51 Chocolate Puns That Are Too Sweet for Words

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Chocolate. When you think of that word, what is the first thing that goes through your mind? That is an easy one. How about delicious goodness? You cannot go wrong with chocolate. And there are different types of chocolate to enjoy. You have white chocolate that has been said not to be genuine chocolate, but it sure is sweet. Then there is milk chocolate that most people love. Then you have dark chocolate that is actually surprisingly good for you, in moderation, of course. 

Dark chocolate has been said to improve your health on so many levels as it is good for your heart, your immune system, and your circulation. It is also good for your brain as it helps you heal from depression. Is that really a surprise though? That is because chocolate is simply amazing. But no one can deny that chocolate is full of calories. That applies to dark chocolate as well. That means you only want to eat it in moderation if you are watching your food intake. That is hard to do because chocolate is so divine and delicious. With that being said, chocolate is so sweet that there may be a funny angle to it. Especially when it comes to chocolate puns. Let’s now look at 51 of those that are so sweet.

List of Chocolate Puns That Are Too Sweet For Words:

Following are some of the best chocolate puns that are too sweet for words.

1. Why was the Candyman happy when he got arrested? Because the jailcell he was in was made with chocolate bars. 

2. I am working on getting rid of my chocolate addiction. It’s been nuts, and it’s been a real rocky road. 

3. Every time I hear a chocolate pun, I snicker. 

4. That chocolate box thief always has some new Twix up his sleeve. 

5. Don’t talk loudly about that chocolate factory, but what you can do is Wispa instead. 

6. My lover loves chocolate as much as I do and our relationship started with a Hershey’s Kiss. 

7. Chocolate can be hard to handle because with it you tend to bite more than you can chew. 

8. If you invest in chocolate, you are putting your money behind bars. 

9. Where do chocolate-loving newlyweds stay when they go on vacation? To their honeymoon sweet. 

10. The only chocolate you can get at the airport is plane chocolate.

11. What is a chocolate sheep called? A candy baaa. 

12. What is the only pub that is friendly for kids? A chocolate bar. 

13. How is the only way that milk chocolate can turn into dark chocolate? By turning off the lights.

14. What chocolate bar represents space? The milky way. 

15. What is a chocolate-covered cat? A KitKat. 

16. That guy tried to tell a chocolate joke but it wasn’t funny, I snickered at it anyway. 

17.The only cookies that monkeys like are chocolate chimp cookies. 

18. What happens when Chewbacca has chocolate stuck in its hair? It’s a chocolate chip wookie. 

19. This candy lover who is my client never arrives on time, he is choco-late again. 

20. The only reason that Chocoholics Anonymous does not exist is because no one wants to quit. 

21. If you milk a brown cow, then you will get chocolate milk.

22. What does the French cat like to have for dessert? Chocolate mousse. 

23. How can someone eat 60 chocolate bars and never get sick? You have to choc it up to experience.

24. He ate all of my chocolate! How dairy. 

25. I can’t believe I have no chocolate left. I should not have gotten into this quandairy.

26. I would love to go to the dessert cafe with you but I cannot do it today so I will have to take a rainchoc.

27. You said you love Belgian chocolate over Swiss but did not explain why. Can you please ela-bar-ate?

28. What is a chocolate lover’s favorite hotel in Las Vegas? The Excali-bar.

29. You love chocolate as much as I do? Great. I would love to get your phone num-bar to stay in touch. 

30. We are going to rent a 2-bedroom sweet for the summer and enjoy all of the chocolate imaginable. 

31. It’s a cold day as it is a perfect one for hot chocolate and a warm sweeter to wear.

32. I have an uncandy feeling that she was being watched after taking that handful of chocolates.

33. How candy steal that little girl’s chocolate?

34. Creating the largest chocolate structure takes blood, sweet, and tears.

35. You couldn’t get 100 pieces of chocolate so you got 90 instead? Don’t sweet it. 

36. What do you say to someone who is tired after eating too much chocolate cake? Sweet dreams. 

37. The best type of chocolate in the world is made in Sweetzerland.

38. What do you call a chocolate house? Home sweet home. 

39. I’m quite fondue of chocolate sauce. 

40. What area in Africa is full of chocolate? The Sahara dessert.

41. She wrote her diploma dessertation on chocolate puns. 

42. That chocolate-colored suit is comfy, but dessert make my bum look large?

43. What is it called when a chocolate thief has their own candy stolen from them? Just desserts.

44. How could you dessert that guy who needed you the most when he was upset about having his chocolate stolen from him?

45. What is it called when a witch uses chocolate in a spell? Block magic.

46. My addiction to chocolate was so bad that I hit block bottom.

47. I am not sure if I want the Hersheys bar or the Butterfinger. I feel like I am between a block and a hard place.

48. That chocolate is so tough it is as hard as a block.

49. What is that day after Thanksgiving that everyone looks for chocolates for sale? Block Friday.

50. I am so sugared up from eating all of that chocolate that I wanna block and roll all night.

51. What do you say to a person that makes you laugh so much? ‘You krack me up.’

Are these chocolate puns hitting the sweet spot? I sure hope so! Now go and enjoy some chocolate and make your day even sweeter!

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