50 Cat Puns That Are Purrfectly Funny

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Cats. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of cats? Meow? Furry feline friend? The pet that wanders around outdoors and then can find themselves back home again? Cats are known to be very independent with their thinking and in general. They can, for the most part, take care of themselves. That is why you can leave them for a week alone as long as you provide them with enough food and water that is accessible. They will eat when they are hungry and drink when they are thirsty. And they will go into their litterbox and do their business and then lay around and do what they want. 

However, you cannot do that with a dog. As dogs need to be let outside to do their business. You cannot just leave food out for them and trust that they won’t eat it in one shot until they get sick. Because they will. But cats know enough not to do that. This is why cats are the perfect pet for those who like to have their freedom and independence but want a companion at the same time. Dogs, on the other hand, require a lot of attention and are a lot of work which is why they are better pets for those who can and want to give that to them. Cats are cool and let’s check out 50 cat puns that make them even seem cooler!

List of Cat Puns That Are Purrfect:

Following are some of the best cat puns that are purrfectly funny.

1. Your cat wants you to be happy so just stay pawsitive. 

2. The cat that scratched your arm must have done it out of desperation but either way that is so claw-ful. 

3. You are getting a new cat? You have got to be kitten me. 

4. If you are a cat lover like I am then we would do so well as a couple that one day we should get meow-rried.

5. What do you call a feline graveyard? The cat-acombs. 

6. The cat should get a new post for his purr-thday. 

7. My feline friend makes me feel so unbelievably fur-fur-tunate.

8. Why does a cat bear its teeth when hearing something funny? Because the cat thinks what was said is hiss-terical. 

9. Never ever fur-get to buy more catnip.

10. That cat isn’t so big as you made it sound to be so stop lion to me about that. 

11. What is it when a feline digs up the entire house to the point that the wires expose, causing an electrical fire? A cat-astrophe. 

12. That cat is so smart it is so paw-some. 

13. Paw-don me? You mean you don’t like cats? 

14. I never said that dogs are in-furior to cats, I just said they are needier.

15. My cat does not want to stay so I am feline sad.

16. That spunky cat really has purr-sonality.

17. I am going across the country with my cat to vacation on the meowntain.

18. My cat is so smart I am proud to say he is litter-ate.

19. Hey do you like my brand new cat-themed paw-jamas?

20. What do you call a cat cop? A claw-enforcement officer. 

21. What type of drink is perfect for a cat? A meow-tini.

22. What is a grumpy cat called? A sourpuss.

23. What do you call a cat that is influential? Purr-suasive.

24. What is a sophisticated cat called? A glamourpuss.

25. The cat is so happy because he is feline good. 

26. Cat puns are the perfect remedy for when you are feline sad. 

27. My feline friend fell down from a tree and that almost turned into a cat-astrophe.

28. What do cats like to eat for breakfast? Mice crispies. 

29. The most appealing thing about a cat is their purrsonality. 

30. How do you know if a cat can read a book? He is litter-ate. 

31. What is a cat’s favorite color? Purr-ple.

32. Why did the cat need to have a vacation from too much stress? He had to take a paws from the everyday grind. 

33. Why is that cat so polite? He always says paw-lease.

34. Why is that feline so opinionated and easily bothered? She has major cattitude. 

35. The thing I love more than anything is my cat, as I just love her the meowst. 

36. How do you know if someone is an expert on cats? They have had cats be-fure. 

37. Why is that cat so unbelievably fast and strong? He is so cathletic.

38. What accessory does a cat like having the most? A pur-se. 

39. I’ll need to think more carefully about the type of dinner my cat wants to eat so please give me a meow-ment.

40. Why is it a bad idea for a cat to use a computer? He can easily get distracted by a mouse. 

41. Why do you want to take your feline friend bowling? Because he is an ally cat.

42. Why aren’t cats crazy about shopping online? They like cat-alogues. 

43. Why do cats like Shakespeare? They like quoting ‘Tabby or not tabby? That is the question.’

44. How does a cat respond when he doesn’t understand something? Very pur-plexed. 

45. Why did the cat get into trouble at school? Due to having a terrible cattitude. 

46. The one hobby that cats like to have is drawing self-paw-traits. 

47. What vegetable does a cat love the most? The as-purr-agus.

48. Why doesn’t a cat have eight legs? Because it is a cat and not an octo-puss.

49. The cat was kicked out of the game for being believed to be a cheetah. 

50. Cat’s appreciate discounts because they want to know if they can buy one, get one furry.

Did you think these cat puns were purrfect? I sure hope so!

Now, why not tell your cat lovers these puns and surely they will get a kick out of them.

If they don’t like them then that means they really need to know how to develop a sensor of humor.

Do you wish to add your own cat pun to the list?

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