50 Candy Puns That Are So Sweet

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What is the first thing when you think of candy? You will immediately think of a food that has no nutritional value that is sweet and full of sugar, and something that should only be eaten once in a while for a treat. Some people actually eat candy daily, and that is why they are often overweight and have problems with their teeth. Too much sugar can cause tooth decay and tooth pain. Not to mention, too much sugar is not good for your system as you can easily end up diabetic where your blood glucose levels are out of control.

However, once in a while, there is nothing wrong with eating candy in moderation. You can enjoy it as a treat and it will not affect you in any way at all if you can keep it to a minimum. Some holidays are associated with candy as well such as Halloween, with that being the obvious holiday where kids are going trick or treating to get some candy from neighbors tossed into their bags. Christmas is also associated with candy, and so is Valentine’s Day. You can even see your birthday as associated with candy as well since that is what is often given to you on your birthday. Okay, candy is delicious, but it is not good for you. But let’s not go over the nutritional issues that are associated with candy. Let’s talk about candy puns that are too sweet for words, and will go over 50 of them now.

List of Candy Puns That are Sweet:

Following are some of the best candy puns that are sweet:

  1. Who is the sweetest lady on the block? Candy Cane.
  2. What is something delicious that comes from you eyes? Eye candy.
  3. I was sneaking a chocolate bar from the cuppord and I just had an uncandy feeling that I was being watched.
  4. Who was the sweetest spiritual individual? Mahatma Candy.
  5. What actor enjoyed eating too many sweets? John Candy.
  6. Who is the sweetest Republican figure around? Candy Owens.
  7. Why are those who cover their bums in chocolate wimps? They have candy asses.
  8. You took that chocolate bar and don’t lie about it, so don’t candy-coat this fact.
  9. The owner of the chocolate shop is not really my boyfriend as he’s just arm candy to me to make my family happy.
  10. When you eat the ears of those chocolate bunnies, how candy hear?
  11. How candies people live like this in the land of chocolate?
  12. What do you call a rich man that has a bag of candy? Sugar daddy.
  13. The workers at the chocolate factory work long hours but receive only s-candy wages.
  14. I have a confection to make as I was the one who ate the last bit of candy.
  15. The chocolate shop owner had a previous confection for a similar crime.
  16. Candy can be good for you as confection can be good for the soul.
  17. What do you say to someone who is sad after eating candy? ‘What’s wrong, sugar?’
  18. What do you call a home that is made of chocolate? Home sweet home.
  19. What is a large room called in a hotel made of chocolate? A sweet.
  20. Where do you get the best candy and chocolate in Europe? In Sweetzerland..
  21. Why can’t Santa Claus give his gifts during the summer? He will get hot and sweety.
  22. What happens when you work endlessly at the candy factory day and night? You make it with blood, sweet and tears.
  23. The candy man was cold so he grabbed a sweeter.
  24. What is the sweetest area in Africa? The Sahara Dessert.
  25. Here is my diploma dessertation on puns about candy.
  26. I will not sugarcoat the fact that you are too fat from eating all of that candy.
  27. The chocolate icecream is so perfect it really is in mint condition.
  28. That chocolate candy is so appreciated that it mint the world to me that you got some.
  29. Why do you want to take advantage of the candies and chocolates that are for sale? It is such a bar-gain.
  30. I am so jelly that your candy puns are better than mine that I have bean writing better ones myself.
  31. What doll really loves candy? Bar-bie.
  32. What is the sweetest game around? Candyland.
  33. I’m so jelly of you for having the best candy that I’ve bean saving up to buy the same ones.
  34. Like cannabis, licorice a drug that people use for recreation and some places give it out like candy.
  35. What place in Spain has a lot of candy? Bar-celona.
  36. He gumballed all his money on candy.
  37. Oh fudge, there is no candy left for Halloween.
  38. The figures that represent profits made from the candy store don’t add up as they obviously have been fudged.
  39. I am always a sucker for the best candy.
  40. I cadbury myself in my work for hours without realizing what I am doing as I calculate profits made at the candy store.
  41. You wont find a Kinder soul around here than the owner of the candy shop.
  42. There were a few rude snickers from the audience as Candy the comedian left the stage.
  43. I was so shocked from the weight I gained from eating the candy my mind was blown to Reese’s Pieces.
  44. Oh don’t assume that candy is so bad for you, as you should not be so pezimistic.
  45. What is the sweetest city in Hungary? Budapezt.
  46. Don’t worry about how I will grab the additional candies as I have a few twix up my sleeves.
  47. The story about the lovers who met at the candy shop was so saccharine.
  48. What kind of dental floss that can cause cavities? Candyfloss.
  49. What is the sweetest form of vegetetation that grows around Halloween time? Candy corn.
  50. The sweetness of candy can be one of the biggest life savers around.

Are you now having a craving for some candy after reading these? Oh I know that I do!

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