51 Corn Puns That Are A-maize-ngly Funny

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There is nothing better to do on a summer day than to grab a barbeque dinner that consists of burgers or hotdogs, as well as some corn on the cob. Corn on the cob is delicious, especially if you add some butter to it. Oh yum. How great is that? Corn on the cob is also served at many restaurants. Especially at high-end steak houses as it tastes absolutely wonderful with a steak dinner. Yes, it is expensive but delicious.

You can also enjoy corn pieces taken off of the cob and have a plateful of those. The one advantage is that at least in that way, the corn pieces do not get stuck onto your teeth easily. However, it is well worth it since corn is just that delicious. What else would you say about corn? Is corn corny as well? Well, that depends. If you are thinking about corn puns, then perhaps they can be. How about we find better corn puns than corny ones, such as the 51 that you are about to read (and chuckle at) below!

List of Corn Puns That Are A-maize-ng:

Following are some of the a-maize-ng corn puns to chuckle at:

1. I love corn so much because it is truly a-maize-ng.

2. Is it okay to eat corn that has fallen off of the stock? Hey, maize well.

3. That corn is quite thick because it is just kind of husky.

4. Whenever anyone says that popcorn is hard to chew, there is a kernel of truth to that statement.

5. Saying that you are corn on a cob instead of a hot dog is basically corn-mitting fraud.

6. What is corn on a cob and a horse crossed together? A unicorn.

7. I am not crazy about corn puns because they really are hard to digest.

8. What is a breed of dog that looks like corn? Cornbred.

9. I wanted to walk to the new grocery store to grab new corn but I had no idea where I was going. I was stuck in a maize.

10. I thought of telling a new corn joker hat I had thought of but I decided not to since it is too corny.

11. Ever since I bit into that corn my clothes just fell right off. The only thought I have now is ‘aww shucks’.

12. What did the corn farmer say to his wife? An ear full.

13. Did you know the reason that it is easy to buy corn from KFC? It’s because of the kernel.

14. What do you call a cross between cola and an ear of corn? Popcorn.

15. I don’t care for those new ads about the new popcorn brand. They are just so corny.

16. I was arrested for how I eat corn for salt and buttery.

17. What does the corn farmer say to his wife when he is sorry about something? He corn-fesses.

18. Why are ghosts attracted to corn? Because it is so ear-ie.

19. If you want to share a secret, don’t share it in a cornfield with all of those ears around.

20. What happens after the farmer fertilizers the ground with corn starch? The plot starts to thicken.

21. I was going to the grocery store to get some corn and I wanted to go to the mall to get a crop top after. I overheard the lady far away from me who was wearing one talk about a good deal she got. I heard because I have brand new ears.

22. What do you call a flag that is shaped like a corn that has red, white, and blue on it? The Americorn flag.

23. I was looking for corn pictures to add to my website but the choices are limited with stalk photos.

24. What kind of dog loves corn so much that he begs you to put some of it into his bowl? A husky.

25. I’m sorry you cannot grow corn anymore, but you never told me what happened. Remember, I’m all ears!

26. I don’t like that person who is following me that keeps carrying that corn. He is stalking me.

27. Why is the army of corns so messed up? There are too many kernels.

28. Aww shucks. I failed my corn exam!

29. What is a narwhal? It is a tuna corn.

30. What was the reason that the farmer was arrested? He was stalking someone.

31. I hate how we bicker about the flavor of popcorn. I mean corn’t we just get along?

32. Popcorn is here today and corn tomorrow.

33. The farmer was so nice that he just wanted to kill them with corndness.

34. No one knows why the farmer passed away. The corner was not able to determine the cause of death.

35. I was born in January. That explains why I am a popcorn lover as my sign is in Capricorn.

36. The farmer could not work anymore as he had serious problems with his eye. His cornea was damaged.

37. Weight gain from eating too much buttered popcorn is one of the many cornsequences to face.

38. Corn is a blessing because it is a beacorn of hope.

39. I am so sad that the corn I had grown was not a hit. No, I am truly heartbrocorn.

40. I love the new corn-themed tarot deck. But I pulled today’s card as the 3 of Swords which means I am going to be heartbrocorn.

41. The farmer that has his sun sign in Aquarius is somewhat unconventional due to that sign.

42. I love corn that is grown in Denmark as it tastes great. Perhaps because it is Scorndinavian makes it great.

43. The farmer’s birthday and mine are the same and we are both passionate about corn. How uncorny.

44. That farmer thinks he doesn’t do a good job and he is wrong, but his inferiority cornplex takes over.

45. I broke up with the farmer and I cannot talk about the reason because it is so cornplicated.

46. That farmer has some stiff cornpetition.

47. You mean you want to know how I grew this corn? Funny you should husk.

48. If you are looking for unusual ways to grow corn and getting your information from the dark web, you are husking for trouble.

49. I have field in my corn growing duties as I will do better next time.

50. I want to maximize how many ears of corn I can grow in a summer.

51. I do not know what it is but I feel a-maize-ng today.

There you have your 51 corn puns and I hope you did not find them too corny.

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