50 Shark Puns That Are Both Terrifying And Funny

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Sharks. The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that word is terror and fear understandably so. Think of Jaws, which in itself is a good reason to be scared when you hear of the term ‘shark’. Also, hearing about those who have enjoyed their days at the beach only to have those days ruined by going into the ocean and being attacked by a shark.

One of the reasons that many people are afraid to go to the beach is due to the fear of being attacked by that creature with the fin always sticking out as it is swimming in the ocean. They definitely know how to clear out a beach in no time once their presence is detected. Then again, you have some people that just love sharks.

Some of these people may be enamored by their uniqueness and beauty even though they are quite dangerous. Then again, there may be some who think they are funny. Those would be the ones who never had an encounter with one that is. Well, how funny can a shark be? Only if there are puns about them that are shared. Are you ready to hear 50 shark puns that are terrifyingly funny? Let’s go.

List of Shark Puns That Are Both Terrifying and Funny:

Following are some of the best shark puns that are both terrifying and funny.

1. I want to go to the beach, but at the same time, I don’t. You have me between a rock and a shark place now.

2. There really is some-fin interesting about that shark I just saw swimming.

3. This makome off as a shock to you, but that shark over there that you see is tame.

4. Head to the beach, watch some waves, and stay jaw-some.

5. What do sharks do when they have to make a big decision? Chews the smart way.

6. That shark sighting made a real splash in the news.

7. I could always eat some shark meat because it really is fin-tastic.

8. You mean there are no sharks in the aquarium? Jaw-man.

9. Hearing about the shark that gave birth is such a miracle it just mako my day.

10. Shark meat sandwiches really do go well with mako-naise.

11. When the shark is hungry, he wonders where his bloody dinner is.

12. Don’t ever de-bait a shark because that is one bite you will lose.

13. What songs do sharks dance to as they are waiting for dinner? Don’t Stop Bleedin’.

14. What are you talking about that sharks don’t bite? That is the silliest type of sharkasm I have ever heard.

15. How do you know that the hammerhead shark had too much to drink? He was just simply hammered.

16. What are short sharks called? They are ground sharks.

17. Those sharks got married so they are now hooked for life.

18. The shark wasn’t afraid to see the dentist because of taking good care of his chompers.

19. Going on about your fear of the beach due to the remote possibility that a shark could be there is making you sound jaw-matic.

20. What is the most eco-friendly way to ride across the water? By saving a boat and riding a shark.

21. Do you say you are hurt more from the shark giving you a small bite than the attack I encountered with one? Oh please, spear me the pain.

22. What are a shark’s favorite candy? Jaw-breakers.

23. What is a shark’s mantra? ‘I promise to take one bite’.

24. Why was the smart shark a success? He got investors interested in his establishment from Shark Tank.

25. What do sharks say to their young when it is time to start the day? ‘Come on, time to rise and tide’.

26. I saw a shark on TV and the finny thing is I was in the mood for shark meat for dinner.

27. Why was the one shark suffering from insomnia? From drinking too much jaw-va at night.

28. What city is the shark version of the Grand Old Opry in? In Gnashville.

29. Why was the shark not happy with the mark he got on the biology test? Because he got a sea-minus.

30. That shark meat is perfect as it is hot off the gill.

31. There’s some fin strange about the way that shark swims.

32. No-fin is better than swimming with a bunch of sharks.

33. What does a shark say that is indecisive? ‘Any-fin goes’.

34. How was the shark able to get some Vitamin D? He was only able to do it by sunbafin.

35. Where did that shark disappear out of nowhere? He vanished into fin air.

36. What country has some excellent shark puns? Finland.

37. Why was the shark from Wall Street upset? Because the stock market took a dive today.

38. Why did the shark like the new action film? Because it was jawsdropping.

39. It can be challenging to mako some shark puns.

40. Why was that shark a really fast swimmer? Because of having great a-gill-ity.

41. What is a shark’s favorite story from the Bible? Noah’s Shark.

42. I just found out the main attraction at the local aquarium was repossessed because it was a loan shark.

43. The one science fiction show for shark lovers would be Shark Trek.

44. The hammerhead did fantastic on his test as he really nailed it.

45. Let’s go to the aquarium and then go watch Shaw-shark Redemption.

46. What does a shark do for leisure? Anything they can sink their teeth into.

47. The shark pleaded in his murder trial not gill-ty.

48. McDonald’s came out with a new shark meat burger and it is called the quarter flounder.

49. What condition does a shark get after swallowing too many keys? Lockjaw.

50. What was the shark rapper from the 90s called? M.C. Hammerhead.

There you have 50 of the funniest shark puns that can mako you laugh so have a good day! Have some fin remembering these hilarious puns that will only make your night even better.

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