51 Witch Puns You Would Witch to Read

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Witch. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a witch? You may think of an old lady that is seen during Halloween casting spells as she stirs the solution in the cauldron as she is making those spells. And witches have a laugh that is seen as evil when in fact, it is just the nature of the witch. And really not all witches are evil. Some witches bless you and cast helpful spells. Think of Glinda the good witch in the Wizard Of Oz, as she was the good witch. But there was the wicked witch as well who had a house fall onto her and she shriveled up when it rained.

And a common Halloween costume for girls is the witch. The green face mask and the witch hat while wearing black clothing. That is really not an original Halloween costume but it is an easy one. That is why it is popular. Not much creativity and thought go into that type of costume for Halloween.

But the reality is that witches are real people who do spellwork and work with tarot cards, herbs, and crystals. Some belong to the religion of Wicca and others follow other pagan paths. Those who follow the Wiccan path only do spellwork for the good. There are good witches, neutral witches, and not so good witches. Let’s now have a laugh and go over 51 witch puns right now.

List of Witch Puns You Would Witch to Read:

These are some of the best witch puns you would witch to read.

1. What do you call a group of PMSing ladies in a coven? A witch fest.

2. What do you call a female dog that is into crystals and tarot cards? A witch.

3. How do witches disappear? They s-witch off.

4. What do you call the time of day when there is a party in a coven? The witching hour.

5. What do you call a scavenger hunt that involves herbs, tarot cards, and crystals? A witch hunt.

6. Why are witches always the best cat moms and are there for them when they need them the most? A witch in time saves nine.

7. What do you call a smack in the face from a spellcaster? A witch slap.

8. Why do spell casters never look like they are smiling or frowning? Because they have that resting witch face.

9. What is the attitude that you hear from spell casters about life? Life’s a witch and then you die.

10. What do you call a spell caster that has a lot of money? A rich witch.

11. What do spell casters like to eat for lunch? A sand-witch.

12. Why do coven members have a set schedule for casting their spells? It is part of the witch-ual.

13. What does a hopeful spell caster do? Gives into witch-ful thinking.

14. What advice does a spell caster give you to help with self-growth? ‘Be the change you witch to see’.

15. What does a spell caster say when they need emotional support for a task? ‘Witch me luck’.

16. What does a spell caster say to you when you are at the door to see them? ‘Bewitcha in a minute’

17. What does a young spell caster like to do during their spare time? Arts and witchcrafts.

18. What do you call a coven cocktail party? Happy witching hour.

19. What is a good song about a witch? ‘Every little thing she does is magic’.

20. What is the favorite number of a witch? The magic number.

21. Why are witches so creative? They have a powerful i-magic-nation.

22. Why do witches never sleep? There is no rest for the wicca’d.

23. What do you call your father’s new wife who likes to read tarot cards? Wicca’d stepmother.

24. Why do witches have insomnia? They have a diff-occult time falling asleep.

25. What does a witch have to say about farts? That is how you spell relief.

26. What type of spell does not involve water? A dry spell.

27. What does a witch have to say about mischief? It spells trouble.

28. What do witches need to do when a spell they cast got out of hand? They need to break the spell.

29. Why are witches good with writing and grammar? They won the spell-ing bee among other things.

30. What does a witch say when they sense someone is lying? ‘I spell a rat’.

31. How do witches say good-bye? ‘Spell you later’.

32. Why couldn’t the witch cast a particular spell? The recipe is misspelled.

33. What does the High Priestess of a coven say about a new member who did great during the initiation? ‘What a spellar performance ‘.

34. What happened to the spell caster who caused mischief at school? She was ex-spelled.

35. What does a witch say to encourage to tell the entire truth about something? ‘Spell the beans’.

36. What does a witch say to someone who is upset over a minor problem? ‘Don’t cry over spelled milk’.

37. What is a witch called that likes to read? A spellbook worm.

38. What does a witch that likes to read say about why they cannot devote their time to anything else? ‘So many spellbooks, so little time’.

39. What is a witch’s favorite fruit? Brew-berries.

40. What does a witch say to compliment your looks? ‘You’re brew-tiful’.

41. What does a witch say about a spell that is not perfect but functional? ‘If it ain’t brewke, don’t fix it’.

42. Where did that witch go? I can’t seer!

43. Come up and seer me at the coven sometime.

44. What does a fortune-telling witch say? ‘Seer what the future has in store’.

45. What does a witch say about the dangers of being too curious? ‘Curiosity killed the black cat’.

46. What is something that a witch would never have? The smallest broom in the house.

47. What do you call a witch that was poor but is now wealthy? From hags to riches.

48. What is a witch orgy called? Group hex.

49. What does a witch do that is overly emotional? Scry their heart out.

50. What does a witch say at the party they organize? ‘It’s my party and I’ll scry if I want to’.

51. Witching you loved all these puns.

There you go, did those 51 witch puns make you laugh like a witch?

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