50 Mars Puns That Are Spacist

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Space is interesting and no one can deny that, and that is why so many people are into sci-fi. However, when you look at the solar system, you want to learn about each of the planets even more because they are a little closer to home. The neighboring planets are Venus and Mars, and Venus is not livable as it rains acid and it’s hotter than lava. It is a hellish planet. That is why no one can colonize Venus except for the clouds, perhaps. Even that is tricky.

That is why there are plans in place to colonize Mars as you can make it work with some work. Mars has enough gravity that is similar to earth, and you do need to live in spacesuits because of the atmosphere issues. You need to live in settings such as domed cities, but it can be done, and in a few years some will try it out. Once they are there, there is no going back. Now that we are on the topic of space and Mars in particular, let’s go over 50 Mars puns that will make you turn red as you laugh.

List of Mars Puns That Are Spacist:

Following are some of the best mars puns that are spacist:

  1. What is it called if you get your rover stuck in a rut on Mars? A fourth-world problem.
  2. If humans make jokes about Martians, is that considered spacist?
  3. Mars says ‘I’m wet’ and NASA says ‘I’m coming.’
  4. Why haven’t Martians contacted us? Because they missed the Opportunity.
  5. What do you get if you pay for two Martians, but Amazon delivers you four? Extraterrestrials.
  6. Which aerospace company specializes in landing bots on the Red Planet? Lockheed Martian.
  7. Why are there no cats on Mars? Because Curiosity killed them all!
  8. What do you call it when a cow satellite observes Mars? A spaced-out steak out.
  9. What do you call it if you’re seeing a girl from planet Mars? An inter-spacial relationship.
  10. What does a Martian use to keep his roids warm when vacationing on a comet? A Space Heater!
  11. Which kind of space alien hides out in a bog? A Marsh-ian.
  12. What do you call a Martian who frequents golf courses? A little green bogey man.
  13. Why don’t they play golf on Mars? Too many black holes.
  14. Which classic sci-fi television series did Martians without GPS binge watch? Lost In Space.
  15. Which classic sci-fi TV sitcom do aliens from the fourth rock from the sun binge watch? My Favorite Martian.
  16. Which movie proved there would never be life on the Red Planet? Martian Impossible.
  17. Which Sesame Street character was launched into space to explore the red planet? Mars Grover.
  18. How are Martians and girls similar to a sci-fi nerd? Neither has tried to contact him.
  19. Why don’t many aliens party at the Mars Bar? They’re not feeling much of an atmosphere there.
  20. Why was the Man from Mars logged in online? To update his Spacebook status.
  21. Why did the Martian suddenly stop what he was doing? Because he just spaced out!
  22. Where do Martians like to go fishing? In the Galax Sea!
  23. Which currency is accepted at the Mars Bar? Starbucks.
  24. What does Marvin the Martian put on his toast? Space Jam.
  25. What did Project Blue Book call a sick man from Mars? An Ailin’ Alien.
  26. What does the Man from Mars wear to a business meeting with Lockheed Skunk Works? His spacesuit.
  27. Why did the Martian move to the moon? He needed more space.
  28. Where do Martians leave their spaceships? At the nearest parking meteor.
  29. Which Brady Bunch kid was seriously into science fiction? Martian, Martian, Martian.
  30. Which television series is the favorite of Martians and the gods? Ancient Aliens.
  31. What do you call a Martian surfing the Internet in your garden? Your brother-in-lawn!
  32. What does a Martian use to fasten his spaceship to the docking station? An astro-knot.
  33. What do you call an insane man from Mars? An Astro-Nut!
  34. What do little green men like to put in their hot chocolate? Martian-mallows.
  35. Which space aliens order chowder and broth at the Fourth Rock Restaurant? Mars Soup-ials.
  36. That explains why rare obese aliens are visiting Earth and the Milky Way galaxy!
  37. What happened when the astronaut took off his helmet at the secret Mars base? The view was breathtaking.
  38. The Martian was so sad because curiosity killed its cat, MeOUCH.
  39. The telescope company is looking up!
  40. The wine that locals drink at the Fourth Rock Bar is Marsala.
  41. What is the astronaut’s favorite chocolate bar? Mars bar.
  42. It was not until recently when I found out Mars was a planet, and I was so embarrassed I did not know before to the point I went red.
  43. What bar has the dress code where you have to wear a spacesuit? It is the Mars Bar.
  44. What is a Martian kangaroo called? A Mars-upial.
  45. Mars rock tastes better than Earth rock because it is a little meteor.
  46. The Mars restaurant was given one-star because it has little atmosphere and rocketing prices.
  47. The cow went to Mars as it flew to udder space.
  48. scientists have discovered a planet that’s entirely populated by robots and it is called Mars.
  49. The Martians made a movie about Earth and wanted to come back for more Earthlings because they needed some extraterrestrials.
  50. The astronaut that walked on Mars looked a little spaced out.

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