50 Boat Puns That Will Make You Laugh Your Boat Off

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Are you lucky enough to own a boat that you can enjoy every summer weekend? If so, that is great that you can enjoy a momentary escape from your daily grind to go onto your boat and stay there for a hot summer weekend, or you may decide to stay there for up to a week. And you don’t only get to enjoy going for a ride on the water. You can enjoy spending time in the cottage country as you can have some adult beverages, a barbeque, and enjoy outdoors.  

And if you don’t have your own boat because you cannot afford it or you are afraid that you won’t be able to dock it properly, then you can always rent one. That is if you feel you must have the experience of going on a boat ride. Maybe you have an issue with getting seasick on the boat if it is rocking too much in the water. But you can always take antinausea medications before you go so you can enjoy the experience. While you are thinking about going for a boat ride, then why not get a good laugh when you read these 50 boat puns. You’ll laugh your boat off.

List of Boat Puns That Will Make You Laugh Your Boat Off:

Following are some of the best boat puns that will make you laugh your boat off.

1. The guy wants to go on a dangerous boat ride and you keep telling him to try it out. Stop anchoraging him. 

2. If you expect me to go on a boat without wearing a life jacket, I am telling you right now that is knot happening.  

3. Our day at the cottage involves a barbeque, swimming, and last boat not least, time on the water.  

4. Why must people sit still while they are in a yacht? Because they will rock the boat.  

5. Why do you want something that you like to help keep your vessel from sinking? Because whatever floats your boat works.  

6. What is it called when someone who is sitting across from you in the ship completely understands your current problems? Someone who’s in the same boat. 

7. What does the captain think when too many obese people are going on the ship? ‘We’re going to need a bigger boat’. 

8. Why did the sailor ignore the other sailor after he asked him the 10th question in one hour? He was becoming a pain in the boat.  

9. What is the term about being nervous about going sailing for the first time? Having boat-erflies in your stomach.  

10. The ribbon on the new yacht was difficult to cut because the boat-tie is too tight.

11. What did one nervous sailor ask the other before sailing in bad weather? ‘Do you wrecken we’ll make it through the storm?’ 

12. Why was the sailor too upset to go sailing on that day? He was an emotional wreck. 

13. That boat pun you came up with was ferry impressive. 

14. The wedding that took place on the boat was unfortunately wrecked by the storm. 

15. The sunken boat was a disturbing discoferry. 

16. I could go on the boat eferryday if I could.  

17. Sailing the boat without knowing how to do it before hand is pure braferry. 

18. My dog would appreciate going on the boat, he would get it since he is ferry.  

19. How is a dinner at a boat the same as eating mac and cheese at home? Because of craft dinner.

20. Off course I like being the sailor! 

21. Why was the captain not trustworthy and capable of something evil? He was a neferryous villain. 

22. I was spending too much time on the boat and I forgot my razor so now my legs are looking a bit ferry.  

23. A couple getting married on the boat sounds like a ferrytale ending. 

24. What do you say when you see used beer cans all over the boat? Good greef! 

25. The captain seems police and classy but really, he is a very knotty boy! 

26. Go sail the long way and take the seanic route.  

27. If you want to have that boat for the summer, you will need to make the purchase schooner rather than later.

28. That movie about the boat was not fictional. It was in fact a dockumentary. 

29. Getting horny on the boat happens because water is actually an aquadisiac. 

30. That captain has sailective hearing.

31. You seem a little hesitant about going on the boat even though you said you wanted to try it. Are you shore you want to go? 

32. Wow that captain shore is strong.  

33. You cannot barge into the ballroom in the ship the way you did! 

34. The captain deserves praise as he is an aquaholic who has been sober for 5 years now.  

35. That sailor shore is strong to be able to carry that load.  

36. That sailor cheated on his wharf and I don’t know scow he could do that to her.  

37. Do you want to hear a reely good boat pun? 

38. The boat engine broke so watery gonna do? 

39. She said she did not want to go sailing and really I don’t know water problem is. 

40. What is a captain’s favorite flower? A rowse.  

41. We should flag that comment made by the sailor about the boat as inappropriate. 

42. How do you know if a sailor is Scottish? If he is wearing a keelt. 

43. There’s somefin about the way the captain walks.  

44. Nofin is better than jumping off the boat to swim with dolphins. 

45. How does a Canadian say ‘about?’ A-boat.

46. That sailor who told that fictitious story is really craytive. 

47. I don’t want to debait you but that boat is slower than a ferry. 

48. I’ve punt about boats for a long time I have nofin left.  

49. Sailing is now part of my new row-tine.

50. Water you thinking about my dad’s new boat? 

There you go! Boat puns for you so you can keep laughing your boat off! I hope you enjoyed that.

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