50 Cactus Puns That Are Prickling Hilarious

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What do you think of when you hear the term ‘cactus’. You probably think ‘ouch’, or ‘that’s prickly’, or ‘I would not want to touch one’. Who can blame you for not wanting to touch a cactus? They are not pleasant to touch. However, some people like to have cactus plants in their homes as they add a decorative touch to it. Hopefully, they would keep it far away from the reach of kids if they were to fall in love with those plants.

It is true that cactuses can be neat to look at. Especially if you have ever taken a trip to the American desert and have seen those giant cactus plants. It is a sight to see but again, who would want to touch those. When you think of cacti, you may think that they are cool to look at aside from painful to touch. But would you say that they are funny? If you look at it in a way where puns can be made that are relevant to cacti, they can be prickling funny! Let’s laugh at 50 of them now.

List of Cactus Puns That Are Prickling Hilarious:

Following are some of the best cactus puns to laugh at:

1. That cactus was not being nice as he was being a prick as usual.

2. What do cactus lovers say to one another when they are having an intimate time together? ‘You prickle my fancy’.

3. I love cacti plants as life would succ without them.

4. I have to take care of the new cactus plant I got as I would never desert it.

5. Oh I am just a succa for cactus puns.

6. What did the cactus boyfriend say to his cactus girlfriend as he expressed gratitude for her being in his life? ‘I am so glad I pricked you’.

7. I am not sure which cactus plant to get from the nursery. I suppose I just have to prick one out.

8. How would you describe a cool cactus? One that is pretty fly for cacti.

9. What did the cactus say to the other who he was drawn to emotionally? ‘I am stuck on you.’

10. What did the cactus wife say to the cactus husband on their anniversary? ‘We make a prickly pear’.

11. How do you wish a cactus a ‘happy birthday?’. Happy Birthday. I hope it is on point.

12. There is a problem with the cactus I am growing, but I cannot put my finger on it.

13. Did you know that I dropped my cactus the other day? The worst part about it is that I caught it.

14. What do the Kardashians and cactus have in common? They have pricks.

15. What does a man cactus have to wear when he dresses professionally? Cacti.

16. What is the difference between the teacher’s lounge and a cactus? The teacher’s lounge has pricks on the inside.

17. You can never trust the idea of going on a date with a cactus as they will spike your drink.

18. That cactus judged how dirty my home was and was being such a prick about it.

19. My family tree is like a cactus because there is a prick on each branch.

20. The Hug-A-Cactus foundation is a strong organization since they deal with so many pricks.

21. Those prickly plants are really not all that cactus up to be.

22. The plant doctor is no longer around as he is out of cactus.

23. Watering plants is a big responsibility for busy people which means plant owners need to cactus what they preach so they feed their plants.

24. Not getting poked by cacti in the desert is a challenge so you must run away from them prickly to avoid it.

25. You said you wanted cactus plant A over cactus plant B for superficial reasons. You can’t be so prickly about it.

26. You did not care for my cacti plant when I was gone so I have a bone to prick with you.

27. Life without cactus plants would succ.

28. Parents of young kids should not have cacti plants in their home as it is not very prick-tical.

29. Being poked by multiple cacti is a real prickarious situation.

30. Where do you get a cactus-shaped cupcake from? The desert shop.

31. Do you have a different looking cacti plant? Oh cool, what desert look like?

32. What kind of doctor treats mental health issues in cacti? A doctor in spike-ology.

33. Spike of the devil, that cactus plant we were talking about is right here.

34. He did not take care of my cacti plant when I was on vacation so we are not on spiking terms anymore.

35. The way you are so critical of cacti is not just unfair but it is desprickable.

36. Why do you keep wondering about why the cactus plant did not last for very long? It is unfortunate but not worth spike-ulating over.

37. Having an embellished cactus plant is interesting as I never have heard of having so many bells and bristles.

38. Caring for many cacti plants in your home is a big re-spine-sibility.

39. Catci plants can come in different sharps and sizes.

40. Be pearful how you approach a cacti plant.

41. I pear to be different because I am the only one in my family that likes cacti plants.

42. A cactus-shaped dog is definitely a pear animal.

43. I tried to find the cactus that I wanted at the nursery but couldn’t so now it is back to pear one.

44. That cactus show was a truly brilliant pearformance.

45. I want to paint the best painting of a cactus around so I need some strong inspearation.

46. A naughty cactus is one that never keeps his plants down.

47. There is plant-y of time to find the best cactus plant for your home decor.

48. Getting pricked by a cactus is what released all of my plant up rage as that is when I lost it.

49. That cactus movie had such a spiketacular ending.

50. The lightening never spikes twice in a desert full of cacti.

These are your 50 cactus puns and I hope you thought they were prickling hilarious.

Do you wish to add your own cactus pun to the list?

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