50 Bowling Puns That Will Make You Roll with Laughter

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Do you enjoy going bowling? I used to love going bowling when I was a kid. I remember that a group of friends used to split up in two teams. One would compete against the other, and it did not matter who ended up winning. We used to have so much fun and stayed at the bowling alley for hours. I would give anything to have those simple days back which I did not appreciate. Even when our team lost at bowling, we still had fun. I also remember the hotdogs at the bowling alley were so delicious. And I also had attended a few birthday parties at the bowling alley.

We played a few rounds of bowling games and then we had the delicious hotdogs, chips, and finally comes cake and ice cream. I will also never forget those bowling shoes that kind of make you look like a clown, but who cares. It is a lot of fun. What else can you say about bowling? Not really much. It is just a fun game to play once in a while and let’s have some fun with the topic of bowling. Especially if they have to do with puns. Ah, okay, so let’s go over 50 bowling puns that will make you roll with laughter.

List of Bowling Puns That Will Make You Roll with Laughter:

Following are some of the best bowling puns that will make you roll with laughter:

  1. I am not heading back from the bowling alley because I am on strike.
  2. Your new bowling ball is so striking.
  3. You are coming up with some clever bowling puns and I see you are really on a roll.
  4. My bowling mentor is one of the best roll-models I can think of.
  5. I am so nervous about learning about the bowling tournament score as I am on pins and needles.
  6. When I won my first bowling game I was tenpin.
  7. I don’t want to quit playing the bowling game since I am really on a roll with it.
  8. I need to write down the bowling score manually so can you get me a pin?
  9. Bowling alleys at night are so quiet which is why you can easily hear a pin drop.
  10. What social media platform is the best one for bowlers? Pin-terest.
  11. Who was the bowler who floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee? Muhammad Alley.
  12. That rude joke you told me at the bowling alley just tells me how much your mind is really in the gutter.
  13. Finally, we have a bowling party date! I am glad we got the ball rolling.
  14. The nerves I am feeling about the next bowling tournament is felt right at the pin of my stomach.
  15. You made me lose the bowling tournament so I will pin the blame on you.
  16. What happens when you go with an army general to the bowling alley? He’ll begin bowling even before you enter his name on the scoreboard.
  17. What did the bowling soldier do? He launched a pre-emptive strike.
  18. What felines do you see wanting to hang around you while you go bowling? Alley cats.
  19. What 80s actress liked to go bowling a lot? Ally Sheedy.
  20. Why does a bowler guest love Thanksgiving so much? Because of loving turkey.
  21. Why don’t you want to hire a bowler? Because they will likely go on strike.
  22. Why was Peggy Bundy from Married With Children love bowling? She was always going on strike.
  23. Why do you want to go bowling on Thanksgiving? Because you will get turkeys.
  24. If you can’t hear the pin drop while you bowl, then something might be wrong with your bowling.
  25. If I go to the bowling alley at the wrong side of town, I will end up in the gutter.
  26. Why do bowlers pay so much money to play? That is due to it being a bum per lane.
  27. Why don’t football players go to bowling alleys? That is because they spike the ball after getting a strike.
  28. Did you see the brand new bowling alley? Wow, it has a striking interior.
  29. What do you call toilets in the area where you bowl? You can call them bowel-ing alleys.
  30. Why do you worry when there is thunder happening when you play bowling? Due to the worry of a lightening strike.
  31. Why are there types of cereals that look like small pins? They fit nicely in a bowl.
  32. How is success defined with bowling? It is not how you bowl, but it is how you roll.
  33. What is a good snack to eat before you go bowling? Rolls.
  34. Please do me a favor and don’t tell me about how you knock down the pins because I want you to spare us the details.
  35. During my high school spare, I went to the bowling alley.
  36. What is the best motto for professional bowlers? ‘Knock em down’.
  37. After bowling, lets go grab some dinner rolls and spare ribs.
  38. I need a new hobby so during my spare time I am going to go bowling for now on.
  39. Your bowling skills are stinkingly good.
  40. What is the basic bowling game rule? You must leave no pin standing.
  41. Why are the best bowlers just like lightening? They get countless strikes.
  42. You cannot strike it if you don’t try bowling.
  43. A perfect dinner at the bowling alley is a bowl of fun, spare ribs, and rolls.
  44. What can happen to your hand if you bowl for too long? You will feel like you have pins and needles in it.
  45. I don’t want to hear anymore bowling puns so please spare me if you have more.
  46. If you beat me at the next game of bowling, I will pin the blame on myself.
  47. Why do good bowlers have clean minds? They keep them out of the gutter.
  48. Why do bowling pins never give up? After they get knocked down, they get up again.
  49. The kids birthday party consisted of going to the bowling alley where they also played pin the tail on the donkey.
  50. I have a ball whenever I go bowling.

Now, after writing these up, I am so ready to go bowling. Catch you later.

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