50 Golf Puns That Are Best, By Par

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Golf is a relaxing sport as you had likely been playing some games of mini-golf when you were a kid. That was a common thing to do back in the day and plenty of mini-golf outlets are around for young golf fans as well. Golf is a great sport for kids to learn as it is excellent for the development of eye-hand coordination and muscle coordination. And those who really enjoy the sport tend to show a lot of love for it throughout life.

And, eventually, once people retire, they would be spending a lot of time at golf courses. Not only would they be enjoying the sport but they would enjoy the relaxation that the courses provide as well. Those who are well-off also tend to enjoy hanging out at golf courses. That is where they spend a lot of their time. Therefore, it has been established that golf is an enjoyable and relaxing sport for a lot of people. However, the one thing that you would never say about golf is that it is funny. Especially if it flies off the club and lands onto your face. Ouch. Let’s not go there though. Because when it comes to the dad jokes that involve golf, oh yes, it is funny. Let’s go over 50 golf puns that are completely tee-rific!

List of Golf Puns That Are Tee-rifically Funny:

Following are some of the best golf puns that are tee-rifically funny.

1. How many golfers like to hang out at the pub together? Fore.

2. Why does a golfer need to purchase brand new socks? Because there was already a hole in one.

3. Why do golfers like donuts? Because it has a hole in it.

4. Why do some people want to play golf in a cemetery? Because they think it is a golf corpse.

5. Why does Tarzan like golf? He enjoys taking a swing.

6. What dance moves do golfers do at night clubs? Bogeys.

7. Why is golf similar to sex? Because anyone can be bad at them and enjoy them at the same time.

8. Why does the golfer have trouble with procrastination? Because of puttering around too much.

9. What do golfers like to do on weekend evenings? They like to go clubbing.

10. What type of flowers do golfers have an appreciation for? They love fore-get-me-nots.

11. Who does the golfer fear the most? The Bogeyman.

12. Why is golf similar to filing for bankruptcy? Because of ending up in a hole.

13. Your obsession with golf is seriously driving a wedge between us.

14. Why do golfers dislike pizza? They would have to get a slice.

15. When is the perfect time to play golf? When you are not in shape anymore to play softball.

16. What disease do golfers fear the most? Liprocy.

17. What is the biggest golf course in the southern part of North America? The golf of Mexico.

18. The one thing about golfing pros is that it takes a lot of balls to golf the way they do.

19. Do you enjoy golfing at night? I am asking fore a friend.

20. That day I fell down at the golf course is un-fore-gettable.

21. Golfers like to dance and do the bogey-woogie.

22. What does a golfer say when they are being sarcastic with someone? ‘Kiss my putt’.

23. Learning golf takes time but it took you forever, but you finally did learn it so it is putter late than never.

24. Today is a great day to golf because it is a tee-tiful day.

25. I am not a fan of golfing as it really is not my cup of tee.

26. Oh you want to have fun at the golf course, oh yes, lets par-tee.

27. My golfing buddy is the best, by par.

28. What does a horny golfer say? ‘Talk birdie to me’.

29. What is a naughty phrase said by a horny golfer? ‘Who’s your caddy.’

30. Golfing takes time to learn so just green and bear it.

31. My friendship with the golfer is really beginning to turn out as a beautiful friend-chip.

32. Oh that golfer is just a chip off the old block.

33. I don’t believe a word that golfer is saying because it really is a load of trap.

34. What does a golfer say to a group of people that should give their eccholades to someone? ‘Everybody trap your hands’.

35. What does a cool golfer like to say? ‘I like gangsta trap’.

36. You drive me crazy you crazy golfer.

37. What does someone say who is upset with a golfer in a car and just wants to get to the destination they are going? ‘Shut up and drive’.

38. The golfer had a hard time waking up which means he needed to get his club of coffee.

39. Why are 4-legged animals different from golfers (and other humans)? Because they walk on all fores.

40. What does a golfer say to someone who is prying into his personal business? ‘Mind your tee-swax’.

41. Why did the golfer want to visit his opponent? He needed to tee off loose ends.

42. Be the change you wish to tee in the world.

43. A golfer likes to charm the birds out of the tees.

44. What does a golfer say to his son that is spending money recklessly? ‘Money doesn’t grow on tees’.

45. Why does the golfer have a lot of friends? Because he is a social putterfly.

46. The golfer did not want to work too hard so he looked for ways to putt corners.

47. Why does a golfer never give up? Because it is all about parseverance.

48. The golfer wanted to branch out into other sports to spread his swings.

49. What does a golfer say when he tells you to gain a new perspective? ‘Don’t sweat the small rough’.

50. What do you call a person that is so good at golfing? The golf-father.

There you go, I hope those 50 golf puns you found to be putty funny.

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