51 Dog Puns That Will Make Your Mood Pawsitive

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Dogs. They are one of the most loyal companions around. And there are so many new breeds and older breeds that are around that make excellent family pets. They originated from the grey wolf as they had evolved to become one of the best human companions over a span of thousands and thousands of years. They have played roles of the organizer and protector (as the sheepdog is known to keep cattle and sheep organized and protected), and they have played the roles of various helpers for the police, firefighters, and guards. There are plenty of guard dogs around. 

And there are also therapy dogs and emotional support dogs that help keep those in need safe. And there are some breeds of dogs that don’t do any type of work as they are meant to be just your companion which is really a big deal. Some of them just like to sit on your lap and are the ultimate lap dogs. They like to cuddle with you as you watch a movie late at night in bed or on your sofa. Dogs can also be quite funny. They can do funny tricks and respond in funny ways in some situations. There are also funny puns that are about dogs, and let’s go over 51 of them now.

List of Dog Puns That Will Make Your Mood Pawsitive:

Following are some of the best dog puns that will make your mood pawsitive.

1. My dog and I are going to cuddle up and watch his favorite movie, Hairy Paw-ter written by J K Growling.

2. What is the name of a popular dog rapper? Notorious D.O.G. 

3. The dog crashed the car and it was because he forgot to put the car in bark and it rolled over. 

4. The Dalmatian was happy with his masseuse because she massaged the right spot. 

5. The dog breeder needed to go to the dentist due to one of the canine’s being loose. 

6. That puppy I got for my birthday made me smile from ear terrier.

7. The place to buy a smart dog is the Border of Colliefornia.

8. My dog likes to go clubbing because he can raise the woof. 

9. That dog just can’t get enough of that new food. In fact, he is mutts about it. 

10. My dog is a lot calmer than he used to be and he must have gone through some kind of trans-fur-mation.

11. My dog got into the garbage and was sick so he had a ruff night. 

12. How could you not like dogs? That is so re-pug-nant. 

13. My dog has been eating too much and as a result, is looking a little husky. 

14. What do you call a puppy lying on the beach for the time the sun is at its peak? A hot dog. 

15. What role did that dog play in Red Riding Hood? The Big Bad Woof.

16. How do you wish your dog a Merry Christmas in Spanish? Feliz navi-dog.

17. I was ready to kick the dog out until we had negotiated his terms of leash. 

18. I wish the dog would get off of the PlayStation and there is only so long that he can play Fi-fur.

19. That dog loves his bones as he is really digging them. 

20. That new movie with the Daschund is truly an Oscar Weiner.

21. That dog is not mean but can be ruff at times.

22. What do you call a dog that is going to give birth soon? Pugnant. 

23. Why do you need to be careful around a dog that is cold? You can get frost-bitten.

24. What old rock band does a dog like? The Beagles. 

25. The dog was having a bad day and I am not sure why but I can tell it was ruff. 

26. My dog is lucky we adopted him as he now has a woof over his head. 

27. Why can’t the dog stay on top of the maple tree? He was simply barking up the wrong tree. 

28. If you plan to give a dog a burger, be sure to add some fetch-up to it as he will like it better. 

29. That dog takes forever to dress up because he takes a while to chews what to wear. 

30. Why do dogs enjoy being read to before bed? Because they love the story tails before they go to sleep. 

31. My dog that loves expensive things got Jimmy Chews for her birthday. 

32. What type of dog is the perfect one for a vampire? A Bloodhound.

33. The dog had to go to the bank to make a de-paws-it.

34. What type of designer bags does the dog like? A Poochi.

35. That dog cannot stand up for himself and rolls over instead. 

36. What dog is known to be in western movies? Clint Eastwoof. 

37. What type of dog knows how to fight well? A Boxer. 

38. Giving my dog several walks a day is the leashed I can do to make him happy. 

39. What happened to the dog that joined a gang? He became all about pug-life.

40. The dog needs to go to university to gain experience and get that pedigree.

41. What do dogs drink during autumn? They enjoy pugkin spice lattes.

42. These dog puns are not paw-fect but they make you bark with laughter. 

43. Why can’t a dog give birth in a park? Because that is littering.

44. What type of pizza does a dog love? A puperoni pizza. 

45. Why was that canine party so loud? They used subwoofers.

46. What is another dog for a magician that is a dog? A labrabacadadbrador.

47. That dog only got away from you because he did not like how you were hounding him. 

48. That dog was not happy when the photo was taken because he did not want the puparazzi in his face.

49. Cheer up because anytime a dog is by your side anything is pawsible.

50. You buy one bag of dog food and get the other one flea!

51. How do you live a happy life? By being pawsitive.

What do you think of these dog puns that are so dog-gone funny? I hope you loved them and cured you if you were sad from having a ruff day.

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