50 Taco Puns That You Guac to Read

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Mexican food is delicious. You can get the best burritos, nachos, enchiladas, and have a scoop or two of fried ice cream for dessert. You can put anything in your burritos such as pork, chicken, steak, shrimp, and you have to also have the fried beans as well as Mexican rice to go with it. Don’t forget the guacamole, salsa, and sour cream, as well as lettuce and tomato sliced toppings to go with it as well. That is why every now and then you will have a craving to go to a Mexican restaurant. And every time you go to a Mexican restaurant, you are given nacho chips to munch on before you eat your meal. You can’t go wrong with that.

Also, let’s not forget about other famous Mexican dishes such as quesadillas and tacos. Oh, tacos are amazing, and you can put anything you would like in there as well. You can have soft or hard tacos that are loaded with cheese, ground beef or chicken, or pork and add salsa, guacamole, and sour cream to it as well. Imagine having the largest taco that you can imagine at dinner time. That sounds like heaven, right? Well, let’s now go over something else about tacos. Let’s check out the puns about tacos are so spicy, so here are 50 of them!

List of Taco Puns That You Guac to Read:

Following are some of the best taco puns that you guac to read:

  1. I don’t want to taco ’bout what happened at the Mexican restaurant the other day.
  2. Mexican jokes? Oh my, taco ’bout terrible puns.
  3. Let’s arrange a time to go to the salsa restaurant which we can taco-ver text.
  4. I was telling you about the burrito I enjoyed so stop interrupting me and don’t taco-ver me!
  5. The new Mexican restaurant is the taco-f the city.
  6. Let’s taco-ver margaritas about our trip to Mexico.
  7. I feel like I am in a diabetic coma after eating all of those nacho chips, I just am getting vertaco.
  8. We have our political differences but I am glad we enjoy Mexican food, so that helps us tacoexist happily.
  9. I’m trying tacope with feeling too sick after eating too many nachos.
  10. I work at the Mexican restaurant and bakery so trying tacoordinate is not easy.
  11. I am taking the coding course after I finish my burrito dinner and I have to say learning tacode is fun.
  12. I was going tacoat the fried ice cream with cinnamon but we ran out.
  13. The night that we plan on enjoying the margaritas during the late hours is the night tacoincide with a full moon.
  14. I’m going to taco chance and eat the spiciest burrito ever.
  15. That guy was either a burrit o’ an Irishman living in Mexico.
  16. The fact that I ran out of tacos is nacho problem.
  17. It makes sense you are off because you had too many tacos as you are nachoself today.
  18. No, it nachogurt, it’s sour cream that I put on my taco.
  19. The owner of hte Mexican restaurant had to close due to the bad queso the flu.
  20. You need more toppings for your taco? No problem, I’ve guac you covered.
  21. I gotta lose weight but I am craving Mexican food. I’m between a guac and a hard place.
  22. You ate 10 tacos? You have guac to be kidding me.
  23. Oh taco, you guac my world!
  24. The guactapus that you see off the coast of Mexico has eight legs.
  25. I saw my worst enemy at the Mexican restaurant and that was guacward.
  26. I was struggling with my taco addiction but I did something about it when I hit guac bottom.
  27. When is the best month to go to a Mexican restaurant? Guactober.
  28. You need tacos to live because everyone needs guacxygen to survive.
  29. Lettuce eat the tacos in peace.
  30. The tacos are here today, gone tomato.
  31. Just because a taco looks spicy does not mean that it is considering that appearances corn be deceptive.
  32. Lettuce celebrate with some tacos.
  33. The tacos are here today and corn tomorrow.
  34. You corn count on me to make the best tacos in town.
  35. The enjoyable taco night we had may be corn but never forgotten.
  36. Here are some corny taco puns.
  37. The truth about the nutritional value of tacos shell set you free.
  38. I am not sure what to put into my taco as there is a shellection of ideas for making a great one.
  39. What do you sing when the taco components explode suddenly? Pop goes the weashell.
  40. You need to enjoy a real taco and not an artifishell one.
  41. Why do you need to know what is in my taco? You need to mind your own cheesewax.
  42. What is the best holiday for a Mexican meal? On Cheeseter.
  43. The Mexican restaurant needed to have a higher temperature setting as it was a little chili.
  44. What rings when it is time to enjoy a Mexican meal? Taco Bell.
  45. What is a Mexican phone called? A taco bell.
  46. Tacos are ready so lettuce eat!
  47. I have had more than beanough tacos.
  48. You forgot to pay for your meal at the taco stand so you will be beanalized.
  49. Your vegetable garden that you will use for taco making is beanormous.
  50. Please put your used taco wrapping in the bean.

Tacos are so amazingly delicious I could eat plenty of them. I don’t know but now after writing these taco puns, I am in the mood for some spicy and amazing tacos. I wish you could come with me to enjoy them as well. But I hope you liked them as much I did! Now I am ready to eat!

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