51 Lobster Puns You Shell Read Now

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Lobster. What is the first thing you think of when you think of lobster? Do you think of just an ordinary sea creature that you hope never comes into contact with you because of those terrifying claws? Or, do you think of a gourmet dinner? I tend to think of the latter. It is awesome when you can get to a gourmet restaurant and so you can enjoy a lobster dinner as it is downed in butter and comes out of the pot piping hot. You cannot get any better than that.

And I personally love seafood, but lobster is truly one of my favorite food items. You cannot go wrong with dipping thick lobster pieces in butter and enjoying some warm fresh bread with it as well. And you have either delicious potatoes or rice on the side with some sauteed vegetables. You cannot go wrong at all with that kind of meal. The next time I am due to shop at the supermarket, I will go and grab some lobster to cook up to serve. Sure, it is expensive, but I don’t care because a lobster dinner is always money that is well-spent. What else can you say about lobster? Oh, well, how about the fact that it is so easy to create puns about, and let’s go over 51 lobster puns that are so delicious.

List of Lobster Puns You Shell Read Now:

Following are some of the best lobster puns you shell read now:

  1. Why doesn’t the lobster want to give you anything? Because of the fact it is so shell-fish.
  2. Why is the lobster shy? It does not want to go out of its shell.
  3. How do you know that the lobster was upset? Because of being so crabby.
  4. Why is it the best time to catch lobster? Because we are in the sea-son for it.
  5. I am in the mood to go out for lobster, so shell we go do that?
  6. Why is the lobster so dirty? Because it just cannot help being a s-lob.
  7. Why was the lobster in a bad mood after being caught? The ocean made it salty.
  8. What kind of crime did the group of lobsters commit? It crushed-Asians.
  9. The lobster is so large you gotta say it is one shell of a creature.
  10. I met a new friend at a seafood restaurant who I will never see again because I lobster number.
  11. The lobster was annoyed with me and it snapped at me.
  12. What is the best shot in tennis for the lobster? The lob.
  13. How do you know Adele had a lobster dinner before she went on stage? Because she sang ‘Shell-o’.
  14. Don’t expect the lobster to share anything with you because they are so shellfish.
  15. How do you know the lobster was not having a good day? It was crabby since the start.
  16. What does the lobster say during Christmas time? Tis the sea-son.
  17. Why are lobsters at the bottom of the sea? They drop out of school.
  18. How do you know when the lobster is confused about something you said? It tells you to be more pacific.
  19. It a-piers we have a problem because all of the lobster has been fished out of the sea.
  20. Why does the lobster wear seashells? It outgrew the B-shells.
  21. Why did the lobster break the law? It was all due to pier pressure.
  22. What kind of cannabis strain does the lobster like? The sea weed.
  23. What did the ocean say to the lobster? Nothing, it waved.
  24. What is the best school subject for a lobster? That would be algae-bra.
  25. Where did the lobster get that money from? It borrowed it from the prawn broker.
  26. The lobster was lying at the bottom of the ocean with twitches because it was a nervous wreck.
  27. What letter of the alphabet makes the lobster feel at home? The letter C.
  28. What was the reason that the lobster lost its money? It kept shelling it.
  29. Why did the lobster bomb the hotel? It was licensed to shell.
  30. Why did the lobster get a hold of the limited item? It arrived early since it was a first come first surf kind of situation.
  31. What is a lobster’s favorite fruit? Crab apples.
  32. Why is a lobster always embarrassed? Because of the fact that it is perpetually red.
  33. What do you call a fast-moving lobster that is a Taurus? Red bull.
  34. Why do spiny lobsters become narcissistic whenever they think of the band the B-52s? They wrote a song about them.
  35. What will happen if you wake up a lobster too soon? It will be crabby.
  36. Why did the lobster never come back after taking a bath? It bathed in a silver hot tub on the stove.
  37. Why are lobsters picky about what they eat? They are extremely sail-ective eaters.
  38. Why does the lobster fear for its life often? It is terrified of ending up in hot water.
  39. What is the common temperament of a lobster? It would be sand-guine.
  40. Each time I think about the lobster ghost I saw that time, it sands shivers down my spine.
  41. The lobster knew of his responsibilities but didn’t know his tidal.
  42. Why didn’t the lobster fisherman believe in war? Because of being a pacifisht.
  43. How did the lobster escape the grocery store tank? It clawed itself out.
  44. I was assuming you were taking me out for lobster, but when I found out that you lied to me, I was steamed.
  45. Why are lobsters the reason that a lot of people want to go to New England? They are the Maine attraction.
  46. I gave you some of my lobster dinner but since you loved it too much, you ended up taking all of it which makes you quite shellfish.
  47. What is a lobster-flavor beverage to drink in the morning? Claw-fee.
  48. What is a lobster that is annoyed? A frustacean.
  49. Why are lobsters afraid of being in tight spaces? Because of being claw-straphobic.
  50. I just bought myself a lobster-color suit so I am going to put it into the claw-set.
  51. That lobster pun I heard just grabbed me unexpectedly.

Now, do you have a craving for a lobster dinner? I can’t say I blame you because I am ready to go for mine.

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