51 Potato Puns to Kick-starch Your Day With

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Potatoes. Whether they are mashed, baked, sautéed, or fried, they are so delicious. Potatoes are filled with carbs but are good as they are enriched with a lot of nutrients. Many people do look down on potatoes because they think they are full of carbs. It is really the ones who are into the protein or keto diets that look down on potatoes. But for the rest of us? We love them!

They are great in any form. The form of potato you want depends on the mood. Sometimes you are just in the mood for some potato chips and that is enough to quell that salty craving. How many times has it been said here that potatoes are just so good? Too many. What else do you think of when you imagine a potato? They are brown on the outside and are an oval shape, but some are even rounder, and they are also funny. Funny? How are they funny? When puns are involved, they are. Let’s now go over 51 potato puns that will make you laugh spundenly.

List of Potato Puns That Will Kick-starch Your Day:

Following are some of the best potato puns to kick-starch your day with:

1. That potato dude knew how to get the ladies because he is a real spud.

2. The potato’s dog ran away and tatered after him for a long time until he stopped.

3. That potato betrayed me. He is such a tater.

4. Don’t get upset if you get a nasty email from a potato because taters are going to tate.

5. The grandma potato’s hugs are tater than a snake wrapping around you.

6. I’m sorry but if you eat too many potatoes that can become a carb overload. Sorry for the root awakening.

7. You will ace that potato exam and just so you know, I am rooting for you.

8. The potato exploded in the microwave and that is why this morning got off on a bad starch.

9. A male dog named Potato that can father my dog’s puppies is the spud I want.

10. That potato is just a chip off of the old block.

11. Why was the potato jaded? Because he just has a chip on his shoulder.

12. What is a lazy bag of chips called? A couch potato.

13. The potato does not like to spend much money because he is a chip skate.

14. Those potatoes have been left in storage for too long as they are no good. That chip has sailed.

15. You used to love fried potatoes and you no longer do. What hash come over you?

16. If you are looking for a way to amuse people, think of making up potato puns. That is food for tot.

17. The potatoes now need to be cut up. That time hash come.

18. Go to bed and dream about potatoes, so good night and sleep tot.

19. Are you going to allow this argument we are having about potatoes to drive a wedge between us?

20. Steak and potatoes are a mash made in heaven.

21. You don’t want to eat too many mediocre potatoes. Just fewer excellent ones as it boils down to quality versus quantoty.

22. I love potatoes so much that I would even get a tottoo of one on my arm.

23. I think those who say potatoes are not good for you have the wrong attotude about them.

24. Those two people fighting over those fries are ridiculous and their arguing has become a shouting mash.

25. What is the movie called that involved potatoes and time travel? “Bake to the Future”.

26. Potatoes are such as blessing I cannot express enough gratotude for them.

27. Thank you for the mashed potatoes even though I wanted fries. But I appreciate it since it is the tot that counts.

28. Why are potatoes associated with social media? Because of the hashtag.

29. French fries are Belgian and not French. You saying otherwise is just frying my patience.

30. You did not like how the potato dish turned out? Don’t fry about it and go try a new one and starch again.

31. The potato car just stalled. Can you help me jump starch my engine?

32. The fries got burned in the oven and those were for the party. The planning for this got off to a bad starch.

33. What popular science fiction show is there about potatoes? “Starch Trek”.

34. What did the French fry say to the hash brown who gave him money? “Thanks spud”.

35. These potato puns are not all that tuberous really. And some seem to be downright root.

36. I am lucky to have tried the best-tasting potato in the world as I am counting my lucky starch.

37. I yam always looking forward to trying out another form of sweet potato.

38. What do you get when you cross Hannibal Lector with potatoes? The Silence of the Yams.

39. What is a potato at a baseball game? A spec-tater.

40. I never understand why potato puns are really necessary to joke about as I just don’t see the ap-peel.

41. What is a good-looking hash-brown called? A hot potato.

42. Why do you not want to do anything naughty in front of your plate of French fries? Because potatoes have eyes.

43. What are the pools of water on the ground that are caused by potatoes? Spuddles.

44. Who is the scariest potato in a Star Wars series? Darth Tater.

45. If you need help with coming up with some new potato dad-jokes to share, I can help. I will chip in.

46. The potato that was microwaved ended up exploding and it turned into a total disas-tater.

47. What do you call a potato that had a great time on 420? Baked.

48. What do you say to your leftover fries that you have no room to eat but plan to again? ‘Bye, see you tater’.

49. The heavy bag of potatoes that the passenger brought onto the plane is the reason for the tuber-lence on the flight.

50. Why are hash-browns in great shape? Because they are shredded.

51. I yam amazed at the variety of dishes or recipes you can make with potatoes.

These are your 51 potato puns. If you read them in the morning, I hope that they gave you a good starch to your day.

Do you wish to add your own potato pun to the list?

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