51 Frog Puns That Will Make You Hoppy

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Frogs. Those are one of the most adorable amphibians around. Back in the old days when you were young, you likely remember seeing frogs around your yard as you were playing around. You may have handled them but in no time they would have hopped out of your hands because they are quite skittish. Therefore, if anything, you got a kick out of looking at them as they would sit still looking into space while they were not hopping. Any kid would find those hoppers quite fascinating to look at. Yet in some cultures, they are a delicacy.

For instance, part of French cuisine includes frog legs. Frog lovers would never want to even imagine eating those, but there are many people who have tried it and likely have said frog legs taste like chicken, and are quite delicious. That also depends on a lot on how they are prepared as well. Some like the frog legs fried and others just like it spicy. Just now, it has been established that frogs can be tasty, and they are fascinating and funny. But funny how? They can do some funny things but that is not where this is going. Perhaps when it comes to dad jokes about frogs they are. Let’s go over 51 of the funniest frog puns that will make you hoppy.

List of Frog Puns That Will Make You Hoppy:

Following are some of the best frog puns that will make you hoppy.

1. Why are frogs not so irritable? That is because they eat anything that bugs them.

2. What does it sound like when a frog passes gas? ‘Rip-it’.

3. Why are frogs the best type of basketball players? They make excellent jump shots.

4. Why did the frog not want to park his car in a questionable space? He did not want to deal with his car getting toad.

5. What social online network does a frog like? Reddit.

6. What do frogs that are watching their weight like to drink? Diet Croak.

7. What candy do frogs like to suck on? Lollihops.

8. What type of sandals do frogs like? The ones that are open toad.

9. What is a Christmas frog called? Mistletoad.

10. Why do frogs assume the worst? They jump to many conclusions.

11. What song does a frog like to hear when it’s their birthday? Hoppy Birthday to you.

12. What do you say to a child dressed in a frog costume during Halloween? Hoppy Halloween.

13. What clothing is fashionable for frogs? Jump suits.

14. What type of music do frogs enjoy the most? Hip hop.

15. Why do frogs like to play Double Dutch? They like playing with the jump rope.

16. What flowers do frogs like the most? A croakus.

17. Why do frogs make good morticians? They know all about croaking.

18. How do frogs communicate with one another in codes? Morse toad.

19. What is a baby frog’s favorite stuffed animal? The bunny ribbit.

20. What does a frog say to someone who ignored their warning but as it turned out they should not have? ‘I toad you so’.

21. Why do frogs come out every 4 years? They make themselves known during leap years.

22. What do you call a dog that is dressed in a frog costume? A croaker spaniel.

23. What science-fiction movie stars a toad? Star Warts.

24. What is a frog’s favorite oldies rock band? The Beetles.

25. Why did the frog not feel comfortable in his neighborhood that he just moved to? He was newt there.

26. Where do frogs leave their jackets? In the croakroom.

27. Why did the frog go to the bank making threats? He was ready to robbit.

28. What type of cattle is crossed with a toad? A bull frog.

29. What is a tiny floppy pole? A tadpole.

30. What place carries eggs from a frog? A spawn shop.

31. That documentary about the frogs is quite ribbeting.

32. Sorry, I completely frogot about that toad infestation.

33. Why can’t toads memorize songs? They have frogotten all the lyrics to them.

34. That time spent with those frogs was completely unfrogettable.

35. I’ve still got a frogment of hope left as I know that toad will come back.

36. I toad that I do not want a frog infestation on my lawn!

37. Why are little frogs so cute and mischievous? Because they are no different from toaddlers.

38. Toaday is the big day for us because we are adopting some brand new frogs!

39. Why are toads so cool and neat to hang around? That is because they are froggin’ awesome!

40. You said to me that you were going to watch my pet frog while I am away and now you are saying you won’t? Can I depond on you or not?

41. Why did the frog not go to school for a while? Because he was susponded for terrible behavior.

42. I hop to start a new business.

43. Why did the pig and the frog form a strong bond with one another? Because they are in a kermitted relationship.

44. Why was the toad afraid to drive that night after the rain? It was really froggy outside.

45. I’m hopping this frog pun is not one that you would not want to hear again.

46. What do frogs need to keep themselves protected from the cold weather? A proper winter croak.

47. Why are frogs not afraid of death? Croaking is very natural to them.

48. What is a type of frog that stays alone all of the time? A kermit.

49. What kind of shoes should you get a frog? Ones that are open-toad.

50. Why don’t toads like to spend much money? They prefer the frogal lifestyle.

51. After all this time, you never learned how to not frogot anything.

There are 51 puns to make you hoppy and I hop you enjoyed them so you can have a good day! If you want to make your own frog puns, then go for words such as toad, frog, and pond and have some fun with the wording. You can probably come up with some really funny ones.

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