51 Gnome Puns That Will Make You Laugh Your-Elf Silly

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What are gnomes, exactly? A gnome is a creature that is mythical that is a spirit that is part of alchemy and Renaissance magic and they have been known since the 1700s. Gnomes had been used as characters in fantasy books since as authors adopted that idea. They are also known as Earth spirits and they bring good luck and healing. They are known to jolly and fun-loving and are completely in love with jewelry or anything that is glittery.  

Gnomes are also known to be healers for animals that are sick or if they are injured, as legend states that gnomes will rescue animals that are injured due to being trapped. They also can live up to 400 years and they are strict vegetarians. Some spiritualists say that gnomes do exist even though they are invisible. There are different types of gnomes as some live in the garden, and they are known as garden gnomes, and some live in forests, as well as dunes. There are also house gnomes meaning they live with us, and farm gnomes. Therefore, gnomes live among spirits and other entities that are not visible to us except for in our dreams.  

And because gnomes are a sign of good luck, many people have statues of gnomes in their gardens for that purpose. We now know that gnomes are lucky, but are they funny? They can be, especially when puns are involved. Let’s find 51 gnome puns that are meant to make you laugh your-elf silly.

List of Gnome Puns That Will Make You Laugh Your-elf Silly:

Following are some of the best gnome puns we could find for you.

1. The garden gnome put his bed in the campfire because he wanted to sleep like a log. 

2. The Seven Dwarfs really wanted to go to the Gnomes Tavern but they couldn’t since the bar is too high.  

3. The gnome was confused and needed to see a shrink because had low elf-esteem. 

4. The gnome kept seeing the flowers without heads appear in the garden each night. He thought he was stalked.  

5. It is terrible that the garden gnome was pickpocketed. How can anyone really stoop that low? 

6. Why is it a waste of time to ask a garden gnome to lend you money? Because they are always short.  

7. How do gnomes splatter pictures of their faces all over social media? They take a lot of elfies.

8. What is it called when kids are having sex in the garden? A boneyard.  

9. Why must gnomes go camping alone and not with one another? It is two in tents. 

10, What would a gnome’s favorite season be if money did grow on trees? Fall.  

11. What is a gnome that is naked called? The bare minimum.

12. What is a gnome that walks backward called? Emong.

13. The gnome hated being short because these puns just kept going over his head.  

14. Why are gnomes good at math class? They know it is the little things that count.  

15. Unfortunately, the manure truck ended up running over the garden gnomes so they were shit out of luck. 

16. What is the gnome’s favorite candy? Tootsie Trolls.  

17. Don’t judge a garden gnome for disagreeing. After all, what do you gnow? 

18. What area in the middle of the busy road made by gnomes cannot be accessed by humans? Gno-man’s Land. 

19. Why are gnomes on vacation great Airbnb guests? They only stay for a short time.  

20. Why did the drummer garden gnome who was a bit clumsy get kicked out of the band? He kept dropping the beet.  

21. What type of gnome is rude and uses profanity? The Go-F-Yours-Elf. 

22. Why are garden gnomes difficult to handle? They are quite short-tempered.  

23. What type of seafood will a gnome order into his pasta? Shrimp.  

24. What cartoon gnome character is goofy and works at a nuclear plant? Gnomer Simpson.

25. Why are gnomes so poor? They have gnome-oney. 

26. What garden gnome was a great detective? Sherlock Gnomes. 

27. I can’t think of any more gnome puns as I am a bit short on them.  

28. What is a gnome’s favorite fruity dessert? Strawberry shortcake.  

29. When one gnome hasn’t seen his friend in a long time in a random location, he says to him ‘what a small world!’. 

30. Why are gnomes meant to be treasured? Good things come in small packages.  

31. I don’t understand why that troll is acting strange around me. I mean he’s always gnome me so well. 

32. What is the garden gnome’s favorite movie? Gnome Alone.  

33. What is a freelancing traveling gnome called? A digital gnome-ad.  

34. Why are people afraid of trolls? It is not the trolls themselves, it is the fear of the un-gnome. 

35. The elf showed his enemies gnome mercy. 

36. Why was the elf burned out when dealing with the troll? He had gnome oar energy to help him out with the problem.  

37. How does an elf raise money for a charity? Through Gnome Fund Me. 

38. Why was the elf red and his twin blue? Due to heterognomoia.

39. Why was the elf confused when you told him about that problem? He had gnome idea what that was about. 

40. That elf is quite entertaining once you get to gnome him. 

41. What is a garden gnome’s saying? ‘Gnome is where your heart is.’ 

42. How does an elf become more assertive? He just says gnome.  

43. What do you call a tall gnome? An a-gnome-aly. 

44. What does a surprised elf say when he hears something that sounds that is not realistic? ‘Gnome way!’. 

45. What type of books do gnomes read if they want to grow spiritually? Elf-help books.  

46. The gnome gained confidence because he knew he could be him-elf.  

47. Why was that gnome able to not give into eating that cake? She had good elf-control. 

48. What do you call a gnome that built his business from scratch? An elf-made business owner. 

49. What is a gnome’s favorite pasta dish? Fettucini elfredo. 

50. What do you call a narcissistic gnome? Elf-ish.

51. Why did the gnome start ignoring people? He didn’t like people gnome oar.

Did those 51 gnome puns make you laugh your-elf silly? 

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