50 Elephant Puns You’ve Never Herd Before

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Elephants. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of those giants? They are one of the largest animals around as the African elephant weighs about 6,000 kg. The Asian elephant is slightly smaller at 4,000 kg, and the African forest elephant is 2,700 kg. In other words, they can easily crush you to your demise if they were to sit on you. And you definitely would not want that. How often do you encounter an elephant anyway?

That is only if you live anywhere near where they do and even then the odds are low you would ever encounter one. But if you do, not to worry as they mind their own business unless they feel threatened. Then that would not be good as they stick to their herd and if a bunch of them are going after you, that can be quite traumatic. The other thing about elephants is that they really do never forget. 

If they had a good encounter with you, they will remember that. But if they had a poor encounter with you, well, they will remember that too. You may also think of Dumbo when you think of elephants as he was that Disney animated elephant with the big ears. Also, there are puns about elephants as well that most people really love to read. Let’s also go over 50 elephant puns that will cause you to stomp due to laughter.

List of Elephant Puns You’ve Never Herd Before:

Following are some of the best elephant puns you’ve never herd before.

1. Let’s throw an elephant themed party since I herd your birthday is coming up soon.

2. Since we are off to the elephant safari we need to pack food and drinks into the trunk. 

3. What do you call an elephant that is just remarkable? Ele-phantastic.

4. What did Dumbo say to his sad friend? ‘I am all ears for you.’

5. What is an elephant that is not significant? An irrelephant. 

6. Why don’t elephants care about age? Because it is irrelephant

7. What is the elephant and rhino cross called? An elephino.

8. Why do elephants walk away from arguments? Because they find them to be irrelephant.

9. What elephant starred in the play where he had to wear a mask due to acid falling on his face? Elephantom of the Opera.

10. Did you forget the peanuts for the elephant? Maybe check for it in the trunk. 

11. Why do elephant couples never fight about each other’s birthdays and important anniversaries? They never forget.

12. What do you do to change the print on your computer to elephant style print? Go to the elephont settings. 

13. What does an elephant say to show their gratitude? ‘Thanks a ton’.

14. What do elephants say to one another when they express their love? ‘I love you a ton’.

15. Do you know how illegal it is to hunt for elephants? Ivory well know it is. 

16. Why were the elephants the last animals to leave the ark? They had to pack their trunks.

17. How are elephants like trees? They have trunks. 

18. What do you call potatoes that are in the presence of elephants? Mashed potatoes.

19. Why is it perfectly fine to watch elephants bathe? They have their trunks on. 

20. What is large, beautiful, wears glass slippers and grey? Cinderella-phant.

21. Why did the elephant need another suitcase? He had a small trunk. 

22. An elephant is always up for a game of squash. 

23. The elephant was kicked out of the swimming pool for the failure of keeping the trunks up. 

24. Why was the elephant confused when looking at the naked man? He did not know how the man could breathe through the ‘trunk’.

25. What is an elephant that never takes a bath? A smelly-phant. 

26. What is the opposite of an elephant? An eleph-antonym.

27. What is something that is grey but quickly becomes red? An embarrassed elephant. 

28. What is a flying elephant called? A jumbo jet.

29. Why did the elephant go into the men’s restroom? It needed some nuts. 

30. Cleaning up after an elephant is not an easy tusk. 

31. Elephants and mammoths are not the same thing and ivory-dy explained that to you twice. 

32. I just saw an elephant doing #2, and now I’ve seen ivorything!

33. What is an elephant’s favorite chocolate bar? Mr. Big. 

34. What do you call something large in the den that is taking too much space to the point of ruining the walls? An elephant in the room. 

35. Why isn’t it advisable to go to a safari with your rose-colored glasses on while you are drunk? You will see nothing other than pink elephants. 

36. Cleaning up elephant poop is a thankless tusk. 

37. What is a cross of fish and elephants called? Swimming trunks. 

38. Elephants are such hard workers and they do work for peanuts.

39. I see elephants crossing the dirt road ivory day. 

40. Ivory so often I see an elephant walking down the road. 

41. I overherd them speaking about the elephants wandering around in that new area. 

42. The elephant has a good word for ivorybody.

43. It’s hard to stay on tusk with all the noise from the elephants coming together. 

44. What do you call an overpriced elephant figurine that is not useful in any way or form? A white elephant. 

45. Stepping in a pile of elephant poop means it is time to see the elephant.

46. Ivory much like the new elephant down the road. 

47. That elephant that was walking is so unbelievably quite you could have herd a pin drop.

48. Why aren’t elephants worried about dying from pandemics? They create herd immunity. 

49. I don’t have a comment that is relephant to this discussion about elephants. 

50. Ivory so often go to the safari to check out the animals, especially the elephants. 

Did these 50 elephant puns make you stomp as you were laughing? Ivory much hope so and you can tell your friends these puns and everyone else in the herd. Eveyone deserves to have a great laugh every now and then.

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