57 Bird Puns That Are Tweet and Funny at the Same Time

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Birds are everywhere and with thousands of types as well. You have the sparrows which are the most common birds, as well as the hummingbird which is the smallest bird around. There are also so many larger birds such as ostriches that are not known to be nice.

Then there are fascinating and gorgeous birds such as flamingos that can live for a very long time. And there are flightless birds such as penguins. What we are trying to prove is that, birds are everywhere and they are fascinating. But are they funny? Maybe they are. If you have a parrot, for instance, it can repeat some weird words. That is funny. Apart from that, puns about birds can also be funny. If you are confused what we mean by that, let’s look at some of the funniest bird puns to laugh at.

List of Bird Puns That Are Tweet and Funny:

Following are some of the best bird puns for you to have fun with:

1. What did the bird say to the other bird to give words of encouragement? Toucan do it!

2. Why is it cost-effective to have a bird for a pet? They are cheep.

3. Why did the crow want to use the phone to be in touch with a faraway friend? He wanted to make a long-distance caw.

4. Why was the bird reprimanded by the teacher at school? He was found to be tweeting on the exam.

5. What is a bird that is depressed called? A bluebird.

6. What type of math are the wisest birds good at? Owlgebra.

7. Why was the bird difficult to see? It was in da skies.

8. Why do geese feel highly comfortable and at home in Brazil? They know how to speak Porchageese.

9. How was the bird able to commit the robbery? It broke into a house by using a crow bar.

10. What happened after the pelican ordered a 24 oz steak, filet mignon, and expensive chocolate cake? He ended up with a big bill.

11. What is the most common STD that birds have? Cherpies.

12. What kind of bird has no use for a comb? A bald eagle.

13. What is another word for a bird that is a robber? A robber ducky.

14. What type of bird can’t breathe well? A puffin.

15. What is the best soap that is used by birds? Dove.

16. What does a bird say when they are freezing? Birrrd.

17. What is an eagle that is not feeling well? An illegal.

18. How do birds get physically stronger? They must egg-cerize.

19. What is the best way to heal a bird that is sick? By giving it tweetment.

20. What do you sing to a bird that has a special cake that represents another year of its existence has passed? ‘Happy bird-day to you’.

21. How do you express gratitude to a bird? ‘I want to give you a toucan of my appreciation’.

22. What do you say to a bird when you don’t want it to have access to something? ‘Toucan’t touch this.’

23. I don’t understand many bird puns because they fly right over my head.

24. What do I think of bird puns? Oh, they are ducking awesome!

25. What is a duck’s favorite part of any big celebration such as Independence Day? Firequackers.

26. What did the owl say to the duck that was making snarky and sarcastic comments? Okay, that is enough with the wisequacks.

27. Why did the bird not get the job even though they would have been perfect at it? He was simply just over quail-ified for it.

28. What did one white bird who had a crush on the other say? ‘I think you are dove-ly’.

29. Why is 5 o’clock always an exciting time in a bird’s life? That is because it is cocktiel hour!

30. What did the cool bird say to the other one who the ladies liked? ‘You are such a stud-puffin to attract all of those chicks.’

31. What did one bird say to the other who gave her chocolates? ‘Aww thank you, you are so tweet.’

32. How does one bird friend sarcastically and jokingly wish another a birthday wish? ‘Happy birthday, you mother puffer!’

33. Why did the bird laugh at these puns? He thought they were so emu-sing.

34. Why does one bird have so many mood swings? He is just so simply emu-tional.

35. How does one bird tell another that is getting on his nerves? ‘Flock off already!’.

36. How does a bird wish another one a good holiday during Christmas time? He says ‘seasons tweetings’.

37. What does a bird say when he is annoyed that something did not pan out as he had hoped? ‘What the flock?’

38. Do you know why I want to gift you more bird puns? Beak-ause you are truly so awesome!

39. The bird did not rush finishing up his education because he realized he could tackle it feather down the road.

40. What did one bird say to the other that was disturbing him? ‘Crow away, I don’t want you here anymore.’

41. The bird ate that whole pie owl by himself.

42. How does the bird show another one some encouragement? He tells him that he is hooting for him.

43. When a bird says he isn’t concerned about something that you tell him, what is his response? ‘Hoo cares’.

44. What nursery rhyme reminds a bird of the bubonic plague from medieval times? The song ‘wing around the rosie’.

45. What bird blogger became popular very quickly and rich? Arianna Puffington.

46. What alcoholic drink does a bird like to drink after winding down from a long day? Flaptain Morgan.

47. What bird created the most moving and dark poetry imaginable? Edgar Allan Crow.

48. What celebrity do girl birds have the biggest crush on? George Hoo-ney.

49. What bird musician had many hits in the 1980s? Goose Springsteen.

50. Which bird actor has played many roles in action films? Steven Seagull!

51. What do you say to your friends you find at some unusual place without inviting you? ‘What are you owl doing here?’.

52. How can you show your anger in the bird’s way? ‘What the flock?’.

53. What do most people like to buy? Cheep stuff.

54. What do parrots like to play? Hide and speak.

55. Which birds are easily available in grocery stores? Kiwis.

56. When a duck is on drugs, what do you call it? A quackhead.

57. What do sick birds need? Tweetment.

There you go! These are some bird puns for you to quack up over and have some fun.

Do you wish to add your own bird pun to the list?

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