50 Poetry Puns That Are Well Versed

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High school English studies. The one thing that sticks out about that course is that we were forced to study so much Shakespeare and other poets. That was not my cup of tea but it was one of those things that needed to be done. Why did Shakespeare’s stories end up so tragic all of the time? Always someone died, or some other tragedy happened. Was the 1500s really that much of a tragic time? I suppose it was. All I remember was leaving the class feeling depressed after reading those plays except for one that I can remember which was either Twelfth Night or Taming of the Shrew. The rest of the Shakespearean plays were purely tragic.

So anyway, what more can I say about that? Let’s go over some poems. No wait, who wants to do that? Well since I have poetry on my mind and since this is a pun site, let’s go over 50 poetry puns that you may hopefully consider to be well-versed.

List of Poetry Puns That Are Well Versed:

Following are some of the best poetry puns that are well versed:

  1. What is the highest honor among cowboy poets? Poet lariat.
  2. Why did the boy poet introduce himself to the girl poet? Because he wanted to meter.
  3. How do space science fiction poets write their poems? In uni-verses.
  4. Why are poets always so poor? Because rhyme doesn’t pay.
  5. How do poets say hello? Hey, haven’t we metaphor?
  6. How is the guy doing in the poetry pun contest? He stanza good chance.
  7. Which ogre writes and recites poetry? Shrek Speare.
  8. How does a poet sneeze? HaiKu.
  9. What is every poet’s favorite legume? Rhyme-a beans.
  10. What is it called when a witch only casts spells that rhyme? Poetry in Potion.
  11. How is the truth just like poetry? Most people hate both.
  12. What is the best reading material outdoors in the woods?
  13. Which celebrated Romanic era English poet was famous for being easily tempted? Lured Byron.
  14. What does a poet do if his dog starts eating up his latest verses? He takes the words right out of his mouth.
  15. What happened when the vampire turned into a poet? He went from bat to verse.
  16. Why do Cowboys write poetry? Because the moos inspire them.
  17. What do you call poetry by a pigeon out in a marijuana field? High Coo.
  18. Why did the traffic cop give the poet a ticket? For driving without a poetic license.
  19. How do poets say farewell? I want to linger longer, but it’s getting aliter-ate.
  20. Who was the most brutal guy at the local poetry guild meeting? Conan, the Librarian.
  21. Why did creditors always hound John Keats? Because he Ode so much.
  22. What did the poet say to Luke Skywalker? Metaphors be with you.
  23. Which kind of artisan bread does a bard baker create? Poet-rye.
  24. A pencil is not as phallic as a pen is.
  25. What do a rambling poem and a used pencil have in common? A very dull point, if any.
  26. Which kind of sports league is made up solely of poets? Semi-prose.
  27. What’s the difference between a dull poet and a boring poetry book? You can shut the boring book up.
  28. Where do poems come from? Poe-trees.
  29. How many letters are in a great poet’s name? Just a couple of Wordsworth.
  30. What do you call a poet who was known for her footwork? I-amb Woman.
  31. Which video game is every poet’s favorite? Sonnet the Hedgehog.
  32. How does one decide to host a night of Star Trek poetry reading? Weigh the prose and Khans.
  33. How do little green space alien poets write their poetry? In galactic uni-verses.
  34. What happens when you read a physicist’s pointed poem about a singularity? It really sucks you in.
  35. What did Shakespeare call his ghost writers? Sonnet committee.
  36. What do you call a room full of redhead beatniks reciting poetry? Ginger snaps.
  37. Which literary period was known for flowery poetry? The Romance Era.
  38. Who is big and gray and writes poetry? T.S. Elephant.
  39. Why are computer programmers so good at writing poetry? Because everything rhymes in binary.
  40. Where does the librarian in the poetry section nap during her break? Between the covers.
  41. God is perfect. Man is not. Man made booze. God made pot.
  42. Pot is good, pot is fine. If you share yours, I’ll share mine.
  43. Gnomes make bad rappers because gnome mine, ignore reason.
  44. Here is some gnome poetry. She loves me, she loves me gnot.
  45. Why did the bartender not serve Shakespeare the beer when he went to the bar? The bardener said to Shakespeare ‘I cannot serve you, you’re bard’.
  46. What happens when the poet ascends in the elevator? The bard has been raised.
  47. What is a poet’s favorite candy? A chocolate bard.
  48. How does a poet clean themselves? By using a bard of soap.
  49. Why can’t poets become lawyers? They have yet to pass the bard.
  50. Where do poets enjoy going for a good drink? At the bard.

There you go, you got your poetry puns now, and maybe I will come up with something a little more uplifting next time!

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