50 Electric Puns That Are So Shocking

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Can you imagine living in the old days, before the 20th century how people used to live? There was no electricity and the Amish also don’t use electricity as they like to stay back in the 19th century or before that. I mean how can you not live with it? How do you keep cool on a hot summer day without it, and how can you keep warm on a cold winter day without it? Sure, you could freeze water and put ice on you on the summer, and you could light a fire in the backyard to stay warm during winter. But how do you freeze water without electricity if it is summer? You need a freezer. Maybe cold water will do.

However, those who lived during those times coped without electricity because they didn’t know otherwise. The same goes for the Amish. They stay away from the modern world. It is just if you had electricity and all of a sudden it disappears then you don’t know how to cope. That has happened with prolonged power outages. Anyway, enough about electricity. Or, maybe we should continue with it. There are 50 electric puns that you will find shocking.

List of Electric Puns That Are So Shocking:

Following are some of the best electric puns that are so shocking:

  1. What is a power failure? It is a current event.
  2. Electricians become confused when they get their wires crossed.
  3. The competition between electric companies is known as power struggles.
  4. How do electricians greet one another? They say ‘Watts up’.
  5. The electrician’s favorite ice cream flavor is shock-a-lot.
  6. The electrician comedian stopped telling jokes because it made his head hurtz.
  7. The kind of car you will see an electrician drive is a Volts-wagon.
  8. What is an electrician’s favorite hard rock band? AC/DC.
  9. There is only one place where electricians get their supplies and that is at Ohm Depot.
  10. You know that an electrician keeps laughing at a shocking joke until it hertz.
  11. The lineman ended up dating his coworker since he just couldn’t resistor.
  12. The electrician reported that when he wasn’t going to charge his client the work he did, they were ec-static.
  13. Another name for an electician’s apprentice is the Shock Absorber.
  14. The electrician quit his new job because of being shocked after seeing his paycheck.
  15. Coffee is not electrically conductive, until it’s grounded.
  16. Electric bread is not want you want, it is watt you knead.
  17. Why are electricians so down to earth? Because they are grounded.
  18. What is the electrician’s worst memory of childhood? His parents grounding him.
  19. The electrician had so much energy after taking time for himself since that is what charged him.
  20. The gardener planted a lightbulb for the sake of having a power plant.
  21. The guy had to stop dating the female electrician since she was too shocking in bed.
  22. The electrician could not believe what he heard on the news today as he was shocked.
  23. True anarchists can live without electricity since they absolutely believe power corrupts.
  24. A shock absorber is a careless electrician.
  25. You will find that any lineman lives on Electric Avenue.
  26. There is a reason that great electricians are always so up to date since they are current specialists.
  27. Electricians use sunblock because it is a solar insulator.
  28. I am only coming up with lame electric puns so I will have to keep working on current ones.
  29. The free electron was sad since he had nothing to be positive about.
  30. What would an electrician name his dog? Sparky.
  31. How do you know if an electrician is upset about a situation? They revolt.
  32. Why didn’t the electrician like liver and onions? Because they found it to be revolting.
  33. Electricians are always watching the news because they want to stay up to date with current events.
  34. The bull ended up frying up on the electric fence because of the charging.
  35. The journeyman electrician answered when you asked him to name the two transformers Decepticons and Autobots.
  36. Why does an electrician get upset easily? Because they have a short fuse.
  37. Why do some electricians have all of the patience in the world when you are bothering them but eventually it runs out? That is because they have a long fuse.
  38. The electrician did not want to finish the work for the ungrateful client because he re-fused to listen to him.
  39. When the power went off in the ice factory, it went into immediate liquidation.
  40. What is the smallest city? Electri-City.
  41. Lightening does not phase the Amish since they resist electricity.
  42. If that guy was not a good electrician, he would be dead by now.
  43. Did you hear about the high-powered electrician that changed careers to become a froufrou fashion designer? That is because of being a current specialist.
  44. I have yet to see the day when I read an electric pun that is so shocking.
  45. I was shocked to learn that someone is keeping their electric eel as a pet.
  46. The best dating app for electricians is Power Time.
  47. Why do electricians have to get up early each morning? They need to take their power walk.
  48. What is a siesta known as for an electricina? A power nap.
  49. How does an electrician tell you to be happy? ‘Oh lighten up’.
  50. The invention of the electric fan began with a rough draft.

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