51 Book Puns That Will Force You to Read More

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One of the things that many people like to do to wind down after a busy day at work or school is to relax and read a book. They can read any book of any genre that they resonate with whether it is suspense, thriller, romance, or horror. Books are good for the mind and soul. Reading books are a great activity to do right before going to sleep at night in bed. They are great company when you are taking a bath and relaxing with some wine. Books stimulate your mind and reading every day keeps your mind sharp.

There are many reasons to be fond of books. However, what other things can you say about books? As long as they are captivating, they can take you into a very fun and unique experience as you get into the story that you are reading. Books can be funny as well when you are reading a hilarious story. Or, they are funny when there are puns about books that will tickle your spine. Let’s look at 51 of them now.

List of Book Puns That Will Force You to Read More:

Following are some of the best book puns you can read and laugh at:

1. What is a type of building that has even more stories than Toronto’s CN Tower? The library.

2. How can books be incredibly annoying? There is no shelf awareness.

3. Why don’t book lovers have much time for anything? They are always quite booked.

4. How can you get your dog to quit snacking on your favorite books? Just take the words out of his mouth.

5. Who was to blame when all of the books ended up falling on this guy that he bought? His shelf.

6. Did you hear about the two books that could not get along? Their difference separated them which was bound to happen.

7. What is someone sexy called that has a book from the library that is overdue? Fine.

8. What do you call a cross between a book and a dinosaur? A thesaurus.

9. Why is there a lot of jealousy among books in the library? Because of others checking them out.

10. Why do witches make excellent editors? They do spell checks.

11. What is a writer that writes books in spirit? A ghostwriter.

12. Why do library carts disobey the rules? It is just not how they roll.

13. Did you ever read the story about Mt. Everest? That book was such a cliff-hanger.

14. Why did that guy say that the Lord of The Rings was a terrible fantasy book? No reason, he didn’t know what he was Tolkein about.

15. Why are accountants banned from the library? Because they are bookkeepers.

16. Why are books great when it comes to using dating apps? They know of the best opening lines.

17. How can you track where the book goes? Do so through its footnotes.

18. Who is someone who writes a book that ends up being a best seller? It is an author you cannot refuse.

19. Why did the book need to head to the ER? The appendix needed to be removed.

20. What do you call creativity for a plot for a new story? A novel idea.

21. Why is it important for a book to have a strong plot? That is the thing that builds character.

22. Why does the spirit constantly purchase brand new books? They go through them fast.

23. Why did the accountant’s restaurant go under? He refused to cook the books.

24. Why do editors feel nauseous all of the time? That is because the typos make them [sic].

25. What is the reason that one of the best characteristics of a book is bravery? They have a spine.

26. Why did the writer get arrested? He threw the book at someone.

27. What does an empathetic book say? ‘Thanks for opening up to me’.

28. Why are librarians suffer from IBS? They simply have Impulsive Book-Reading Syndrome.

29. The book ended up falling from above onto my head so I really have to blame my shelf.

30. Why did the aspiring librarian want to also become a bookmark? He knows his place.

31. That interesting story is always at the book of my mind.

32. I love your imagination as you can write some great stories and now, we are booking!

33. Money that is used to purchase a great story is a book well spent.

34. I love to read captivating stories because I just get booked on.

35. Check out this new story. Go and have a book at it.

36. That nasty character in the story gave me chills as I envisioned him, only if books can kill.

37. I like that story and I am sorry if you don’t but that does not give you the right to give me dirty books.

38. This is a juvenile story that you had told me and please go act your page for now on.

39. Getting to the owner of the library is not easy as it is just as hard as cutting read tape.

40. This amazing bookseller is not an author you can refuse.

41. I will pay someone to write me a good book so I am open to authors.

42. What is a book-themed hotel called? It’s a read and breakfast.

43. Shakespeare has risen from the read.

44. Lucky books read a charmed life.

45. All you read is love so go grab a book!

46. This intense book that can be finished quickly is built for read.

47. Read a relaxing book on this story night.

48. What is the emperor of books called? The World Reader.

49. Books are good for children as they will give them a write future.

50. What do you call a place where two books are constantly arguing? The write club.

51. Why was the police officer cautious of the person? He didn’t like the books on this person’s face.

Now you found 51 reasons to laugh as these book puns surely would have tickled your spine.

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