49 Christmas Puns Yule Fall In Love With

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Christmas! The favorite time of the year for many people as they can enjoy their tree decorations, their wreaths, and their presents. However, Christmas is also the most stressful time of year for a lot of people as they have to spend a lot of money shopping. And they can remove some of the shopping stress by shopping online which means they don’t have to fight the crowds at the mall. That is why so many people prefer to do their holiday shopping online. But still, that does not take away the money-related stress. And then when the New Year rolls around, then they see that they are going to be in debt and it is not a happy time of year when that time arrives.

However, the other aspect of Christmas that people love is the fact they can eat delicious food such as turkey and cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and cornbread among other yummy foods. Let’s not forget about the desserts and the eggnog as well. And another thing that anyone who enjoys their Christmas meals too much dreads is the fact they will have to deal with the battle of the bulge by the New Year. Then you hear about resolutions having to do with weight loss. Oh my.

Well, let’s not get carried away and enjoy some things about Christmas such as 49 puns that will spread a lot of cheer – right now!

List of Christmas Puns Yule Fall In Love With:

Following are some of the best Christmas puns yule fall in love with:

  1. Yule enjoy the Christmas dinner!
  2. Yule never guess who is coming for Christmas dinner.
  3. Why do you want to have some wine at the nativity scene? Because it has baby chees-us.
  4. You do know that Jesus was not born on Christmas Day technically, but there is not much noëledge over that.
  5. Why does Santa hate going through the chimney? He is clause-trophobic.
  6. Santa has his 15 minutes elf fame each Christmas.
  7. My pants no longer fitting after Christmas was a rudolph awakening for me.
  8. What do you tell your kids when you are taking a picture of them on Santa’s lap? ‘Sleigh cheese’
  9. You have the final sleigh for what you want for Christmas dinner.
  10. Simon sleighs we open all of our Christmas gifts tomorrow at 6 am.
  11. What is the best board game to play at Christmas time? St. Nicks and Ladders.
    12.Christmas gifts can be bought at a price to soot your pocket.
  12. Let’s have a Christmas feast somewhere snowman has gone before.
  13. Getting Christmas gifts is a pain in the neckmas.
  14. Clear the decksmas for winter.
  15. Drink alcoho-ho-hol in moderation over Christmas.
  16. Lo and beho-ho-hold Santa is here!
  17. What do you call a muscular Santa? Macho-ho-ho.
  18. If you don’t want to get traditional medication if you are sick at Christmas time, who can help you? A ho-holistic doctor.
  19. The only way you know if Santa is right around the corner is if you hear his echo-ho-ho.
  20. If I was rolling out dough-ho-ho, I would not worry about going into credit card debt from buying too many Christmas gifts.
  21. What is the best Christmas song by the Beatles? Yellow Sub-merry-ne.
  22. Most gifts were pri-merrily from Amazon.
  23. Spending Christmas at the inlaws is nothing but leading a merry dance.
  24. Why do Mr. and Mrs. Clause fight all of the time? They are a typical old merry-ed couple.
  25. We wish yule a Merry Christmas and all of the best.
  26. I want to get merried because I love yule.
  27. I am gratefyule to see another Christmas this year.
  28. Here is some turkey for yule.
  29. There will be a white Christmas, yule see.
  30. What movie star loves Christmas the most? Bill Merry.
  31. I tried that Christmas special at the restaurant and I was not impressed, in fact, it was awf-yule.
  32. You always said you hated Christmas but here yule are singing carols.
  33. What is the craziest Christmas dessert around? A fruitcake.
  34. Those Christmas feasts make you feel like you have a wonderf-yule time by just eating them.
  35. Aww thank you for such a thoughtf-yule Christmas gift.
  36. Why does Mrs. Clause act like royalty? Because of wearing the crown yules.
  37. I was festive and the others in my area are as well so the festivity is so contagious, it has a dominoël effect.
  38. Here is another Christmas pun for yule.
  39. He is agnoëlstic but celebrates Christmas anyway because it is so fun.
  40. I santa a few Christmas presents, but she hasn’t gotten them yet.
  41. The Santa wearing black seemed a little ecc-santa-ric.
  42. The host of the Christmas ball is always the santa of attention.
  43. Are santa-pedes seen around Christmas time?
  44. Flu season circulates around Christmas which is why you need hand santa-tiser.
  45. I had a busy day planning for the Christmas celebrations but I kept getting interrupted left, right and santa.
  46. I am going to take another helf-ie for the Christmas celebrations.
  47. I have a helf-y appetite which is why I know I will not be going hungry during Christmas.
  48. What is a common Italian Christmas dish? Fettuccini Elf-redo.
  49. You cannot be so stressed all the time for the holidays as you need to pull your-elf together.

Now that you have these awesome Christmas puns, I hope you have enough cheer to go around. So now I am thinking about how much I really love the holidays. I am thinking of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, cornbread, and mashed potatoes, you just cannot go wrong with that level of yum. Oh lets not forget the holiday ham! I am really looking forward to Christmas and I am going to get my shopping out of the way so I can enjoy the good part of it! I uope you enjoyed those puns as much as I enjoyed making them.

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