50 Space Puns That Shine as Bright as Stars

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Space is cool. There is no doubt about it. And there is still so much to learn about outer space as very little is really known. New discoveries are being made every day. Even with our own solar system. For a long time, Pluto, that we thought was a planet was demoted from its position. And it was not discovered all that long ago that one of Jupiter’s moons may be inhabitable. It will take a long time for that to really be determined through more discoveries that are yet to be made.

And whether there is life on other planets is another thing that is not exactly known, yet. What about planets that are parts of other star systems? Space is cool, mysterious, and most definitely interesting. But is it funny? Space being funny? Well, it can be, if you can create some dad jokes out of it. And you can. Let’s do that right now! It is time to laugh at 50 of the funniest space puns imaginable! Let’s go!

List of Space Puns That Shine Like The Stars:

Following are some of the best space puns we could come up with:

1. What did the Moon say to the stars that was getting into its way? Can you please move because I need my space.

2. The astronaut was feeling so sick on the spaceship that he thought he was going to comet.

3. Space really was so neat before it really mattered.

4. What did the star who was in love with the other star say to him? “I love you to the moon and back”.

5. What did the planet boyfriend say to the planet girlfriend to show appreciation? “You rock my world.”

6. The planet did not hear what the star was saying because it was Neptune-ing the words spoken to him out.

7. Why must the earth be kept clean? It isn’t Uranus.

8. Where do aliens hang out after a long day of work? The space bar.

9. How do you know that the Sun went to university? It has millions of degrees.

10. What did the alien who is on a diet order for dessert? A sateli-lite cake.

11. How can you get a baby alien to fall asleep? Just rocket.

12. How do you know that the Moon is going to need some financial help very soon? It is about to go down to its last quarter.

13. Why would a cow have an interest in space at all? It wants to see the Milky Way.

14. How do you know that the alien was about to doze off while struggling to concentrate? He was extremely spaced out.

15. What is the job of a barber who lives on the Moon? Eclipse hair.

16. How do astronauts set up a big event? They planet.

17. The astronaut will never go for the vegan lifestyle because he is a meteor.

18. What reading material do astronauts like to read? Comet books.

19. How do you know that the Moon was satisfied with its meal? Whenever it is full.

20. How do you know when an astronaut is sorry for what he did or said? He Apollo-gises.

21. What is the surprise dinner that the astronaut is cooking for the others? An unidentifiable frying object.

22. Why are restaurants in space not all that intriguing to do to? They have no atmosphere.

23. How do aliens consume more protein? They eat whatever is meteor.

24. What is a spaceman that is insane? An astronut.

25. What did Mercury ask Saturn? It was great chatting with you and I would love you to give me a ring!

26. What is a fish in outer space called? A starfish.

27. It is so cool to see pictures that are in space because they are all so far out.

28. It is hard to know where the sun goes every night until it dawns on you that it’s not there because its nighttime.

29. The Moon has been not sleeping well as it is just going through a weird phase right now.

30. What does the alien spread on its toast? Space jam.

31. The astronaut adopted a dog star. Yes, I am Sirius that just happened!

32. How does an astronaut transfer punch from the bowl to a glass? With the Big Dipper.

33. How do you know when an alien dies? You read it in the orbituary.

34. The astronaut floats around the air in pure bliss not knowing about the reality of what is happening. He does not understand the gravity of the situation.

35. A space pilot in training needs to have a lot of patience and a good altitude in order to succeed.

36. The astronaut who wanted to date the other was interested in setting up a launch date.

37. Astronauts want you to change your attitude about the sun as they want you to see it in a different light.

38. Why did Cassini spacecraft have to really take pictures of Earth as well as Saturn? It was simply the best of both worlds.

39. Why cannot a lot of people afford to take a trip out to space? The price of a ticket is astronomical.

40. Why cannot you have communion in space? There is no mass.

41. I cannot bring too many items to my astronomy class at college because it just takes too much space.

42. That guy knew so much about the solar system that his knowledge of it was truly astronomical!

43. The book on anti-gravity is so amazingly intriguing to the point that I really cannot put it down.

44. Why did the satellite go into orbit on January 1st? It wanted to stick to its New Year’s revolution.

45. Why are those who study the Moon optimistic in general? They look at the brighter side.

46. What is the astronaut’s favorite chocolate bar? Mars.

47. How do you know when Mercury has a fever? He rises.

48. How does the solar system keep its pants on? With an asteroid belt.

49. Why cannot you have an impromptu party in space? You need to planet.

50. It is so amazing how the earth rotates to the point that when I think about it, it really makes my day.

Those are really the funniest space puns on Earth, or on any planet!

Do you wish to add your own space pun to the list?

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