50 Sandwich Puns That Will Make You Toasty

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Sandwiches. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of sandwiches? Well, probably that you have to think about the type of sandwiches you like the most. Therefore, there are some sandwiches that you don’t like and there are other types that you would love. That makes sense. For instance, if you don’t care for cheese, then you would not want a cheese sandwich. You would not like a cheese sandwich. If you like tuna or egg, then you would love to have an egg sandwich.

In addition to that, there are some sandwiches that you would not be able to eat due to an allergy. If you are allergic to peanuts, then you would not be able to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, That would be deadly for you. You know what, the beauty about that is, you can make any type of sandwich you want. You can omit the fillers that you don’t like and that you are allergic to which is why sandwiches are amazing. You can even choose the type of bread you want. Do you want a bagel sandwich? A rye bread sandwich? A submarine? The list goes on. What else can you say about sandwiches that are so good? Oh, I don’t know, maybe we can go into the realm of puns. Sure, let’s go over 50 delicious sandwich puns right now.

List of Sandwich Puns That Will Make You Toasty:

Following are some of the best sandwich puns that will make you toasty:

  1. I overheated my sandwich and now it is toast!
  2. What do you call an egg sandwich made in a boat underwater? A yellow submarine.
  3. Why couldn’t the bartender serve a sandwich that walked into that bar? He didn’t serve food.
  4. What is yellow and white and travels 500 miles per hour? The pilot egg sandwich.
  5. How do you prevent a sandwich from curling? You hide its brushes.
  6. Yesterday I had a mean sandwich and it tasted average.
  7. I just could not tell you about the jelly and slice of bread joke or else you would spread it.
  8. I want a BLT so lettuce get some together.
  9. Where can you go and get an Indian sandwich? At New Dehli.
  10. The golfer is eating and the only place to find him is at the sand-wedge shop.
  11. Why did the tomato turn red? It saw the sandwich dressing.
  12. Did you hear the sad story about the bread broker with margarine because of a butter lover?
  13. Why are hamburgers dedicated to attending gym sessions? That is because they want to get better bands.
  14. I wanted to get a vegetable sandwich but now I am realizing it was a mis-steak.
  15. The veggie sandwiches are here so lettuce all smile!
  16. I am thinking about being the spokesperson for healthy sandwiches, yeah I sub pose I should.
  17. That meat sandwich was truly sub purb.
  18. It is very easy to find a Greek sandwich cafe by using a gyro scope.
  19. The worst mistake I made was throwing a sandwich at a lamp because I was accused of hoagie-ing the pot light.
  20. What do you call a cannibal eating a sandwich? A sub human.
  21. I really want the bacon sandwich even though I realize that is bunpignified behavior.
  22. I did not rely on making my own sandwiches when I opened the restaurant as I only relied on subcontractors.
  23. This sandwich is awesome and I really loaf it.
  24. How does a pilot like his sandwich? Plain.
  25. What type of sandwich do you feed an herbivore? A trees-burger.
  26. What do you call a suitcase full of too many sandwiches? Jampacked.
  27. Why do you not want to wrap your sandwiches in a wrapping with rubber bands around it? It makes it snappy.
  28. I ate the spicy sandwich and I regret it because I am now toast.
  29. I saw a commercial and now I want a sandwich, gotta thank the influence of those sub-liminal messages.
  30. What do you call a the sandwich that is the tallest in the world? A sub-preme sandwich.
  31. I come from a small town call Sandwich, I was born and bread there.
  32. Why is it not a good idea to eat a sandwich on a chessboard? Because it will be a stale-mate.
  33. What is the most dramatic type of sandwich? The ham.
  34. What did the sandwich delivery man and his friend say to the doorman? ‘Can you please lettuce in?’.
  35. What is the best way you can fill the gap between trains? By having a sandwich.
  36. What do you call someone who casts spells and is sitting between two pieces of bread? A sand-witch.
  37. This sandwich is good, but I have had butter.
  38. Do I love tuna and egg sandwiches? Oh you butter believe that I do.
  39. A new sandwich invention is a great idea and it really is food for thought.
  40. If he knows that I stole these sandwich puns from him, well that means I will be toast.
  41. I know of the best sandwich place to try out, you can crust me on that.
  42. What Simpsons character loves a good hearty sandwich? Crusty the Clown.
  43. Margarine is not a butter option to spread on your sandwich.
  44. Who eats the elite and gourmet sandwiches? The upper crust.
  45. Oh I loaf the last sandwich joke you told me.
  46. Let me put on my loafers so I can get comfortable in the kitchen when I eat my sandwich.
  47. What do you call a close up of a picture of a sandwich geared for the 18 and above crowd? Food porn.
  48. I don’t keep both pieces of bread together when I eat my sandwich as I eat them both sub-ararely.
  49. Please make my sandwich sweet, honey.
  50. I love eating almond butter and peanut sandwiches but when I told my friend that, she thought I was nuts.

There you go, I hope you found these sandwich puns good!

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