50 Running Puns to Run With Laughter

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Running. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of something that is running? There are probably many things to think of other than just running physically. I mean running does not only mean to go for a run or a jog somewhere. It does not only mean a child running away from you. Running means movement. And if electricity is running, it means it is moving along. When the electricity stops running, then that means there will be a power outage that you won’t want to see.

And let’s talk about sickness for a bit. If you have a cold, then your nose will be running. And that is why you need to have plenty of tissue around. It is not fun when your nose is running when you are sick. And another thing that runs is water. When you use the tap you run water as the water is moving down to the sink. When you take a bath the water is running into the tub, or you could say the bath is running. Either one works. You get the idea of how running does not necessarily mean you are physically running yourself. Anything can run. But let’s talk about 50 of running puns that will only run on for a bit right now.

List of Running Puns to Run With Laughter:

Following are some of the best running puns to run with laughter.

1. I am going to find a way to get away from you because I have a running plan.

2. What do an athlete and a nose have in common? They both run.

3. If your nose is running then you better go catch it.

4. Why should water win a medal? Because its an excellent runner.

5. Why don’t you want to run around after eating a heavy Mexican meal? You could end up getting the runs.

6. Why aren’t runny eggs always appealing? They are hard to catch.

7. What is the one thing that water and electricity have in common? They both run.

8. The athlete that injured himself is fine as he is alive ran kicking.

9. What song does an athlete like to sing? ‘Don’t let the run go down on me.’

10. What do you say about an athlete that passed away? Another run bites the dust.

11. Why is it hard to find something to eat in the kitchen? Because the refrigerator keeps running.

12. I need energy so I would like a run and butter for breakfast.

13. My friend and I had plenty of energy so we had some run earlier.

14. We are planning to just have some run with the vacation.

15. That athlete was telling the best jokes because he is just so runny.

16. Being around with my energetic friends is so much run.

17. There are many celebrities that have their runners along with them.

18. I know I got the work done so quickly but that work I have to say was so much run!

19. Why do athletes like to race when the weather is nice? The run in the sky makes it easier for them.

20. What is the fastest bird around? A running bird.

21. Why do athletes get a good dose of vitamin D? Because of being in the run.

22. What is the sign of a dedicated runner? The ones whose treadmill has more miles on it than the car.

23. What is someone who runs behind a car? Exhausted.

24. What is someone who runs in front of a car? Tired.

25. What is the reason for someone wanting to jog backwards? For gaining weight.

26. What is the way that crazy runners get through the forest? By taking the psycho path.

27. What is something that turns you into a runner fast? A bear’s presence.

28. What is something that runners do when they forget something? They jog their memory.

29. I jogged for 10 minutes but I sweated for 10 hours.

30. I am out of shape but whenever I go take a run, I meet new people like paramedics.

31. What is appealing about a morning run? You like it better than most people.

32. I was about to go running today but that plan ended when I saw that no one was chasing me.

33. When is it the worst time for a runner to have an erection? During a relay race.

34. Why did the barber fail at winning the race? He took the short cut.

35. What is the best way to run? Like you stole something.

36. What school subject do runners excel at? A-jog-raphy.

37. Why were athletes good students? They knew that education was the best in the long run.

38. Why did porky lose the race? He pulled his ham string.

39. Why did the baseball player love his treadmill in his bedroom? Because of all of the home runs.

40. Why did the cabbage win the race? It was a-head.

41. What happens to runners that are wearing shoes that don’t fit properly? They suffer from the pains of da-feat.

42. Why did the guy running on the treadmill fall off? He wasn’t exercising his caution.

43. What is a definition of macho? A guy who jogs home right after having a vasectomy.

44. Why can’t you win a race in Finland? Because before starting, the runners are Finnish.

45. Why couldn’t the gnome participate at the marathon? Because he isn’t part of the human race.

46. Why is water so great on the treadmill? It is always running.

47. Why are athletes poor writers? They put out a lot of run-on sentences.

48. What is someone called who cannot stop running at the beach? Joggernaut.

49. Why do athletes who drink beer and eat tacos have to keep moving after eating? They have to run to the restroom.

50. What type of underwear do marathoners wear? Marathongs.

There you go. I hope these running puns made you run with laughter! Now I gotta run.

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