50 Tree Puns That Wood Not Get Humourless

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When you see a tree, you don’t think anything of it other than the fact that any type of tree gives you a sense of comfort when you are walking near it – unless it is thundering and there is a risk of lightning. But being in nature with the trees is calming. Trees give you oxygen while you give it carbon dioxide to breathe in.

However, other than that and the fact that trees have green leaves, and that is tall, and vary in type – you likely don’t think of trees. And there probably isn’t anything funny about trees either in your eyes. Why would there be? That is unless you think of tree puns. Tree puns are funny, and the ones you are about to read are hilarious as well. Let’s now look at 50 of the most hilarious tree puns that are imaginable right now.

List of Tree Puns That Are Satisfac-tree:

Following are some of the best tree puns we could come up with:

1. How can trees go online? When they log on!

2. Why was the pine tree always sent to detention by the teacher? That is because he was acting quite knotty.

3. What happens when you cross a cat and a lemon tree? You end up with one heck of a sour puss.

4. Why did the little tree get upset? That is because the other tree would not leaf him alone.

5. What kind of tree can you carry in your hand? A palm tree!

6. How can you get to know a dogwood tree? When you become quite familiar with the bark.

7. What did the beaver say to the trees when he moved to another location? It was really great gnawing you all.

8. What did the tree do after he was more than frustrated that the bank was constantly closed? He established his own branch.

9. How did the police act after finding out that the tree was the one that committed the crime? The evidence pointing to it left them completely stumped.

10. Where do the saplings have to go before high school? They have to do to elemen-tree school!

11. Why is it important to keep your content relatable at all times regardless of what is going on in the world? Because you need to keep it evergreen.

12, What must young trees drink responsibly? They must be responsible for drinking root beer!

13. Why can’t Christmas trees sew? Because they keep dropping their needles!

14. Why don’t the two friends get together in the treehouse anymore? Because they had a terrible falling out.

15. Why are most people not comfortable with going into business with a tree? Because if they did, they would be going out on a limb.

16. What kind of fruit tree tastes like chicken? A poul-tree.

17. Why is tulip the official state tree for Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana? Because it is so poplar.

18. The best pet is a dogwood tree because they wooden bite and they have a strong bark.

19. What is the tree’s best math subject at school? It would be tree-gonome-tree!

20. Why did the little trees not do well on a test in class? That is because they were stumped by the answers.

21. What did the evergreen name her daughter? Tree-na.

22. I wanted to bring my brother to the park who is a tree expert but he wooden go because he had other commitments to take care of.

23. What Canadian city do other trees like to visit from different parts of the world?  Mon-tree-all!

24. What instrument in the school band did the sapling play? The tree-angle.

25. Why did no one trust the oak tree? Because he was really shady.

26. The evergreen messed with the wrong one since he was barking up the wrong tree.

27. One of the trees in the forest will never find a date because of being so unbelievably sappy.

28. John the tree was not at all into the game checkers due to the fact that he is such a chess-nut.

29. What is the worst crime that any tree can commit to a country? Tree-son.

30. Why is it really quiet in the forest all the time? The trees are always sleeping like a log.

31. The worst thing I saw the other day was the cat being up in the tree. But once the cat was rescued, all I felt was re-leaf.

32. The redwood tree will not relax until he gets to the root of the problem.

33. Trees are excellent at math, especially if the subject is geome-tree.

34. Why did Pinocchio’s nose keep getting long? He wooden tell the truth.

35. What country in Europe does the redwood tree want to visit? Aus-tree-a.

36. Why was the evergreen so into that girl tree? He found her incredibly in-tree-guing.

37. Tree puns can be really funny but some of them can be very mains-tree-m.

38. Why is Oakwood so strong? Because it has industreeal strength!

39. Did you know that a tree is a teres-tree-al organism?

40. Why is the weeping willow so large? Because it eats a tree-mendous amount of food.

41. Why did the evergreen have such amazing luck? Because he was on a non-stop winning streek!

42. I love the forest and the parks because I am always happy when I can go on a wilderness retreet.

43. Most plant societies have pa-tree-archal structures.

44. Why did the Oakwood, evergreen and palm trees always find something new? The tree-o was always off to another adventure.

45. Why did the evergreen sleep quite poorly? Because he had a bad tree-m last night.

46. If you buy one plant, you will get the other one tree.

47. The evergreen liked wearing that one particular tree-shirt for some reason.

48. Why couldn’t the palm tree meet the goal of making a large income during the first year? Because he went through many trials and treebulations.

49. Why couldn’t the evergreen stay in that country? He was a deportree.

50. Trees will give you oxygen and that is a guarantree.

I hope that you found these puns more than just satisfac-tree.

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