51 Star Puns That Are Both Bright and Funny

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Star. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of stars? You may think of several things such as the night sky as it is dark with bright specks in the sky, which are stars. How about Sol, our own star where the planets in our solar system are in orbit around? In other words, you know that the sun is a star which is why when you think of stars you also would be thinking of the sun. You will also think about astrology.  And maybe there are other things you think about as well that have nothing to do with space.

Movie stars and TV stars are other things that you may think about as well when you hear the word ‘star’. Therefore, you will think of Hollywood as the place of stars and that is because that is where movies and TV stars or actors and actresses are found. Stars are also those 5 or 6 pointed shapes that are part of many children’s crafts or they can be religious signs as well for some religions.

And finally, when you think of stars, you think of hope or making a wish. You make a wish upon a star and the other thing is in the tarot, the Star card is the wish and hopeful card. There you go. What else is relevant to stars? I don’t know but you see where I am going with this. Let’s check out 51 star puns that are so bright.

List of Star Puns That Are Both Bright and Funny:

Following are some of the best star puns that are both bright and funny.

1. Staying inside the house all day because the sun is too hot is making me star crazy.

2. Why can’t you fly to the sun? Because if you do you are going a step too star.

3. What happens if you get sunstroke? You are shaken but not starred.

4. What is in star for your zodiac sign this week?

5. What do those who work in Hollywood have in common with the sun? They are stars.

6. Where is the sun in relation to the earth? It’s star away.

7. After so long, astronauts have finally been able to go to the stars. Better light than never.

8. As star as it goes, the sun is too dangerous to be around for long periods of time.

9. Why do movie stars take so long to get to their destinations? They are always just so fashionably light.

10. Where do actors and actresses who have been committed crimes end up? Behind stars.

11. When you spread conspiracy theories about Hollywood, all you do is star up trouble.

12. I have a soft hot for that movie star.

13. Why did the dog not find the joke funny? He’s too Sirius.

14. What happened when the astronauts saw the star falling? They gazed at it and one of them Apollo-gized.

15. Why were the stars depressed? They were covered in thick clouds.

16. Where did the stars go? They went on a star trek.

17. What songs do stars sing for birthdays and holidays? Nep-tunes.

18. How did the star want to catch up with Saturn? To give it a ring.

19. What activity is common in Hollywood? Star-gazing.

20. What happens when you sit too long in outer space? You get star-rhoids.

21. What happens when two black holes talk to one another? They talk about dark matters.

22. How do you organize a good star party? You plan-et.

23. What is the reason for the dislike of Orion’s belt? It is a waste of space.

24. What did the star call the crazy moon? A lunatic.

25. Why did the star leave the galaxy? It needed some space.

26. Why were the other stars jealous of the sun? Due to the fact that everything the earth did revolves around it.

27. Why does the star always think that others are looking at them while talking? Because of their gazing.

28. I sent my pictures to NASA because I know I am an amazing star.

29. What is a fight between two stars? A star war.

30. What is a group of stars that create a picture that is imaginary? A consternation.

31. What fish is the most popular one in the ocean? The starfish.

32. What type of star is a criminal? A shooting star.

33. What is a kid called that watches Star Wars all by themselves? Hans Solo.

34. What is something that a star wins in a competition? A constellation prize.

35. What types of stars wear sunglasses? Movie stars.

36. That star is not all that intelligent I mean it’s just not one of the brightest ones around.

37. What is a large actress or actor called? A superstar.

38. What is the reason that no one uses the stairs in the Death Star? Because there is no ele-Vader.

39. What kind of car does a Jedi drive in Star Wars? A Toy Yoda.

40. What Star Wars character lives in Florida? Orlando Calrissian.

41. What does a Star Destroyer wear to a wedding? Bow ties!

42. In Italy, there is the most popular Star Wars movie around. Which one is it? The Phantom Venice.

43. There is a Star Wars movie with a droid that is invisible, so did you hear about it? It is C-through-PO.

44. What is the program that Jedi uses to open PDF files in Star Wars? Adobe-Wan Kenobi.

45. Why was that droid in Star Wars angry? Because everyone really was pushing its buttons.

46. What do you see after falling onto the ground from a mountain cliff when you look up? You see a lot of stars.

47. Why was that guy excited when he saw that astronaut who flew into space that saw the Sun closer? He was star struck.

48. What is a soda that actors and actresses drink on a regular basis? Pop star.

49. A child that really wants to be an astronaut when they grow up sure has stars in their eyes.

50. How do you know if you are meant to be an astronaut? It would be written in the stars.

51. What do you do before doing something different? You planet.

There you go, there are 51 star puns to make your day even brighter so have a good one.

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