51 Turkey Puns That You Will Want To Gobble Up

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Turkey. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that word? A Christmas or Thanksgiving feast? Who can blame you? One of the things that those who celebrate either or both of those holidays looks forward to is feasting on that giant bird. They can enjoy stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce as well for either holiday as no one can ever go wrong with a perfect turkey dinner. 

And another interesting fact about turkeys is that they give off a substance that helps you sleep at night. That is why if you are having trouble with going to sleep, you will want to eat a turkey sandwich late at night to get you tired enough to sleep. So there it is, delicious festive dinners, as well as a chemical in the bird that helps you sleep at night, is what you would associate with turkey. 

Of course, there is the country of Turkey that is a popular travel destination. The food there is good even though it may or may not consist of turkey dinners. However, the people are friendly and the scenery is gorgeous, and the beaches are relaxing. Then finally, another thing you associate with turkey is what they say, gobble gobble. And why not get a laugh at these 51 turkey puns that you can gobble up as well?

List of Turkey Puns That You Will Want To Gobble Up:

Following are some of the best turkey puns that you will want to gobble up.

1. Why did the bird have trouble stopping to smoke? He could not cut it out cold turkey. 

2. Oh, that turkey dinner is so delicious I could really gobble it up in no time. 

3. What country is full of birds? Turkey. 

4. Setting up a business that is Thanksgiving related is turkey to success. 

5. What type of dinnerware is fitting at the Thanksgiving dinner table? A wine gobble-t. 

6. The Thanksgiving thief is terrible and what you need to do is lock him up and throw away turkey.

7. What is the ghost of a turkey called? A gobblin.

8. How can you guarantee to get the best quality turkey at the supermarket before it runs out? You need to be the early bird.

9. My groceries with the turkey in it ended up out of the car window as it just fowl out.

10. I fowl victim to the thanksgiving scammer.

11. Did you read that book? It was stuffed with turkey puns. 

12. What are a bunch of turkeys without feathers? A cluster pluck.

13. There was only one reason that the turkey crossed the road to the other side and that was to prove he wasn’t a chicken. 

14. What kind of trees do turkeys grow from? The poul-tree. 

15. Why can’t turkeys play baseball games? They constantly hit fowl balls. 

16. A bird that is terrible at bowling is called the gutter ball turkey.

17. What is a turkey called who had too much coffee? A perk-key. 

18. A bird’s favorite video game is the Turkey Tetris-zzini.

19. What do you do to a turkey that you mock in front of everyone? You roast the turkey. 

20. The cop who found the dead turkey on the farm was the one that suspected fowl play. 

21. I would love to eat less Thanksgiving leftovers, but I just can’t quit cold turkey.

22. The main key to a perfect Thanksgiving is the tur-key. 

23. What is the one thing that turkeys and people share in common on Thanksgiving? They both get stuffed. 

24. Why is Thanksgiving dinner like a rock band that consists of percussionists that cannot get along? They fight over the drum sticks. 

25. What kind of turkey dies and the ghost of it haunts you? A poultry-geist.

26. What is a turkey called that lives on sarcasm? A smir-key.

27. The reason that the turkey broke up with his mate was due to the fact that he couldn’t get to first baste.

28. What is a turkey called that eats way too much? A gutter ball turkey.

29. What do you call a turkey that only walks on one leg? A wobble wobble. 

30. Your breath smells like you had eaten turkey sandwiches and chocolate desserts so no wonder it smells fowl. 

31. Why are those Thanksgiving birds so nice? They know how to talk turkey. 

32. The turkey dish that your mom made was so good that after gobbling lots of it up I was definitely stuffed. 

33. What does a festive turkey dinner and plush toys have in common? They are filled with stuffing. 

34. Why do turkeys often miss out on the good things in life? They are never the early bird catching the worm. 

35. I was going to go shopping for my Thanksgiving dinner but I am running low on time since I fowl asleep before.

36. Why did that turkey get kicked out of class? For using fowl language. 

37. I wanted to make the perfect Christmas dinner but I fowled that up. 

38. My perfect Thanksgiving turkey dinner is out of the realm of reality but I can always catch a fowling star. 

39. I was eating too many turkey sandwiches so I gained weight and that is just one bad habit I fowl into. 

40. What city in New York is known to make good turkey wings? Buffowlo.

41. I got into it with my friend after she criticized my turkey dinner and we had such a terrible fowl out. 

42. You’ve beaked my interest in that new turkey dinner recipe.

43. That story about the turkey was shattering as it was quite harro-wing.

44. I have never made a turkey dinner before so I will just wing it.

45. I am a big fan of turkey dinners. 

46. I hope to live long and pro-spur-ous after establishing the turkey dinner recipe business. 

47. That turkey stuffing is so delicious it can tickle one’s fan-cy.

48. You are inviting me over for a turkey dinner? Wow, I will accept with fan-ks.

49. That turkey thought he was going to end up as dinner so he boulted for the door.

50. Peeves is that turkey from Harry Potter that was so afraid of the poultrygeist.

51. Why is that turkey always doing brave stuff? To prove he is not a chicken.

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