50 Ghost Puns That Are Un-boo-lievably Funny

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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘ghost’? You immediately get a chill down your spine because ghosts are spooky. It is hard to imagine ghosts traveling in your home all of the time, but it has been said that there are spirits everywhere and you would not know it. The thing is, ghosts are usually harmless and will not bother you. It has been said that ghosts of the dead don’t even like to be seen by the living. It makes them just as uncomfortable as it makes you! Ghosts that are exploring your home do not mean your home is haunted. They are just exploring.

The only type of ghosts that purposely cause trouble are poltergeists as they cause mischief by moving objects around. That is one of the scariest things to experience. Poltergeists are the type of ghosts that haunt a home or a place as they don’t want to leave. It has been established that ghosts can be scary, but are they funny? When ghost puns are involved, you bet they are. Let’s laugh at 50 ghost puns that will scare you silly as well!

List of Ghost Puns That Are Un-boo-lievably Funny:

Following are some of the best ghost puns you may find un-boo-lievably funny.

1. What is a ghost’s favorite alcoholic drink? A spirit.

2. Why does that song from Nirvana appeal to teenage ghosts that spray themselves with fragrances? Because it is called ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

3. Why are spirits so pale? Because each one of them is as white as a ghost.

4. What do you say to someone who appears to be surprised by seeing Casper? ‘You look as if you have seen a ghost’.

5. Why do spirits experience a range of so many emotions? Because they are always on an emotional roller ghoster.

6. What is it called when a spirit no longer sees you? It is ghosting.

7. Where do spirits like to buy their food items? At the ghostery store.

8. What kind of experience is it for a spirit that gets into a fight with another spirit? A ghostly experience.

9. What type of letters do spirits send those who they want to be in touch with when they are out of the country? A ghostcard.

10. Where do spirits send their mail through? The ghost office.

11. It makes you wonder why even spirits would visit a terrible area? Who really ghosts there?

12. When you say you have seen a ghost somewhere, why should I boo-lieve you?

13. You mean that ghosts really do have a sense of taste and smell? That is un-boo-lievable.

14. What creepy TV show about extremes had plenty of stories about ghosts in it? ‘Ripley’s Boo-lieve It Or Not’.

15. Ghosts really don’t know what you are thinking even though you have been told that so don’t boo-lieve everything you hear.

16. What is a ghost’s favorite fruit? A boonana.

17. Why do ghosts get sad after having a ghost baby? Because they suffer from baby boos.

18. Why do ghosts have intriguing eyes? Because their eyes are so big and boo.

19. That ghost that is feeling so down has no reason to be so boo.

20. Why do ghosts rarely come out to be seen? Because they show up once in a boo moon.

21. That ghost never listens to what I have to say as I just keep talking to it until I am boo in the face.

22. What does a man ghost give to the girl ghost on a date? A boo-quet of flowers.

23. What is that British TV comedy that was popular in the 1990s? Absolutely Faboolous.

24. What is a ghost called that cannot do anything right at all? A spook-tacular failure.

25. That ghost got me so mad for not being honest with me as I have a boo-ne to pick with it!

26. What does a ghost dog like to chew? A boo-ne.

27. Why can ghosts be happy for anyone who they could easily envy? Because they do not have jealous boo-nes in their ghostly bodies.

28. What is a vehicle called that is filled with drunken ghosts? A boos bus.

29. What type of tea does a ghost like? Boo-long tea.

30. Can you boo me a favor and ask that ghost a question for me?

31. Why do ghosts like beer? They love how it is boo-ed.

32. What form of simple transportation does a ghost take? A boocycle.

33. How does a ghost tackle a project right away? It needs to boo-kle down.

34. How does a ghost find food in the wild? It haunts for it.

35. What do you say to a ghost that is feeling discouraged? Keep your spirits up.

36. What is the tarot card that represents a ghost starting out with a journey that they know nothing about? The Ghoul.

37. What day does a ghost like to play pranks? On April ghoul’s day.

38. What do you say to a ghost with a good-looking figure? ‘When you’ve got it, haunt it’.

39. Why was the ghost so happy? He was in good spirits.

40. Who did that ghost hang out with all night? With her ghoulfriends.

41. Why do ghosts only see what they want to see? Because they wear rose-tinted spectre-tacles.

42. Where does a ghost like to take a holiday? To Maliboo.

43. What do you ask a ghost who made a silly move? ‘What would possess you to do that?’

44. Why are ghosts afraid to be in the car as you drive? They are back sheet drivers.

45. What do you say to ghosts when they are ready to go for a drive? ‘Buckle your sheet belts’.

46. Why was the ghost afraid of its reflection in the mirror? It was scared sheet-less.

47. What does a ghost think about how life has been changing over the years? It is the new paranormal.

48. What do you say to a ghost that is drifting off to sleep? ‘Sheet dreams’.

49. Why does a ghost keep working out for long hours? She likes to shake her boo-ty.

50. How does a ghost ask you to make some coffee for them? ‘Please boo me up a cuppa.’

I hope you found those ghost puns funny to the point they spooked you.

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