51 Zombie Puns That Will Make You Laugh Your Brains Off

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Zombies. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of zombies? Maybe yourself after not getting enough sleep just for one night, or at worse, not getting sleep at all and you are quite out of it. You are functioning by going by the motions and you are not able to think or concentrate. You are a zombie because that is how you feel. And when you are like a zombie, not only do you struggle with concentrating or showing emotions because you are so tired but your energy levels are so low that all you want to do is sleep. Understandable. That is what makes someone who is very alive a zombie.

New moms feel like zombies because they are very sleep deprived and are going through difficult motions day after day while tending to a demanding newborn. But the other type of zombie that you think of is a lot more dreadful as you are talking about walking corpses. Corpses that are decomposing and that feed off of your brains so they keep going through their motions.

One of the biggest fears that are highly expressed is that a zombie apocalypse will happen. Who is to say though if it will or won’t? Isn’t keeping safe from the COVID pandemic good practice just in case The Walking Dead really becomes a reality? Okay, let’s not get too negative, and let’s have a laugh. In fact, let’s laugh at 51 zombie puns that will make you laugh your brains out.

List of Zombie Puns That Will Make You Laugh Your Brains Off:

Following are some of the best zombie puns that will make you laugh your brains off.

1. What does a vegan zombie eat? Grrraaaains.

2. What is a zombie wearing pajamas called? The sleepwalking dead.

3. What does a zombie call his girlfriend? Zombae.

4. Why did the Cranberries predict that The Walking Dead would be a hit? They had a song called Zombie.

5. What does the zombie say when it needs you to provide more details? ‘Can you flesh it out’?

6. What does the dyslexic zombie eat? Brians.

7. The zombie didn’t care for the clown because it tasted kind of funny.

8. There is a new zombie game that involves them watching the dough expand and it is called Bread Rising.

9. What is a zombie called that stir fries? Dead Man Wokking.

10. What is a zombie that speaks two languages? Zombilingual.

11. Why was the zombie feeling sad? Due to being the husk of his old self.

12. No one believed me that I was planning to be a zombie character from Harry Potter, but I was dead Sirius.

13. Why do some zombies only eat the rich? They are in the mood for something gore-met.

14. Do you know what it takes to be a zombie? Some serious dead-ication.

15. You know you see a zombie magician when he says abra-cadaver.

16. A zombie that has a boner is referred to as a reserection.

17. What would Quentin Tarantino be called if he made movies about zombies? Tentin Quarantino.

18. What does a zombie that is constipated want? Bran, brannnn.

19. Where do you stay safe from a zombie apocalypse? The living room.

20. What is a zombie that runs called? A zoombie.

21. How did the musician make it out alive during the zombie apocalypse? He bard his windows.

22. What is a zombie called who writes music? A decomposer.

23. What is a sports-loving zombie called? A die-hard fan.

24. Why can’t zombies make commitments? They get cold feet.

25. What kind of drink does a zombie want? A stiff drink.

26. I met a Mexican zombie and his name is Joaquin Dead.

27. What does the zombie say to her zombie crush? ‘Are you going to kiss me or rot?’.

28. If you see a zombie, never approach it as they are looking for a piece of mind.

29. What is a zombie called that owes money to creditors? A deador.

30. What was the reason for the zombie getting the haircut? Because of having dead ends.

31. What was the reason that zombies could not get onto an airplane? Because the airline does not allow carrion.

32. What advice would you hear from a zombie? ‘Never put your eggs into one casket’.

33. What is a zombie prostitute called? A zombie walker.

34. What was the reason that the zombie hockey game was stopped? Because there was a face off at the end the rink.

35. What does a zombie want from everyone in South Korea? For them to lose their Seoul.

36. How do you know that the undead are excited? They are full of zombeans.

37. What do you call a zombie man in love with a zombie woman and shows it by biting her neck? Neck-rophilia.

38. Why did the zombie believe in a common myth? There was a brain of truth in it.

39. What do you call the undead that has a crazy schedule? The one that is busy as a zombee.

40. What did the zombie boss say to the zombie employee? ‘Don’t miss the undeadline!’

41. Why will a religious zombie do their best to live a pure life? They don’t want to be accused of any of the seven undeadly sins.

42. What does the zombie DJ say before playing a song on the radio? ‘This song is deadicated to you’.

43. What is the zombie child’s favorite stuffed animal? A deady bear.

44. What do you call a zombie that gives zombie girls a naughty job? A sugar dead-y.

45. When does the zombie start their work schedule? During the graveyard shift.

46. What happened when the zombie refused to pay its ticket from the police? It was facing grave consequences.

47. What does a zombie do that wants to sleep and procrastinate all of the time? Digs their own grave.

48. What does a zombie look forward to after a rainstorm? A brainbow.

49. What does a zombie say when they are interested in a plan but need to decline? ‘Sorry I need to take a braincheck’

50. Why does the zombie want to go to the Amazon in South America? Because the brainforest is appealing.

51. Zombies are dead but they live with it.

Did you laugh your brains out? I sure hope so.

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