50 Panda Puns That Are Beary Funny

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Panda bears. What do you think of when you hear this word? You think of those black and white cuddly bears that are located in China. And you cannot find them anywhere else other than in zoos. Did you know that there is another type of panda that you don’t see too often? It is the red panda but they are not as common as the giant panda which is the one that you are the most familiar with.

Pandas are folivores which means they eat leaves as well as other types of vegetation such as bamboo shoots. They also eat other animals such as rodents as well as birds. However, they mostly eat vegetation. And when pandas are in captivity, they will eat other things such as honey, shrub leaves, bananas, oranges, fish, yams, and eggs. Therefore they have more of a varied diet if they are kept in captivity.

Pandas were also in the endangered species list but they no longer are which is great news. That means enough of them had reproduced to keep them off of that endangered species list. The next time you go to the zoo and see a giant panda, just watch how fascinating they are. They really are cool and hopefully, they will be kept off of the endangered list for a good. Aside from that, other cool things that are relevant to pandas are puns that are all about pandas. Here are 50 panda puns that are bear-y funny.

List of Panda Puns That Are Beary Funny:

Following are some of the best panda puns that beary funny.

1. I was tricked into giving all of my panda food to someone and I feel as if I have been bamboozled.

2. There was a panda that escaped from a zoo and it caused so much panda-monium.

3. What type of literature do pandas like? Po-ems.

4. Was the panda able to escape the hunter? Bear-ly.

5. What do ghost pandas like to eat? Bam-boo.

6. How can you scare away a panda? Emphasize on the second half of the word bamboo.

7. What is a panda called that has no teeth? A gummy bear.

8. How do you know when a panda invades a restaurant? He eats, shoots, and leaves.

9. There were so many panda bears that rioted in the streets of Shanghai today and it was complete panda-monium.

10. How are pandas similar to hippies? They are tree-huggers.

11. China only allows a certain number of panda bears to live in the country but to be fair it is the bear minimum.

12. Did you know you can spell panda with only 2 letters? It is P and A.

13. I had a joke about pandas but I take it back since it is unbearable.

14. There were twin pandas I saw and my thought was that bears repeating.

15. What do you do if you see a panda bear that is seriously hurt? You call a bamboolance.

16. What do pandas use when they make pancakes? A pan, of course.

17. Do pandas wear socks? Not at all as they like having bear feet.

18. What type of ice cream does a panda like? Anything that has a bear-y flavor.

19. That panda seems scattered at the moment so just bear with him.

20. What is the most unfortunate experience you could have while eating at the Panda Express? Not having a fortune in your fortune cookie.

21. How does a panda chef cook? By using a pan, obviously.

22. What do you call a panda that is confused? The one that is very bamboozled.

23. The panda that was forced out of its habitat thought that experience was so un-bear-able.

24. What do pandas wear when they are attempting to rob a bank? Pandanas.

25. What is a bear from Asia that stands in the corner? A naughty panda.

26. Did you hear about the panda that ran out onto the road? That was really a story that bears repeating.

27. What do you give a panda that has a fever? Pandadol.

28. Why do pandas relate to old movies? Because they are black and white.

29. Why is 2020 the year of the panda? Because it is a panda-mic that started in China.

30. The difference between a polar bear and a panda bear is 1,000 miles.

31. Why was that bear so spoiled? The mother panda’d to its every whim.

32. Ever since that panda was adopted, our monthly ex-panda-ture is over $2,000.

33. It is sad how some people think that old bears are ex-panda-ble.

34. Pandas exist because of our de-panda-nce on them.

35. That panda baby will be de-panda-nt on the mom for a long time.

36. She got me this cute little bear panda-nt for my birthday.

37. If you want to take a good picture of those bears, then panda camera slowly to the right.

38. The panda-themed business could be ex-panda-ble to other niches.

39. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that panda does not like you.

40. What you said about that panda is a bear-faced lie.

41. I can bearly stand the thought of hearing another panda pun.

42. That website restricted one user and completely pandanother.

43. This panda is still young as she is still of child-bearing age.

44. Why did that panda hide in the woods? Because of being so em-bear-assed.

45. What chocolate company makes candies for pandas? Cad-beary.

46. What is a panda that is behind a Starbucks counter called? A bear-ista.

47. How do you know to keep away from a panda enclosure? Because there is a bear-ier.

48. What kind of fruits do pandas really like? Any type of bear-ie.

49. Hugging a giant panda is just not pawssible.

50. The panda party is too pawsh for me.

There you go. There are 50 puns about pandas and I really hope you though these were bear-y funny. Or even just half of them. Now go on and have yourself a bear-y good day.

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