50 Zodiac Puns That Will Make You Love Astrology

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One of the common questions that you are asked is what is your zodiac sign? And you may wonder why it even matters. Some people believe in horoscopes and others do not. But the thing is your horoscope can indicate your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and other personality traits. It is also fun to read up your horoscope in the newspaper or on your favorite magazine website. But are zodiac signs really that significant? Astrologers say the horoscopes you read during the week or month from the newspaper or magazine are really just for entertainment. 

What is important about the signs? They all describe who you are in a nutshell. If you are an Aries, you are the ram, and you are independent and headstrong. If you are a Taurus, you are the bull that loves luxury and loves the predictability that comes with routine. If you are a Gemini, you represent the twins that represent duality and loves to communicate and socialize. If you are the Cancer, you are the crab that loves your family and home. If you are the Leo, you are the lion that loves to be the center of attention. If you are a Virgo, you are pure and you are a health nut. 

If you are a Libra, you represent the scales and you only want fairness and balance. If you are a Scorpio, you are the scorpion that is just so intense for words. If you are the Sagittarius, you are the centaur that wants to have a good time. If you are the Capricorn, you are the goat that is all about serious business. If you are the Aquarius you are the water bearer that is progressive. And finally, if you are the Pisces, you are the fish that is just so dreamy. Let’s now dream up of 50 zodiac puns for you to love!

List of Zodiac Puns That Will Make You Love Astrology:

Following are some of the best zodiac puns that will make you love astrology.

1. There is one sign that is the most understanding and that is the Capisces.

2. Why does the idea of going to the doctor scare a Cancer? They don’t want to hear their zodiac sign said by their doctor. 

3. What sign does the person have who like to wear capris and eats corn on the cobb? Capricorn. 

4. Why do water signs cry easily? Because it does not take much to break their hearts into Pisces.

5. What is the real zodiac killer? Cancer. 

6. Why is a Cancer always in a bad mood? Because they are just so crabby. 

7. Why do Aquarians know how to handle Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces? They are water signs which the Aquarius bears. 

8. Why was Mother Mary a Virgo? She was a virgin. 

9. Why doesn’t the Taurus often tell the truth? They give you a lot of bull. 

10. What is the Taurus’ favorite dog? The bulldog. 

11. What is the Leo’s favorite weed? Dandi-lions. 

12. Why do the twins see very well what is going on? Because each of them can spy with their Gemin-is. 

13. What does the Taurus say when they don’t believe a word you are saying? ‘Don’t give me extra bull’.

14. What type of reptile does a Taurus like to have for a pet? A bullfrog. 

15. Why does the Aries keep needing to maintain their computer? They keep running out of RAM.

16. How do you stress out a Libra? Tell them to make a decision.

17. Why is it hard to convince a Cancer to go to a seafood restaurant? They feel like they are cannibals if they go.

18. Why don’t Leos tell the truth? They can’t help but keep lion. 

19. How does a Cancer express frustration? They say ‘oh crab’.

20. Why are Scorpios prone to falling victim to extreme weather? Because they can easily be rocked like a hurricane. 

21. Why are Leos just softies even though they have a tough exterior? Because they are truly pussy cats. 

22. Who is that famous Sagittarius rapper? 50 Centaur. 

23. Why do Sagittarians like to show off? They want to be the centaur of attention.

24. Why do Gemini best friends like to dress the same as one another? They are twinning. 

25. What kind of cooking oil does a Virgo like to fry their food in? Extra virgin olive oil. 

26. Why do Libras walk so perfectly straight? They are so balanced.

27. Why do Libras weigh the food they are cooking? They know how to use the scales. 

28. What sun-sign should a woman born during Aries season have? Ewe. 

29. Why do Pisces people get tipsy so easily? They tend to drink like fish. 

30. What piece of construction equipment does the Taurus know how to use easily? The bulldozer.

31. What outdoor activity does a Pisces like to do the most? Fishing.

32. Why can the Aquarius carry a large pot of water without any trouble? They are water bearers. 

33. Why are Leos lazy? They cannot stop lion around. 

34. Why are Pisces people so suspicious? They feel what you say to them is quite fishy. 

35. What type of fruits do Cancers like the most? Crab apples. 

36. What musical band does the Aries like the most? The Ram-ones. 

37. Why does the Gemini feel at home at either Minneapolis or St Paul Minnesota? They are twin cities. 

38. Why is the Virgo nervous about having an intimate night with a partner? They are virgins. 

39. What kind of cheese does the Capricorn like the most? Goat cheese. 

40. What car does the Taurus want to get? The Ford car since it is named after them. 

41. Why will you not want to upset a Leo? You don’t want them to roar at you. 

42. Why are Aries known to be impulsive? They don’t ever consider the ram-ifications of their actions. 

43. What do Scorpios and bees have in common? They can sting you. 

44. Why are Sagittarians not known to favor the right or the left politically? They are centaurists. 

45. When you go to a restaurant with your Gemini friend, what do you say to the waiter? ‘We need a table for 3 please’.

46. I tried creating some zodiac puns but they are coming off Capricorny.

47. Why are Capricorns so serious all of the time? They are grumpy old goats.

48. My boyfriend’s belief in astrology taurus apart.

49. The Libra does not appreciate too many zodiac puns as they think they need to be scaled back. 

50. Why are Pisces people so mature? They are so-fish-ticated. 

I hope you enjoyed those zodiac puns and you did not think they were too Capricorny.

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