50 Coffee Puns You Will Like a Latte

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Mornings are hard. Especially if you did not get a good night’s sleep before. You are tired and groggy and you need to wake up completely to be able to take on what the day has to offer. That is why after you brush your teeth, you hop into the shower so you can wake up, get dressed, and make your morning coffee with some breakfast. You need that coffee so you can wake up and get the energy that was lacking before you started having a few sips of it. You may even make several cups of coffee in order to get the jolt you need so you can face whatever challenges that come your way.

And what type of coffee will you drink each morning? Well, it has to be caffeinated for starters. But there are so many lovely coffee flavors to choose from such as the dark roast, French vanilla, Irish cream, Columbian roast, and so on. Or you may go and make a cappuccino. And if you are still feeling tired after one cup of coffee, you can always stop at your local Starbucks for a strong coffee or mochaccino, or latte if you must. Either way, you need coffee and lots of coffee. What else can be said about coffee? I don’t know but I am in the mood to go over 50 coffee puns that should get you through your day! Let’s get started.

List of Coffee Puns You Will Like a Latte:

Following are some of the best coffee puns you will like a latte:

  1. The guy at the Starbucks grabbing his coffee is so steaming hot.
  2. I am going to go and get my coffee so I will catch with your latte.
  3. When I look at the park out the window as I am drinking my coffee, it really is a brew-ti-ful sight.
  4. I love coffee so much and I cannot espresso that enough.
  5. The coffee I sip along with the chocolate cake I am eating is the perfect blend of a snack.
  6. How much do you really like coffee? I bet you like it a latte.
  7. So you like iced coffee? Ah, cool beans.
  8. You missed me at Starbucks as I have bean there for a while until now.
  9. Do you want to go with me on a date to the nearest coffee shop? Because I really think you are hot stuff.
  10. Oh that new flavor of coffee is the best and I gotta wonder where it has bean all of my life.
  11. I need that cup of coffee each morning because it helps my anxiety, it really keeps me grounded.
  12. Oh sorry I am latte as I was at the wrong coffee shop for the meeting.
  13. That new coffee flavor really mocha me so happy.
  14. At the coffee shop I heard patrons discussing a heated and strong debate.
  15. I made a pot of coffee for the office as one espresso-ly loves it.
  16. What is the barista’s favorite song? ‘Hit Me With your Best Shot’
  17. Oh that Beatle’s song at the coffee shop I have not heard in a long time, it was ‘Latte Be’.
  18. What coffee-related sci-fi show is popular? The X-Filters.
  19. Whose is someone that owns a coffee shop that is a great magician? David Coffeefield.
  20. What was the way that Henry VIII liked his coffee? He preferred it decap.
  21. The kangaroo needed to stop drinking coffee as it was making him too jumpy.
  22. What do you wake someone up as you brew coffee? Rise and grind!
  23. How will you get yourself fired if you work at a coffee shop? If you keep coming to work wearing a tea-shirt.
  24. I don’t know if I can make coffee right now as I am pressed for time.
  25. What happens when you go to a new coffee shop that feels like one you went to previously? You experience Deja Brew.
  26. Why did the hipster burn his tongue? He drank his coffee before it was cool.
  27. I didn’t hand my assignment in on time so I finished it at the coffee shop. It’s better latte than never.
  28. Why did the barista call the cops? He was mugged.
  29. What type of spell does a barista like the most? Espresso Patronum.
  30. The opposite of coffee is sneezy.
  31. Why did the barista go to the doctor? Because of having a bad coffee.
  32. What kind of coffee program do you use for the computer? Java script.
  33. What Star wars character likes coffee? Java the hut.
  34. What child TV character grew up a coffee fanatic? Punky Brew-ster.
  35. Why do birds keep flocking to cups of coffee? They think it is their NESTcafe.
  36. Snakes are addicted to coffee because it makes them viperactive.
  37. What do you tell someone at a coffee shop who is hesitating to confess something? Spill the beans.
  38. What British TV character secretly loved coffee? Mr. Bean.
  39. What happens if kids get caught sneaking mugs of coffee? They will get grounded by their parents.
  40. How would you expect the IT worker to drink their coffee? By installing java.
  41. I am meeting my friend Joe at the coffee shop today.
  42. What do you call someone who purposely delays doing a task by wasting time at a coffee shop? Procaffeination.
  43. What do you expect a coffee lover’s favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving or Christmas? Roast.
  44. What song is perfect for someone who is moping at a coffee shop? Don’t worry, be frappe.
  45. What does a New Age coffee lover like to say to others? Sending you a latte love and light.
  46. What do you call a coffee lover who is a major bully? Mean beans.
  47. There was a flu outbreak at a coffee shop and it was known since there was so much coffeeing going on.
  48. Your coffee will be ready soon. so kettle down everyone.
  49. The coffee shop had to close early since a storm was brewing.
  50. Used mugs left by lovers on a table at the coffee shop are known as the happy cup-ple.

I hope you enjoyed those coffee puns as much as I did! Now I can get on with my day!

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