50 Travel Puns That Will Take You on a Trip

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Traveling! That is such a fun thing to do since you can go and explore so many new places and countries, and you can even travel across your own country to cities you have never been to before. Traveling is something that is good for the soul as it can bring out new experiences, new wonders, and fun. You can make new discoveries of things that you never knew existed when you travel to different places. And you can finally make your dreams come true if you are able to travel and go to the places that you have always wanted to go for a long time.

Traveling also does not have to be expensive as you can go on trips on a shoestring budget. People often don’t gain the experience of traveling to foreign places if they are tight with their funds. However, the truth is that you can always look for good travel deals and discounts, and not miss out on any experiences. Sure, you don’t have to stay at the most expensive hotel. You want to find one that has a good reputation and has good reviews, but there are ways to save money on traveling. Anyway, this is not about traveling so much because I want to go over 50 travel puns to give you a trip of a lifetime!

List of Travel Puns That Will Take You on a Trip:

Following are some of the best travel puns that will take you on a trip:

  1. Why are foods on the aircraft not tasty? Because they are plane.
  2. I tend to get moody when I go on trips, and it is not a surprise since I have so much emotional baggage.
  3. What sits in a corner but travels everywhere? A stamp.
  4. Where do you get the tiny soft drinks that are the best in the USA? Minnesota.
  5. When I went to the Rockies on my travels, the mountains were so funny as they are so hill-arious.
  6. The only type of candy that you can find in an airport is plane chocolate.
  7. Who can help you if you get lost on your Oslo trip? There is Norway anyone can help you out.
  8. I cry each time I pick up my suitcase, it is just so much emotional baggage I am carrying.
  9. I want to do so many things at sea that I never want to get tide down.
  10. I have to say I am a full-time traveler since I drive exactly at the speed of 60 minutes per hour.
  11. I really want to go to Australia as it looks so Perth-ect.
  12. You say you want to go on a coastal vacation? Can you be more Pacific?
  13. Why did the couple who met on the aircraft get married? It was love at first flight.
  14. You can only see that there are good vibes on tides.
  15. Why don’t you have to ever be worried about being late in London? There is a big clock right at the center.
  16. Father Christmas on his summer holiday becomes Santa Cruz.
  17. Who is the ugly lady sitting at the airport? That is plane Jane.
  18. My friend was gone for a while and he said he went to South America, but I just don’t Bolivia.
  19. Who is the cow that time travels? That would be Doctor Moo.
  20. When I went to South Korea, my dream came true as I met my Seoul mate.
  21. I have to create my itinerary for the Osaka trip as I want to make sure I have everything I want Ja-planned.
  22. I want to go to Scandinavia because I know it will be a Swede experience.
  23. Why do travelers who go to Stockholm sleep well? They have Swede dreams.
  24. I am happy with my trip to Bulgaria as it is Sofia so good.
  25. Where is the best place to go if you love spicy food? Chile!
  26. When you go to Italy all you need to do is Rome around.
  27. When you visit the USA, you are at the best place where the aviation industry started as that is where the Right brothers resided.
  28. Where do painters like to go on vacation? Color-ado.
  29. Why can’t fish go on vacation? They are always in school.
  30. What area in the UK has large sea mammals? Wales.
  31. The area where goldfishes travel is around the globe.
  32. Where do wealthy travelers go to? Lux-embourg.
  33. What does a French skeleton say to you when you meet them in Paris? Bone-jour.
  34. What is the most extreme mountain in the world where you can travel to? Mount Severest.
  35. Where do sharks like to have their summer vacation? In Finland.
  36. Where do microbes go to on vacation? Germ-any.
  37. Where do ant colonies go on vacation if they need to cool down from the summer heat? Antarctica.
  38. Where do you travel to in order to find the best vocalists? Sing-apore.
  39. If you are in a hurry to go somewhere on vacation, go to Russia.
  40. You can find the best foods in Italy if you allow yourself to Rome around the cities.
  41. Where will you find plenty of rodents in Holland? Ham-sterdam.
  42. I love going to Cuba since now I am Havana great time there!
  43. Why do you want to drink orange juice on your beach vacation? It is a great way to get your vitamin sea.
  44. When you want to travel to the North Pole, ask Alaskans for directions.
  45. Wha is the common illness that travelers suffer from? Wanderlust.
  46. I only go to hotels and resorts since I don’t like the hostel atmosphere.
  47. I don’t like going to Paris because everything literally makes me go in Seine.
  48. Nice France is a nice city to travel to.
  49. Why is it not a good idea to travel to Finland on a plane? It can disappear into Finair.
  50. When I go to the airport, I only eat my toast plane.

There you go! Bon voyage!

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