51 Monkey Puns That Will Make You Go Bananas

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Monkeys are our distant relatives. They are smart and mischievous, and they are known to be thieves. Especially if you go to monkey parks which is why if you do decide to do that, you never want to carry any valuable with you. Or you don’t want any valuable item to be accessible to them. Can you imagine what would happen if you ended up in a monkey part and you had your wallet in your pocket? A monkey would literally reach in and steal it and it would not be found after. 

They would not know what to do with your credit cards and money. But they would try to eat your wallet or they would destroy it anyway. Especially after discovering that it would be very hard for them to eat. Just because you carry a valuable item in your pocket does not mean that it would be safe from monkeys. They would steal it in a heartbeat. 

Monkeys don’t have an intention to steal out of malice. They just don’t know right from wrong. They are just too curious and they really cannot help themselves. They can’t help their curiosity. Why do you think there is a children’s book about a monkey called Curious George? George is the monkey. Monkeys are also funny. Their behavior can be quite hilarious. But what about puns about monkeys. Oh well here are 51 of them that are just so bananas.

List of Monkey Puns That Will Make You Go Bananas:

Following are some of the best monkey puns that will make you go bananas.

1. What do you call monkeys that live in the North Pole? Arctic Monkeys.

2. What do you call two monkey friends that share an Amazon account? Prime-mates.

3. Why did the monkey put a burger on his head? He thought he was a grilla.

4. I knew that the monkey went into a minefield because I heard the baboom!

5. That monkey has been down and it is because he has Kipling-depression.

6. What is a monkey that is unable to get into his house? A mon.

7. There is a new movie about a monkey that gave up cigarettes and it is called ‘Planet of the Vapes’.

8. I became good at using monkey bars because all I had to do was hang on. 

9. That monkey that likes to dance is a real party animal. 

10. What do you call a monkey that loves peanut butter stepping into a minefield? Rhesus Pieces.

11. That monkey loved the bath because he just said ‘ooh oeh ah ah’.

12. What tool is used by an ape? A monkey wrench.

13. What happened to the zookeeper who was hit by that monkey’s hot poop? He was diagnosed with turd debris burns.

14. That curious monkey did the laundry and the dishes. George was Washing a ton.

15. The monkey’s favorite dance is the macaque-rena.

16. The only type of monkey that can fly is the hot air baboon.

17. The monkey was promoted to branch manager.

18. The fancy dessert that the monkey loves is the meringue-utang.

19. That fake Italian monkey walking around is a chimp-pasta. 

20. Why does the monkey like to go to Starbucks? To order a Capuchino.

21. The zookeeper complained about cleaning the monkey’s poop and one day he just yelled ‘This shit is bananas.’

22. If a monkey needs a prosthetic tail, he can get it from the pretense aisle.

23. That monkey likes to touch you because he is a chimp-handsy.

24. Why does a chimp always have to imitate your movements and actions? Because monkey see monkey do. 

25. A monkey that wins the World Series is a true chimpion. 

26. Where do chimps go to grab beers? The monkey bars. 

27. There is only one type of key that can open up bananas and it is a mon-key.

28. Why do monkeys stay away from the jungle when they want to play cards? Due to all of the cheetahs there.

29. The one reason that monkeys love bananas is due to the fact they have appeal. 

30. Fighting with a monkey is always a bad idea because they have gorilla warfare.

31. Monkeys go to one place to get the gossip they crave for and it is the ape vine.

32. What is a clergy chimp called? A monk. 

33. Why did that monkey lose its mind? Just simply by going bananas. 

34. What is a banana called when a monkey gets a handle on it? Banana splits. 

35. Why are monkeys safe when they use curiosity? Because it only kills the cat. 

36. What is a country called that is filled with monkeys? A banana republic. 

37. What do monkeys and wolves have in common? They are howlers. 

38. That monkey is getting better, slowly but surili.

39. Monkeys are thieves, and that is a gibbon.

40. What kind of childhood games do monkeys like to play? Douc, douc, goose.

41. That monkey was hit by the train but he is alive to tell the tail. 

42. What made that female monkey so sexy? Her new hairstail.

43. Why did that monkey give up eating too many bananas? He wanted to change his lifestail.

44. Why did that monkey have a strong desire to be popular? He is a social climber. 

45. What moon phase is a monkey born under? The gibbon moon.

46. What kind of primate causes arachnophobia? The spider monkey.

47. What type of areas in the playground to monkeys enjoy hanging around? The swings. 

48. What British 1980s band were composed of female monkeys? Swing-out sister. 

49. What type of primates do you see running in trees in your neighborhood looking for chestnuts? The squirrel monkey.

50. What type of monkey is an annoying YouTube star? Trisha Patas.

51. What do you say to a monkey you’re tired of their games? ‘I am tired of your monkey business.’

There you go. Here are 51 puns that will make you go bananas. Or if you don’t go bananas you will think they are bananas. But come on, you love them. Admit it. You are laughing, I can hear you laughing you mischievous monkey you! Now go and enjoy your day.

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