50 Heart Puns That Will Pump You Up

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What is the first thing you think of when you think of your heart? Well, thanks to your heart, you are here reading this as you need your heart functioning in order to live. And the problem is that so many people are walking around with heart disease and don’t know it. They may think they are fine because they are not feeling any stress with their heart, but then all of a sudden they could have a heart attack which could cause their heart to give out. As long as they are saved in a medical setting quickly, they will be okay. However, they will need to go on medication and have to change their lifestyle to keep their hearts healthy.

You may not think of your heart beating when you envision a heart. You may envision love or Valentine’s Day. And that is the first thing you may think of when you hear the word ‘heart’. Did you know that the heart-shape was not always a sign of love? At one time it was representative of foliage. Isn’t that cool history knowledge? I think so. So what more can be said about the heart? How about going over some heart puns. Let’s go over 50 of them to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

List of Heart Puns That Will Pump You Up:

Following are some of the best heart puns that will pump you up:

  1. A cheesy Valentine’s Day statement is that you always will have a big pizza my heart.
  2. I have gone beat red because my heart is beet-ing faster.
  3. When dinosaurs were flirting, they told their loves that they made their hearts saur.
  4. What will a cardiologist do if you wink at them? They wenchkebach.
  5. What does a firefighter in love say? ‘You are setting my heart on fire and I won’t put it out’.
  6. Why is it hard to study a heart? It is so fragile and you need to handle it with care.
  7. What do you call a sweetie with a flatulence problem? Sweet-fart.
  8. What do you call a stew with chicken livers, hearts, and gizards? A hearty meal.
  9. What happens when someone with a heart condition is in love? Their heart murmurs ‘I love you’.
  10. What band was sad when they sang the song ‘Alone’. Heart.
  11. I am not sure if I am in love or just hot but the heart in this place has been turned up.
  12. Why is a cornorary artery in love with you? It is wrapped around your heart.
  13. I aorta tell you how much I really do love you.
  14. Why does your lover see you as a defibrillator? You are sending shocks to their heart.
  15. I only love anyone who is not vein.
  16. I fell in love with my partner at the pizzeria because they took a pizza my heart.
  17. Why are heart attacks common? That is because the heart is the most aggressive organ in the body.
  18. What does a locksmith in love say? ‘You have a key to my heart’.
  19. Before the locksmith goes into surgery, what does he say to the cardiac surgeon? ‘You have a key to my heart’.
  20. I love you and want to go to the salad bar with you because I have so mushroom in my heart just for you.
  21. Whenever you tell me to follow my heart, do you mean I must listen carefully to lub dub lub dub?
  22. Following your heart is a good idea, but don’t forget to take your brain with you.
  23. What should the heart do instead of engaging in your life? Only pumping blood and that is it.
  24. What is the problem when two blood cells fall in love? It only happens in vein.
  25. I know I am such a sweetheart but you keep telling me I say that in vein.
  26. What is the worst time to have a heart attack? During a during a charades game.
  27. I love you with my butt, and I say that because my heart is smaller than my butt.
  28. Why won’t the Hulk ever have a heart attack? It is not crazy to attack him.
  29. The Hulk is in love with me he smashed his way into my heart!
  30. I never want you to touch my heart because it is the best piece of art.
  31. I love you so much that I want to make you a nice hearty meal.
  32. I saw the most adorable thing, oh my heart!
  33. What restaurant is targeting your heart in an aggressive way? The Heart Attack Grill.
  34. Why is the male octopus in love? The lady octopi his heart.
  35. I love this new bird as she is a tweet-heart.
  36. What is a heart called that is not bisexual or homosexual? Heart-erosexual.
  37. You have a frigid heart that makes you not care about anyone so you are apat-heart-ic.
  38. How do you keep your heart clean and hidden? Don’t wear it on your sleeve.
  39. Why is the heart in pain after you eat something spicy? That is because you end up with heartburn.
  40. I am in love with that alien because it abducted my heart.
  41. That doctor is in love with me as he said that I made his heart beat fast like an epinephrine drip.
  42. My lover who loves to work out told me that I must have perfect cardio since I run away with his heart.
  43. Who was an emotionally heated figure skater? Tonya Heart-ing.
  44. Who sang about sunglasses in love? Cory Hart.
  45. The only way to feed your soul is to give you a lot of love and a hearty meal.
  46. Why do heart transplant patients want different things the next day? They have changes of heart.
  47. I made the mistake by giving my heart to a baker on Valentine’s Day because he ended up desserting me.
  48. Oh come on, eat that artichoke, go have a heart.
  49. I love the new bedding I call it my sheet-heart.
  50. I can explain love in a scientific way because all of the veins in my heart point to you.

There you go, here is a pun list to read on Valentine’s Day, or your wedding day!

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