50 Beer Puns Brew Will Fall in Love With

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You cannot go wrong with a cold beer whether you grab one at the bar, or go to the booze shop and grab a case of beer for a barbeque you will have with your friends or family. After a hot day, you also cannot wait to sit back and relax and to enjoy a mug of beer. And sometimes you will travel to different countries that offer a variety of delicious beer that you cannot get in the USA.

For instance, Europe offers some great beer, especially Belgium. I remember going to a bar in Brussells just to have the experience of sipping on delicious and authentic Belgian beer and munching on some frites. Frites are the Belgian fries that you dip into mayo and you can also enjoy it with some mussels. That is the best Belgian experience I remember. The beer was fantastic.

Canada is another country that serves the finest and most delicious beer such as Molson. I remember sitting in a bar in Montreal, Quebec enjoying that tall glass of beer and eating some poutine. That was incredibly good. I would love to have that experience again. And besides, it was like going to France in North America. What else can be said about beer? Well, nothing, other than going over some puns about beer which will provide you with a refreshing experience. Let’s go over 50 of them now.

List of Beer Puns Brew Will Fall in Love With:

Following are some of the best beer puns brew will fall in love with:

  1. The beer guy is short and stout.
  2. When I drank that beer in Belgium, I felt lager than life.
  3. I drink a lot of beer but yet I developed a six-pack.
  4. I want a better beer so I am raising the bar.
  5. What do you call a pub that offers zero-calorie beer and drinks? Bar None.
  6. Go get us some beer, because brew can do it!
  7. There was a really good article about beer, but I cannot find it as it appears to be un-pub-lished
  8. It was awesome catching up with a beer as I was happy to see brew.
  9. The beer was a hit before brew knew it would be!
  10. This beer meets my a-brew-val.
  11. We are supposed to meet the crew at the bar so let’s hop to it.
  12. There will be a better brand of beer soon as there is a glimmer of hop about that.
  13. The brewery will last much longer and that is great news as it keeps hop alive.
  14. Beer is life, and when there’s life, there’s hop.
  15. Go cross your fingers and hop for the best that there is a better beer.
  16. I have high hops that this beer is the best one around.
  17. I’m getting déjà brew after drinking that new beer because I am sure I had it before.
  18. What does a rabbit do when it loves beer? It does the bunny hop.
  19. The bar is so close and it only takes a hop, skip and jump to get to it.
  20. The new brewery will be operating, schooner or later.
  21. When I got drunk last, I was so out of it that I had to hang on for beer life.
  22. The joke about the bar made me grin from beer to beer.
  23. Okay, let’s play it by beer when the best time is to go to the bar.
  24. This mug is so sentimental to me as it is near and beer to my heart.
  25. I drafted the letter of resignation as I no longer could work at the brewery.
  26. The use of draft horses is outdated and cruel for the point of watching while drinking a beer.
  27. There was a nice draught coming through the window at the bar.
  28. Let’s talk about your troubles at the bar so I will lend a beer.
  29. Let’s colla-beer-ate on the project at the bar.
  30. My beer bottle all of a sudden cracked and it was my favorite one, and I will be sad for a while and going through a stage of beer-eavement.
  31. When I get drunk I get quite cum-beer-some.
  32. I am not drunk more often than I am so-beer!
  33. The month of Decem-beer is a time to get drunk and celebrate.
  34. That pub is so old if you can remem-beer that.
  35. No, the legal drinking age does not start as soon as a kid hits pu-beer-ty.
  36. There was robbing and a beer-glary at the local bar.
  37. After I have my drink I go into a deep slum-beer.
  38. The bar owner’s dog is not nice as it is known to beer its teeth from time to time.
  39. I will create a proper beer-bliography for my bar project.
  40. You have the beer necessities in place when it comes to constructing the new bar.
  41. The bartender was driving drunk and now is behind beers.
  42. Why couldn’t the French bartender understand a word that the Czech bartender said? All because of the language beerier.
  43. What fruit is refreshing like a drink? Beeries.
  44. All you do all day is drink beer and watch TV! Get off your heineken you!
  45. I was tuborg at the bar last night.
  46. That guy had a coors voice from drinking too much beer.
  47. I am going to the bar by myself so leffe me alone!
  48. Of coors my beer puns are better than ever!
  49. Why did the beer freeze? It was leffe out in the cold.
  50. I will take a crash coors in bartender studies.

There you go, there are 50 refreshing beer puns, and writing those up definitely took me back in time when I was enjoying my brew in those foreign pubs. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to travel and explore. Those are amazing experiences that you cannot get back and that you want to live through if you can! I hope I can get that experience again.

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