70 Bread Puns You Will Fall in Loaf With

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Everyone needs to indulge in some very light humor, especially when times are quite tough. That is why puns are around. Puns are known to be the dad jokes of humor but they actually can be quite funny really because they are quite corny. And you can find puns about pretty much anything, even that piece of bread you are eating for breakfast or a snack.

You are wondering how puns about bread can be at all funny. Well, they can be. That is why you will once and for all learn about – of the best bread puns imaginable, and you may even begin to chuckle. Let’s go over those now.

List of Bread Puns to Loaf Around:

Following are some of the best bread puns we could gather for you:

1. The most sophisticated bread is always the upper crust.

2. The Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame is always filled with breadwinners.

3. Radical bakers are always going against the whole grain.

4. I loaf you dough much!

5. I deserve butter than this.

6. I was going to write a pun about bread, but I thought most of you would find it stale.

7. Let’s grow mold together.

8. I should stop loafing around.

9. Great turtles aren’t born. They are bread.

10. A bread maker’s bakery has burned down. Now it is toast.

11. Bread puns happen when you yeast expect them.

12. Her guests loved the cobbler even though it was crummy.

13. Bread slippers will keep your feet toasty.

14. Bread is like the sun. It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.

15. My bread suitcase is jam-packed.

16. You’re the best thing since sliced bread.

17. I’d like to propose a toast.

18. I have no reason to rye!

19. I bagel your pardon?

20. Why did the baker go to work? He kneads the dough.

21. Why does bread hate hot weather? It just feels to toasty.

22. What did the bread say to his friends? You can crust me.

23. What did the bread mama say to her kids? It is past your breadtime.

24. How does bread impress their lover? With lots of flour.

25. What do bread kids say during a game of hide and seek? Bready or not, here I crumb!

26. Why does bread always look bad in photographs? It is always so grainy!

27. Why was the loaf of bread upset? His plans were always going a rye!

28. Why did the man keep punching his doughy friend? To get a rise out of him.

29. What did the bread lover say to the other? I want you to know that I loaf you.

30. Bread is just loafing around.

31. I can crumb back and make some more if you knead me to.

32.I ended up with nothing because they said they had Naan I will leave now.

33. The baker just had a strong knead to make bread.

34. Life is just the same as a loaf of bread because it is pain.

35. My friend asked me if I like bread and I said it is my yeast favorite thing.

36. Why was the butter talking nonstop? Because he was sure on a roll.

37. What is bread baked by a poet? It’s Poet-rye!

38. When one bread slice saw the butter on the table, what did they say to the other slice? Uh-oh, we are toast!

39. What is a Pokémon’s favorite type of bread? Dark Rye

40. How much does a ship that is filled with bread weigh? A crew-ton.

41. What bread does Homer Simpson love the most? He loves Sour-Doh!

42. What type of bread is able to pay for itself? A bank roll.

43. What does the bread sing when it is learning the musical scales? Dough, Re, Mi, Fa

44. Why was the bread maker in a bad mood? They woke up on the wrong side of the bread.

45. When is a loaf of bread comparable to a golf ball? When it has been sliced.

46. What is a random piece of bread called? A naan-sequitur.

47. Do you know what pickle bread is before its baked? Dill dough.

48. After the baker wakes up, what is his messy hair called? Bread head.

49. What did the flour bag say to the loaf of bread? “I saw you yesterday!”

50. Do you know when a sourdough will rise? It rises when you yeast expect it.

51. You will rise above these annoying bread thieves, because there is not a knead to get upset.

52. If a loaf of bread tells you that you cannot accomplish something, don’t let him discourage you. Show him what you can dough!

53. The man was not able to quit his job at the bakery because he really needed to keep making the dough.

54. A loaf dog that is of one single breed is purebread.

55. Stale bread is a loaf of garbage.

56. The thing that you knead is a good loaf to make it all butter.

57. Do you want a box of chocolate and some flour?

58. You are wheating a dead horse by saying that bread is bad for you.

59. Get a degree at the Baguette University.

60. The Bagel dog is the sweetest purebread dog you can get.

61. I told my doctor that I would cut down my bread consumption, but I ryed.

62. I had to tell the lawyer the truth because I was under oat.

63. How much dough do you knead to get that expensive loaf?

64. These jokes are getting stale but these are really my bread and butter.

65. You will need to wheat and see how this project will go.

66. If my partner finds out about my bread kink, I will be toast!

67. Best of luck, because I know these things are easier bread than done.

68. Should I make jokes about dough? Because I am sure the audience will get a rise out of that.

69. You have not seen muffin yet!

70. Have you seen the stuff posted on the site breaddit?

These are some of the best bread puns we could come up with, for you.

Do you wish to add your own bread pun to the list?

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