51 Whale Puns That Whale Make You Laugh

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Whales, they are amazing to look at as they swim in the deep oceans, and as they go up and down as they keep swimming. One of the most peaceful things that many people like to do is to go whale watching. They have to usually visit the waters around the polar regions in order to watch the whales move gracefully in the water as it is very relaxing.

Imagine that you are right there. There is no other noise or distractions. You are hearing the water rippling which in itself is a very relaxing sound. Then you see the whales swimming around and creating more of that rippling sound of water, and watching the whales swim can be quite stunning. Whales are most definitely interesting beings, and they can be funny too. How can they be funny you ask? When it comes to dad jokes about whales, that is when it can be. Are you ready to read 51 whale puns that whale make you giggle? Let’s go.

List of Whale Puns That Whale Make You Laugh:

Following are some of the best whale puns that whale make you laugh.

1. Why did a male whale sleep with another male whale? They are homosexuwhale.

2. Why did both whales not like each other? The feeling was mutuwhale between both.

3. What is a whale called that meditates often? A spirituwhale being.

4. Why does a whale want to be on time for appointments? Because of wanting to be punctuwhale.

5. Why do whales like pictures? Because they are visuwhale.

6. Why is there no feminism among whales? Because they see all as equwhales.

7. Why couldn’t you get to the zoo? The car ran out of fuwhale.

8. Why do whales like astrology and tarot cards? They are into spirituwhaleity.

9. Why are overweight people referred to as ‘beached whales’? Because others are cruwhale to them.

10. What is a whale symphony called? An orcastra.

11. What kind of nuts are a whale’s favorite? Of course, whalenuts.

12. Why can’t whales hang out in forests? Because they wouldn’t know how to handle being in the whalederness.

13. What is a cross between a whale and a walrus? A whalerus.

14. What time do whales eat lunch at? At twhaleve o’clock noon.

15. What Scottish whale was known to be such a hero? William Whaleace.

16. Why was the whale kicked out of the club? Because he did not pay for his membership renewhale fees.

17. What do you call whale designs on the bedroom walls? The best type of whalepaper.

18. What is a French-speaking whale called that lives in Belgium? A Whaleoon.

19. What did the whale say when he swore that he did not cause mischief? ‘I didn’t do it on porpoise!’

20. Why do female whales get mean once a month? They are expecting their menstruwhale cycle.

21. What do whales want to do in order to go on a quick car ride? They want to start the engine of the car so they can take the car for a whale.

22. What does one whale say to the other that is in disbelief that there is so much food around that does not cost anything? ‘There is no whale this food is free’.

23. Why do two whales that sing sound better than one? They make a great singing duwhale.

24. Why did the whale join MENSA? Because he is an intellectuwhale.

25. What did the whale say to the other when he declined his invitation? ‘There’s no whale go to that event’.

26. What is a whale called that can speak both French and English? One that is bilinguwhale.

27. What is a whale called that is not attracted to anyone sexually? Asexuwhale.

28. What is a whale called that is attracted to both males and females? Bisexuwhale.

29. What did the whale say to the other while going on a scavenger hunt? ‘If there’s a whale find it’.

30. What did the whale say after seeing an exquisite picture? ‘It took my breath awhale’.

31. What do liberal whales want? They wish to see more equwhaleity.

32. I just read Moby Dick and Whaleden and they were excellent books.

33. What does the whale say to the other when they are finally partway to their destination? ‘We’re halfwhale there!’

34. Why don’t whales like taking the train? They don’t want to be on the railwhale.

35. Why couldn’t the whale get into the house? There was trouble with going through the doorwhale.

36. What form of quick transportation does the whale prefer to take? The subwhale.

37. Why did the whale get a ticket for speeding on a residential road? Because he thought he was driving on the highwhale.

38. The whale was curious about me so that he is why he porpoisefully moved toward me.

39. I just made a killer whale pun.

40. What was found when the dead whale was examined? The kriller premeditated the murder.

41. Why did the whale seem lethargic? Because he was not feeling whale.

42. What does a whale say when something wrong happens but is resigned to the poor outcome. ‘Oh whale’.

43. What does an irritated whale mom say to her kids that got into trouble. ‘Whale whale whale, look who’s in trouble now’.

44. What is a whale’s favorite fast food sandwich restaurant? ‘Subwhale’.

45. Where is the place located in the UK associated with aquamarine animals? It would be Whales.

46. Where do whales that live in remote places get their water from? From the whale.

47. What side of the whale’s family had the problems? It would have been grampus side.

48. Why did the whale couple break up? Their relationship was taking a dive a whale ago.

49. The stock market took a dive today so things are not looking positive on Whale Street.

50. Why did the whale feel so self-conscious as she danced? Because of the blubber she had.

51. Life is short. Enjoy it whale it lasts.

These are the 51 whale puns that hopefully keeps you happy for a whale! You really have to admit that they are blubbery funny.

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