50 Science Puns That Are Genius

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You gotta love and appreciate science as that is the reason that we have so many new medical and technological breakthroughs. If it was not for science, many people would not be here because science is behind helping couples who can’t have kids under normal circumstances have kids. We also would not know all of the cool stuff in space if it was not for science, and we would not have the cool computers and smartphones today if it was not for science. You may have not liked science class at school, but let’s face it, you did not appreciate it back then. Science is behind so many miracles we are finding today. What else is there to say about science? I don’t know but let’s go over some 50 science puns that you will have good chemistry with because I said so!

List of Science Puns That Are Genius:

Following are some of the best science puns that are genius:

  1. The male stamen said to the female pistil that he liked her style.
  2. The relationship between the physicist and biologist did not work out due to a lack of chemistry.
  3. What did the chemist say when his experiment blew up? ‘Oopsie, oxidants do happen’.
  4. When the meteorologist had a crush on someone, what did they say? ‘You are so hot that you must be the cause of global warming.’
  5. The researchers finally found the gene for shyness, but could not find it sooner because it was hiding behind two other genes.
  6. The leader of the biology gang is known as the Nucleus.
  7. The physicist and chemist refuse to hang out with the zoologist because of having a bad bio.
  8. If you don’t get science puns, then you must be a boron.
  9. Why is it important to know about when anthropologists die? They become an essential part of human history.
  10. The chemist read a book about helium all day since he could not put it down.
  11. What does a scientist use for breath freshener? He uses experi-mints.
  12. Physicists call a benzene ring with iron atoms replacing the carbon a Ferrous Wheel.
  13. Newsflash! Did you hear that oxygen and magnesium got together? OMg!
  14. Chemistry jokes are very dull since they lack the element of surprise.
  15. Salty painful chemistry puns are terrible because they make you go Na Na.
  16. There is a chemical element that is derived from a Norse god known as Thorium.
  17. The one thing that a scientist says about something that is nonexistent is that it doesn’t matter.
  18. Scientists who have been studying the effects of cannabis on geologists have been left no stoned unturned.
  19. Scientifically speaking, the longest way to spell water is HIJKLMNO. (H2O).
  20. Gregor Mendel said one thing when he founded genetics which was Woo Pea!
  21. The difference between a chemist and an alchemist is aluminum.
  22. The scientist said one thing when he found two helium isotopes which was HeHe.
  23. The fastest way to determine the gender of a chromosome is to pull down its genes.
  24. You should periodically make science puns.
  25. The instructions on dealing with a sick scientist go as follows: If you can’t helium and you can’t curium, just barium.
  26. Scientists confirmed one thing after announcing the first photo of a black hole which was once you go black, you never do come back.
  27. The laboratory container a scientist uses for pie experiments is the peach tree dish.
  28. A tooth in a cup of water is a molar situation.
  29. The fruit dessert that Sir Isaac Newton gravitated towards was the fall apple pie.
  30. The new social network specifically for rocket scientists really took off!
  31. The favorite cologne for rocket scientists working at SpaceX happens to be the Musk by Elon.
  32. There is a new theory on inertia, but it doesn’t seem to be gaining any momentum.
  33. There is a book about antigravity and it is so hard to put down.
  34. The lost sausage in the end was the missing link.
  35. Where do the planets and stars study? At the university.
  36. What very moving did the scientist give to his scientist girlfriend? Joules.
  37. The biochemical scientists call a clown that’s in jail, Silicon.
  38. The first electricity detective was known as Sherlock Ohms.
  39. Scientists think the Yellowstone supervolcano is overdue for an eruption and it is known as Eruptile Dysfunction.
  40. Why is outer space always clean? Because it is a vacuum.
  41. Science teachers call incorrect answers from students the flaw of physics.
  42. The only reason that lightning shocks people is that it does not know how to conduct itself.
  43. The group of scientists that name small things inside of the atoms a particle board.
  44. There was thunder and lightning inside of the lab because the scientists were brainstorming in there.
  45. Scientists found a way to make dolphins invisible, but skeptics do not see the porpoise.
  46. The robotics scientist and geneticist refused to hang out with the archaeologist all because he ascribes to Ancient Alien Theory.
  47. The paleontologist and cryptologist refused to hang out with the biologist due to the fact that hipster was too current.
  48. Did you know when Albert Ghiorso incorporated twelve new bits to the periodic table, he was in his element.
  49. Why is space good for cleaning your floors? Because it is a vacuum.
  50. The scientist announced the research results for his new invisibility cloak only to make himself perfectly clear.

I hope you liked those science puns and you found that they had good chemistry with you. I also hope these did not remind you of the difficult lessons you had in science class in school, or reminded you of a teacher that you did not like.

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