50 Batman Puns That Are Dark

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Do you like Batman? How could you not as the comics are classic! As you know Batman is really Bruce Wayne and he is a rich American industrialist. When he was a child, he witnessed his parents getting murdered and that is what led him to become Batman so he could seek justice against the murderers. He lives in the suburbs of Gotham City and his personal residence is Wayne Manor.

He purposely lives off of his family’s fortune and acts like a playboy for the sake of staving off suspicion of who he really is. He profits off of Wayne Enterprises as supports his charity Wayne Foundation. However, he is a celebrity and high-status women are the ones who gossip about him. He is all about actions defining you and is all about justice. That is the snapshot of Batman. Why should you care about Batman? Well, maybe because of having some cool puns about Batman! Let’s go over 50 of those puns that will make you go pow.

List of Batman Puns That Are Dark:

Following are some of the best Batman puns that are dark:

  1. What kind of jokes does Batman like the most? Dark humor.
  2. How does Batman take his coffee? Black as the Knight.
  3. Why is Batman the first to arrive at the scene of the crime? He likes being at the bat-le front.
  4. What does Batman say when the evil-doers thwart his crime-fighting efforts? Gotham It!
  5. Which type of tea does Batman drink? Vigilan-tea!
  6. What did Batman say to Spider-Man? Please don’t bug me.
  7. How do you get Batman into the Marvel Universe? First, hang his poster on the wall. Then he’s a Bruce Banner.
  8. Why did Batman scale the giant redwood? He was looking for Robin’s love nest.
  9. Why is Bruce Wayne such a great baker? He knows his batter.
  10. What is Batman’s favorite fruit? Nana nana nana nana na banana.
  11. Why does Bruce Wayne like all these painful puns? Because they’re so batty.
  12. What happens when Batman sees Catwoman? The Dark Knight rises.
  13. Who wrote the hot new superhero tell-all book, Batman’s Greatest Enemy? Joe Kerr.
  14. After a rough night of partying, how can you tell Batman rescued you? Then, the following day, you wake up in a cave.
  15. What does Batman order at a Chinese restaurant? Kung POW Chicken.
  16. What is Batman’s favorite classic weapon? The Bat-tle Axe.
  17. What’s the most vital part of Batman’s armor?The plot.
  18. How does Batman take his morning coffee? Dark as the night.
  19. Why does Batman wear a mask? Because the citizens of Gotham City are more intelligent and more astute than those in Metropolis.
  20. What is Batman’s favorite part of the parade? The baton twirlers.
  21. When Batman and Catwoman race, why does Batman always come in first? Because bat is before cat in the dictionary.
  22. Why doesn’t Batman like going on nature walks? He doesn’t like Poison Ivy.
  23. How did the Joker fix his chattering teeth? With Crazy Glue.
  24. What is the first thing Bruce Wayne learned in kindergarten? The alpha-bat.
  25. Why did Commissioner Gordon fail with his date? He was sending bat signals.
  26. Which after shampoo product does Batman use? Conditioner Gordon.
  27. Which superhero is the best cricket player? Batman.
  28. Why isn’t Batman a hot chef? Because his utility belt doesn’t include condiments and salsa.
  29. Who was the first cosplayer ever? Bruce Wayne.
  30. Which circus act does Batman enjoy most? The Acro-bats.
  31. Why did Robin pick up the Batphone? Because it bat-a-rang.
  32. What does the commissioner say when he calls the Bat Phone? It bat-ta ring.
  33. How did Batman get out of Purgatory in Gotham City? He posted Christian Bail.
  34. Why does Batman always lick the beaters? Because he likes cookie batter.
  35. What does The Hulk say when he’s at a loss for words? Batman.
  36. Where does Batman keep his pet goldfish? In a bat tub.
  37. Why did Bruce Wayne bow out of the poker game? Because the dealer said the Joker was wild.
  38. What does Batman put in his whiskey? Just ice.
  39. Which Batman movie sequel do rich people hate? Batman and Robinhood.
  40. What does Batman ask the guy at the deli counter? Got Ham?
  41. Why does Bruce Wayne need to go to the dentist often? Because he has bat breath.
  42. How would Batman keep up his lifestyle if Adam West wasn’t rich? Maybe he’d be Robin.
  43. What’s the difference between a robber and Batman? Batman can go into a bank without Robin.
  44. Why doesn’t Batman like Mr. Freeze? Mr. Freeze always give him the cold shoulder.
  45. Why did Batman rush into the Bat Cave? He needed to use the Batroom.
  46. What did Batman say to Mr. Freeze? “The heat is on!”
  47. How can you tell Bruce Wayne likes baseball? Every night he turns into a bat.
  48. What is it called when Batman skips church on Sunday? Christian Bale.
  49. Why is Batman jealous of Superman? Because Superman got adopted.
  50. Why does Batman hate the song Jinglebells? Because Batman does not smell.

If you like Batman, you will have enjoyed these puns! If you are not a fan of the comics, then hopefully you found a way to like them anyway!

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