The dinosaur was annoyed due to the fact that some old fossil called the police about the noise in his home.

35. What did the dinosaur say when he smelled the garbage in the garage? ‘Oh my rawr it extincts’.

36. What dinosaur gives kids gifts at Christmas time? Santa Claws.

37. Why was the dinosaur feeling self-conscious around his wife? He has reptile dysfunction.

38. What did the dinosaur say when he noticed a big problem with the new appliance? ‘That is pteroible!’.

39. How did the girl dinosaur get the guy dinosaur’s attention? By being flirtaceous.

40. Why did the dinosaur not want to buy a house with the number 13? Because he is supersticeous.

41. Why did the dinosaur not want to go to the uncertain part of town that can be known for crimes? Because he is just very cauceous.

42. Why did the dinosaur stop eating fast food on a daily basis? Because he knows it is not nutriceous.

43. How did the dinosaur know that the one who he was dealing with was not sincere and didn’t walk the talk? Because they were being pretenceous.

44. What is one characteristic of a hard-working dinosaur? Very tenaceous.

45. Why did the dinosaur have a need to sip on gingerale? He was very nauceous.

46. Why does this guy dinosaur have a thing for girl dinosaurs that are on the thicker side? Because he likes them to be curvaceous.

47. Why did the dinosaur have a full intension to meet a lofty goal in a certain timeframe? He’s very ambiceous.

48. What do you call a character of a dinosaur that is only in someone’s imagination? A ficticeous dinosaur.

49. What part of Canada does a dinosaur like the most? The Northwest Pterotories.

50. Why was the dinosaur protective of his home? He was just being pterotorial.

51. What are you going to wear today? Tee, Rex.

These are 51 dinosaur puns to make your day!

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